Rising to Reign

Those first moments when we rise in the morning are the most important moments of the day. For some of us, it is a dash to the nearest bathroom to give relief to the bladder, and to give thanks that our plumbing still works. For those who didn’t drink a glass of water before bed, our awakening thoughts and actions will determine our either rising to power, or rising to be ruled, spiritually speaking. Now I do realize, when you talk about spiritual matters with unspiritual people, they begin to search their mental archives to see if their education agrees to accept what is being presenting to their brains as possible fact, and if not they can move on. Thanks for stopping by, come again real soon. Now back to you who claim spirituality…

Let’s begin again. We can rise each morning with an attitude determined to reign over life and its challenges, knowing we don’t have control over things that happen to us, but we can reign over those things. We don’t have control over how we are treated by others, but we can reign above their treatment. We do not have to be subject to poor attitudes, actions, and events each day.

As you and I awaken, if we roll out of bed onto our knees, we rise to reign. By surrendering each day to God in humility, turning our will over to Him, if the storm clouds gather, He masters the storms for us. We do not have to be ruled by any circumstance if we are ruled by Him. It is the conscious effort upon awakening that determines the day’s direction.

By rising as most humans do, without a “goodmorning Lord,” but instead a “good lord it’s morning” attitude, we can be sure that we will have a typical unspiritual day. We rise to rule our world, and nearly that moment we are lorded over by circumstance. The weather stinks, the traffic is a mess, the spouse is still mad about what your big mouth said at supper last night. When you do arrive at work, your boss is in his unspiritual frame of mind, and in each of these daily blessings, you are trying your best to control the situation. Welcome your worship, to the realm of self, be enthroned on your laurels, that’s all you have. I know, I have ruled there and it’s very unpleasant, the kingdom of self-will.

I personally have struggled from time to time with that morning greeting to God, and petitioning His help for the day. When I first entered recovery, I would not fail to do my “morning program,” as we call it. I believe that, in itself, was key in my sobriety, and God’s giving me the drive to do what I was told to do to stay sober. Prayer works. As the saying goes, “when we work, we work, but when we pray…God works.” Imagine, the Creator of All arranging your day, pulling the strings, and manipulating the circumstances for you…wow.

I began to understand the importance of the morning prayer, then became a fool again, by forgetting to pray. The lesson learned was very painful. God did not inflict the pain. The lesson: I struggled every day with accomplishing things I never had problems with in the past. Everything became a major chore, nothing was easy. I knew I had been failing to pray the very first thing each day. My determination today is this: If nothing gets done on my to do list…I must pray. Prayer is the top priority of the day.

I really am not concerned about whether I am known or live in obscurity. Whether I have wealth, or live in poverty. I can reign in life.

“For by one man’s offense death reigned through the one, (Adam), much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will REIGN IN LIFE through the One, Jesus Christ.” Rom. 5:17 (NKJV)

 I see the importance of the morning prayer, and rising to reign through grace given to me. I didn’t earn it or it wouldn’t be grace. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

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