You Have My Word on It

Everyone seems to know that prolonged use of drugs and alcohol can have deadly consequences. That is, everyone but the one using. In their minds they are timeless, unique, special. Many people are sent to recovery meetings as a result of a court order. It may be that this is their first legal consequence, or it may be that the judge has sent them in regularly from their continued violations. Too often they come thinking they just had too many, I’m not an alcoholic/addict like these people in the meetings, they think. It is this mentality, and lack of honesty from friends and family, that leads this type to the next level of trouble…you have my word on that.
Others come in with that identical line of thought, thinking that AA will teach them how to drink responsibly, but almost immediately, they see they have a problem. These listen and learn that their lives are unmanageable, alcohol and/or drugs has them beaten, they must find the way out. In time, anyone, actually everyone who is serious about getting free from the chains of addictions, will be liberated…you have my word. You also have this promise in AA’s Big Book:
“And we have ceased fighting anything or anyone-even alcohol. By this time sanity will have returned…seldom interested in liquor…we’re not fighting it, neither are we avoiding temptation…the problem has been removed…It no longer exists for us…we are neither cocky nor are we afraid. That is how we react as long as we keep in fit spiritual condition.”  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, pg 84-85 ( read the full paragragh at
The last words of the paragraph, “fit spiritual condition,” is obscure to people who do not practice any sort of prayer, or have no religious foundation. This has become more common in our world today. This spirirtual conditioning, is promised in The Bigger Book…The Bible. Thousands of promises are found throughout its pages. Every word is on the money, and these promises are not always in our favor. We love to focus our attention toward those promises of blessings, the rewards of the righteous, but not the promise of the recompense of obstinance and disobedience. (people despise the word obedience…wonder why?) You don’t need my word on this…you have God’s Word on it.
People come to God as they do to recovery meetings very often. They come as an order from their spouse, or from hearing bad news from their Dr, or from feeling its important to take your children to church. That’s fine, hopefully where they go to find God, and His Word is given in truth. Often things improve in their life and they find fault until the spouse says for them to stay home. Others get the message and fall headlong in love with Christ. For these, a promise is waiting they should all know. This promise is key to understanding that all of God’s promises are infallible…if you take them in faith.
…for You have magnified Your Word above ALL Your Name.” Ps. 138:2
According to scripture, the Name(s) of God were so sacred to the Hebrews that they would never speak it directly. They would speak God’s Name in other ways, referring to Him as the Almighty, Shepherd, our Banner, our Healer, etc. God says that He has elevated His Word above His Name in the passage,(read the whole chapter, this is in context of the chapter), meaning, every word, every promise is true.
AA/NA really works if you work what it says. Your life improves when you apply the steps to recovery. God’s Word works without our help, but only works for us when we place our faith in it. What are you facing? Are you waiting to hear news from tests, have children that are living outside of God’s grace, are buried in a mountain of debt? Look to God, trust that His Name is above all others. Sickness, disease, debt, depression are all names. His Name is above every name…His Word is above His name. You have His Word on it!
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

2 thoughts on “You Have My Word on It

  1. You have shared some really great information in this article. Thanks for your efforts. Peace and blessings be yours to enjoy.

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