Changing the Baby

Whoever is holding the baby is the first to know when the diaper needs changed. Shortly thereafter, everyone in the room knows about the needed change. If I need to change or alter a character defect, I know I need the change. When I neglect the problem, soon, everyone else knows I need to make a change. Some needed changes are beyond my abilities to alter, I am in need for God to step in, and He does if I ask. Sometimes I am directed to others who have had the same issue, and they help me fix what was unfixable for me alone.
Everyone needs fixing..that’s right everyone, no one is exempt. Change for remaining clean and sober is extremely vital for the addict. We have to redefine our lives completely and without exception. Old friends we drank with can remain old friends, but until we can maintain a long period of sobriety, we have to stay clear of them…completely. Places that serve alcohol must be avoided for a time. Areas where we went to cop dope cannot be areas we even drive past, alluding those “triggers” and a desire to return to the old life.
Embrace change. Realize the importance of improvement in every area of life, body, soul, and spirit. We should see, or smell, that this baby, myself or yourself, needs to improve every area. Thinking you are unique can really make change even more necessary. “I’m not like that, I am different,” can be a recovery killer. AA and NA, as well as certain Christ-centered rehabs, and Celebrate Recovery start their meetings with the Serenity Prayer:
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the difference to know the difference”…
This is a portion of the prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr, that is used for the meeting, but is used by the recovering addict and alcoholic throughout the day, knowing it will take the help of the Lord God, to remain clean and sober. The agnostic, or atheist even use that prayer, but direct it to some power greater than themselves, the universe, or their particular recovery group. If they do not believe in God, and they continue in recovery, they will be contacted.
In time, when we make these important changes throughout life, we can even be grateful for bad things that happened and brought about change. We can be unaware of areas we need to change. You may have no problem with drugs or alcohol. Do you look at the addict, and think, why don’t they just quit? There is a problem area YOU need to change. Do you ever get in a conversation like, did you hear about the Smiths? They are split up. That is a issue change must address. We may not see it as a problem, it is. You are looking down at others, not across where your vision is clear, and reality exists. Change your diaper.
Trying to control others, worrying about everything, blaming everyone and everything for your problems, constant complaining, always upset about the messy house, etc, these are all hangups and addictions. Followers of Christ that see sinners without offering prayer to God for them, but condemning them, needs change in the worst way. There is good news.
“For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.” Phil.2:13 NKJV
God wants you complete in Him. God wants you well to be a help to others, and that itself, is where true life is found. There are perks to serving, joy, peace, courage, confidence…and everything that is good, though intangible, manifests it many tangible ways. Change your diaper. It is full of self, waste, and really stinks. When you’re finished there will be more.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all! Keith

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