Feeding the Baby

One of the most difficult things for anyone to do is admit their shortcomings and character defects. We are prideful in thinking that we do not have such, or that others do not notice our flaws. Over the course of our life we have on Earth, we develop many resentments, bad habits, and attitudes that define us. The deception that we cannot change, or that we are too old to improve, robs us of life and enthusiasm to flow with all God has for us.

It takes nourishment to exist. The food and water we receive not only keep us alive but also cause our healthy growth. If we grow up eating junk that is not good for us, the cells may not properly develop, and we may have a life of sickness, and may die prematurely. It is important to eat a proper diet for health and long life, but we still want to eat junk from time to time or we may become bored with eating…so we think.

This is true for our spiritual side, our mentality, and character and personality. Feeding daily on positives will build strong healthy character, and outgoing personality. Positive living can make the difference in how we see things and people, through empathetic eyes, or seeing what others can become, and how to solve problems instead of being a problem.

Spiritually, the knowledge of who I am in Christ, and how I approach God in prayer, and studying His Word, all come by the nourishment fed to my spirit. How do you and I nourish ourselves spiritually? It is our desire to know the Creator and search Him out that drives us to the place of prayer, and causes us to dust off the Bible and actually read it. Some unfortunately, never get to the nourishing part of spirituality, and remain babies…no growth.

That is true for self improvement in our total being. In recovering from addictions, we have to face our character flaws and remove ourselves from the thought that we can get well without others help, and God’s help, or staying clean and sober will be short lived. Resentments, attitudes, and bad habits have become our “babies” that we nourished while in the throes of addiction, we were the only person who mattered. We felt unique, no one was like us. Our babies wanted fed…and we nourished them with poison.

“Maturity consists in no longer being taken in by oneself.” – Kajetan Von Sclaggenberg “Do not pray for easier lives, pray to be stronger men. Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers, pray for powers equal to your tasks.” -Phillips Brooks “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Ephesians 6:10 (NIV)

We must feed on goodness if we want self-improvement and a full life while we are here. To look back and say I gave it my best is good, but is it true? Think about you. (We should be good at that) Not in a way you see you, but how others see you. Will they say of you…he/she is a good spouse, a good father, a great employee. They go out of their way for others. He will give you the shirt off of his back. She is consistent, never thinking of herself. And the ones closest to us, our spouse, parents, and children, what do you think they think?

If we stop feeding our “babies” with self-deceit, and move toward maturity in service to God and others, intentionally putting our wants and needs behind everyone else’s wants and needs, we will be on our way to a full, mature life. Give thought to how you feed your body, what you allow in your mind, and feed the real you…your spirit every day with prayer and God’s Word. The effect will be felt by others around you.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

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