Under The Influence

we have a book…and an ebook.

Hello all! This is just a reminder about my new book now available. I have about a month and a half before it goes public, but you can get it now through my website at www.skeithbarnes.com We are pretty excited, and those who have already received their copies are pretty pumped! This should be a real help to the individual that struggles with drug, alcohol, porn, gambling, well…any addiction. Alcoholics and drug addicts wanting to stay clean and sober, learn a few secrets about doing just that in this book. The truth is, there is no secrets per se, it is how you start each day, live through the day, and reflect at night.


It is possible to live every day with purpose, fulfilled through a relationship with God through Jesus, and a grateful heart. Any person wanting to recover and serve the Lord, needs this tool. It works, as we work it. This isn’t a pie in the sky, hope to heaven it works. The book is a guide to staying sober through spiritual focus. If you or a loved one are struggling, get this book, or ebook, you won’t be sorry. I will sigh the book for you, and get it to you asap. Allow 1-2 wks for delivery.


The book will retail for $27.99, but you can get it through my website for $23.00 plus tax, and $3 will ship it anywhere in the US. That’s $27.61 total. The ebook is $10.95 including tax and shipping. International rates are a little higher for shipping, but no sales tax is added. That’s it. Thanks for reading, hope you like the book, but more importantly, it helps you grow in Christ and stay sober!

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