Things Work Together

I have heard this passage from Romans 8 since I was a child:
“And we know all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Rom. 8:28 (NKJV)
It’s funny how my perspective has changed as I ponder this passage today. Looking back over the years, say for each decade, I could see the truth of these words, and agree, all things work together indeed. What is different today is I can see clearly there is more words in the verse. Most of what I saw was that “all things work together,” was me-ward. The passage also says to those who love God, those who are called by Him, which is He-ward. It’s not just about me, but about God as well.
I see how prayers I have prayed since entering into recovery, have been answered in ways that don’t seem possible. I would often say, “what a coincidence.” I thought it was finally my turn to experience things going my way. What an insult to God! I asked Him specifically for my needs and desires and when those very things became reality…I felt fate had a role, not the Master of Reality. In time I would see that He had answered my prayers, ones I had forgotten I had prayed. I am so grateful that hears and answers prayer, and He loves to do so.
His goodness leads me to repent and do good, as I mature I asked for His help to get sober, and He did. I asked for a mate that loved Him more than me, and He gave her to me. I asked Him to allow me to help others with alcohol and drug addictions, and they seem to come from every side. The thing that I didn’t ask for, He gave them to me as well. He is the Giver of every good thing. Now I know that all things work together for me, the more I love Him, and follow the call He has placed on my life.
Solomon was the third king of Israel. God asked him what He may do for him. Solomon asked for wisdom to rule. God granted him that plus wealth, and everything he desired because Solomon didn’t ask for anything selfishly. There was never a king like him since.
Think of the prayers you’ve prayed. You may not see how they came together, perhaps alot of time passed between your petition to God and the answer, so like me you forgot you had asked for that specific thing. When your answer came you were grateful, but didn’t see Him preparing you to receive the answer. An example may be that you asked God to repair a separation between you and your spouse. God heard your prayer, but you had issues that needed fixed before He could bring the two of you together again, like control issues, jealousy, anger, etc. He is very patient, we aren’t. We want the answer now…He knows now may destoy any hope of a fix. In time, when things are all patched up, we have that sudden, It was Him! He fixed it!
On that day of days, when this life is over, one of the great joys we will experience will be seeing how every little detail was “worked together” by God. “So that’s how You did that,” will be heard all over heaven, as we review our lives and see God never stopped for a minute, working to fulfill us, hearing and answering our every cry. As we answer His call on our lives, and desire to love Him more, we can clearly see how “all things truly work together.”
Thanks for reading, God fulfill your life with blessings! Keith.

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