Tomorrow, the Ads End

The one consolation that most Americans enjoy is that we get to go back to normal commercials for a while. The non-stop mudslinging will come to a close tomorrow evening around 8pm Tuesday…thank goodness. The decision will be made for the next four years of the president to continue changing the face of everything, or we will have a new president bringing new programs and ideas.
Yep, tomorrow things will be different. Everyone will live in peace and safety with their neighbors, we will be on our way to the fulfillment of the candidate promises. Jobs for all, healthcare for the world. Illegal aliens will be legal, no more predjudice, no racism, food on every table, two cars in the garage of every new home for every American. Everyone will be judged strictly by the law of the land, whether rich or poor, we will all be the same. I have really looked forward to this, my wages are gonna soar! We will be the envy of all of the nations again, their people will be able to sneak in and get free healthcare too! O joy of joys, day of all days!
I figure it like this: first, the senate and house of reps can meet and immediately start passing legislation for all of our new promised benefits. Then they can pass the hate-speech bill, and enact the human decency law that makes everyone like each other by rule of law. Then they can pass the law to make the rich people do a little more paying taxes. No body should be so rich from starting a business and giving their heart and soul to its success, that money should go to the people, right? Then they can pass themselves a law to have their own health insurance programs, and a nice fat raise since they worked so hard before their 8 week vacation in the Carribean courtesy of the lobbyist. After the vacation, they can fix all of our other woes. The good thing is that all of this “explain yourself” will be in the past. They will not have to deal with why our high dollar educational system has allowed our kids to drop to 26th in the world in overall education. The scandals swept under the rug in Libya and in the middle-east countries, will be behind them. Ah! What a great country! But the best news is…no more political ads!
Please take this in the spirit it is given. Concern? Fear? Scornful? We have become so passive ans accepting as a people, that we have totally forgotten the past, and go along with things many Americans gave their lives to preserve. Some think we have to change everything and be accepted by the world community. Not so, we have had some wonderful traditions, now lost to the ages because some didn’t think them important. I read in Charisma mag the other day that Planned Parenthood “celebrated” their 6 millionth aborted child recently. Just think, 6 million souls that didn’t get the chance to live, that have no posterity in the earth. That is something to celebrate. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

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