Good Sunday Mother!

Sunday is the day of worship for the majority of Christians, and this particular Sunday, we recognize and honor our “Moms,” you know, the one who brought us into the world.
Mom didn’t just bring me into the world after nine months of toting me around inside and like eighteen hours of labor, (I have always been stubborn), she did much more. Mom determined to raise me to know God, to believe in His unbelievable abilities,  and to follow Christ lifelong. Of course, my strong free-will got in the way. I decided that I could go my way and proceded to disappoint her and dad for a time as the prodigal son, outside of the fold.
I am convinced that mom would not stop praying for my return to sanity and into the “Kingdom of God,” until the day she would return to the “Kingdom of Heaven” to be with Christ. Those prayers she and dad prayed are the reason I “came to myself,” and was freed from a life of addiction to alcoholism. I am eternally grateful and when the eons in eternity never cease, I will continue to tell her so. She is eighty-one and continues in prayer for me, my wife, children, and all in the household of faith. Thanks mom!
Not all have had this blessing of a praying mother, that clothed me in prayer protection from evil and danger. Many people today are being raised by their grandmother, or aunt, because their mom is still living out her personal desires and placing her children last, less important than her offspring that still adore her anyhow. They will have future grief for their actions, let God judge, not us.
Nonetheless, most children do have someone they can look to as a mom in their upbringing. Today or tomorrow, honor them. If your motherly influence has passed away, honor another mom you know who have given themselves to raising and nuturing children…theirs or others children.
How should I honor mom? Okay you men, we are inept in knowing how to do anything outside of man-stuff, so here is a couple of hints. Don’t have mom make you a big dinner, and then do the cleanup while you watch baseball and sleep on the couch. You can take her out, or carry in lunch or dinner. You could even make her dinner if you know how…no bologna sandwiches, dummy, peanut butter and jelly is better. Clean up after the meal, make sure she rests on the day of honoring her. Make it a tradition.
Find things that need done around her dwelling, and fix it, or have it fixed. Take genuine interest in your mom, grandmother, or whomever is responsible for helping you survive in life. This day, don’t whine about your troubles to ma, ask her about her upbringing, about her mother and grandmother. You may learn things you never knew.
For the women, be sure to tell your mom thanks for everything. That of course being you are thankful. Maybe your mom didn’t raise you, and left you with her mom, or you wound up in foster-care. Forgive her as your gift for Mother’s day. If you cannot, as a gift, pray for God to heal you so you can forgive, and pray for her good. (Men do the same if the shoe fits) Mothers can sometimes make mistakes that really mess up their kids.
Mothers also have a tendency to enforce their will on their children to be better than they were, and cause severe damage to the relationship. They really want to control your life so you don’t err, instead of surrendering their will and trusting God for their children’s future. Love is their reasoning, and unguided faith their oversight. They do want the best for their little ones, give them a break, you’ll do the same if you are not surrendered to God’s will for your, and your children’s lives.
For you whose parents have passed, or do not live in the same geographical area, make a Mother’s day phone call…the first thing so you do not forget. If mom is with Jesus, as I stated earlier, find another mom to honor. Maybe a neighbor, a friend’s mom, an aunt, or seeing a mom with kids in passing. The main thing is, get outside of your head for another, and Sunday it is for moms.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Thanks again mommy! Keith

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