What We say We Believe

What drives you more than anything else? With technology today, and through the use of the internet, you have access to nearly data on nearly any topic under the sun. There is little need for newspapers, magazines, bookstores, and libraries. You can make money from home and with just a few clicks, see videos and browse through photos of your favorite stars, fill hours with gaming, and the possibilities are endless of what you may discover, with this information explosion. No more need for bookshelves in your home, stacks of useless old newspapers, mags will never pile up in your home. I find this terrifying!
I may be alone in this line of thinking, and I do not feel this way because I authored a book. My concern is just that you and I will not have newspapers for the next BSA paper drive either.  But I am concerned that with all of the knowledge available, we have become dumb and dumber, and are developing new sicknesses, and sloth is not just a person to lazy to take a breath. I have noticed that I have changed dramatically since I started blogging on a regular basis. Prior to being a regular blogger, I was quite active physically, seldom missed a recovery meeting, and though I am not totally drawn to the net to find my info to blog with, and still love books, I have seen many of my good habits flushed down the toilet, so to speak. As you get older, it becomes more difficult to create good habits.
My prayer life has suffered,  too busy focusing on writing the post, then checking the stats to see how many people were viewing the post. When those numbers grew, then the element of pride became an issue. No more, I have nothing to be proud of, it is all God’s grace. I developed dis-grace. What about those things I believe? They became a victim of my drive to please the readers and develop my following. I neglected the important to build the unneccessary.
“Do you not know that whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?” Rom. 6:16
I say I believe God hears and answers, but how much do I believe that? Do I really want to become legalistic, or puritanical in my personal tenets, and exist in religious morbidity? No. I do, however, want to practice what I say I believe by observing prayer, time with God, and in reading the Word of Life, and serving others. Others include those around me. If my nose is in the computer, I may not see my wife is troubled and needs to talk. If I am rapt in research to see how my stats look in Google, I’m oblivious to the needs of others. I can become a slave to these needless things.
This dumbing-down effect is not that the info we get fom the net is bad. It is more a numb-down of priorities importance. Not going to a library because of having a universe of data right in my laptop is not a terrible thing, but the laziness can enslave me, enslave us. We can become ill from being indoors, away from sunshine and fresh air, and miss so much of life when we give ourselves to gaming and non-stop surfing web pages.
There is a new sickness effecting adolescent and early teens called “nature deficit disorder,” where these young people are becoming ill from not being outdoors, and their immune system has not developed antibodies to fight sicknesses the outdoors can cause humans. Really? I am also concerned that youth today will not be as likely to know how to interact with their peers, and will lose their ability to be creative, when the thing they may have sought to create is buried under the desire to play the newest game, or read what their idol is doing today in their tweet. We must not allow the youth to be mastered by the information super highway…there is a dead end ahead that they will not see.
What I say I believe is evident to all by the action I put into doing and not just saying. I am determined to continue growing in Christ, becoming a slave to righteous living. So I am going to end here, close the laptop, find a meeting to go to, and get busy practicing grace in deed, not just words… one of my beliefs. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

3 thoughts on “What We say We Believe

  1. God Bless you in your sobriety!!! I have been vacationing so this is my first chance to thank you for checking out my blog. While on vacation, I read Josh Hamilton’s book, “Beyond Belief” It was awesome! The power of God is so far above what we can imagine. I so respect and admire people who come to grips with their addictions and have the courage with God’s help to overcome them. God Bless you!!!

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