Fears Failure

If I sat down and made a list of my lifelong fears, I would be writing for quite a long period of time. Healthy fears, like falling, drowning, or being burned with fire, wouldn’t have to be mentioned. Reality checks can cause me to see that a good majority of my fears are unnecessary worries. That is where fear fails…when I can stop and think through the scenario of these petty fears. they don’t all make sense. I watch a show on TV where a mountain climber is hanging by his index finger, three thousand feet below is solid ground, and I’m having cold-sweats watching the action. That is where, thank God, I realize that this is not me hanging there. Those fears vanish the moment I change the channel.


I cannot however, change the channel on fears that I face in real life. The fear of man, of not being liked or accepted, the fear of failure, the fear of missing out, of not being loved, and of rejection, are real, and really unnecessary. Addictions to drink and dope, to food, to gambling, and every unhealthy habit, is fear based. If I don’t at least take a hit of that joint, they won’t think I’m cool, or they may think I’m a coward, the teenager thinks. So he takes a hit, and thirty years later he comes out of the seventh time in rehab thinking, I’ll never get off of this dope, I may as well be dead. Then he proceeds to commit those most selfish of acts, and end it all. His fears rule and master him, though his wife, children, parents, and friends really believe he will make it this time. His little boy, looking at his father in the coffin says to himself, I hate you, look what you did to mommy and me, I’ll never be like you! Within a short period of time, he is just like daddy.


These are real fears, real people deal with. We all have them. They must not have us. My long list are fears that arise through past failures, bad “breaks,” we think. We should look in retrospect at those failures. We may see the failure was a good thing, and improved us. If that is the case, fear failed again, we can let that fear be wadded up and thrown into life’s trashbucket.


When I wrote some of my first blogs, I really feared that people wouldn’t like them, so why start? But facing the fear like David against the giant, I blogged, some people liked the blogs, and became regular readers. Those numbers grow, and I am grateful to God and the readers. I didn’t fear when I sent the manuscript to my book to a publisher. I knew they only took less than 3% of the books that they are sent the manuscript to. When fear set in, was when I knew the book was soon to be released…what if no one buys it? what if they hate it? It’s ok Keith…the Voice whispers, you know what to do.


I do. I know what to do. Keep going. Keep trusting. Stay surrendered. So long fear, you lost once again. As my faith in God grows, fear weakens. When I catch a glimpse of the reality, that Christ is for me, fears fails.


“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of  a sound mind.” 2Tim.1:7 “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” 1John 4:18


That young boy who’s father could not face his fears and ended his life, could not have helped his son face his fears, nor teach him the way of love and life. It was that fear of man, not being one of the “cool cats,” that took him to his early selfish end. I know people have this struggle day to day, facing these fears. Don’t face them alone. Ask God to help you, get to professional help that will give you godly direction. Fears can always fail when we enthrone God in the center of our hearts through Christ Jesus. Let Him teach you how to put fear in it’s place, under your feet. Change the channel on those petty fears, go to God with life altering fears.


Fears fail when faith and love rises up in us through Jesus. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

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