A Question for Wordpress Friends

So many of you have been instrumental in my continuing to write posts by your “likes” and comments. I really didn’t look so much for accolades from these writings and, felt it necessary to continue as I viewed stats and saw the number of hits, maybe it is helping someone. I also had some egotistical thoughts too, maybe I will become popular as a writer! Seriously, I do enjoy blogging. I also began this blog to promote my book that was recently released entitled, “Under The Influence,” a daily devotional for the follower of Christ that struggles with addictions, mainly to alcohol and drugs. My expectations were somewhat high, but not off the charts unrealistic. The book is helping some in maintaining their recovery program, others say they just enjoy the easy read each day for their personal devotion.

Here is my question that I would love to hear your response to:

I have been involved with an AA club, that I put several years of service into, and have been on their board of trustees, and sponsored several people through their recovery that came into this club for help, and these are members today that have an impact on this club. The club however, the long-standing members who are close friends, seem to shun both me and the book since in was published. How should I react to their seeming avoidance? They sell books in this club other than strictly AA material, “The Shack” for example. I am their friend and I believe I have helped most of these dear folks when they came in from the cold, broken and in need, but I certainly do not want to throw that up in their faces. But I am perplexed and feel if any of them had written a book to help others, I would do what I could to see it promoted.

Maybe the book isn’t their cup of tea. maybe they don’t like my theology, or they don’t feel it is written well. Maybe they think I am being ego-centric, though I really don’t talk about the book so much, after the initial announcement. That’s all of the maybes. Would you be kind enough to respond to this question? I certainly could use some brotherly/sisterly advice from the body of Christ. I just do not know whether to write the board a letter, talk to them face to face, or go on my way to other clubs. Anyhow I do know not to be bitter or unforgiving.

Please let me know what you think.

10 thoughts on “A Question for Wordpress Friends

  1. There probably isn’t one answer which I am sure that you already know, perhaps some of them feel that you will use them in a new book. They may think that even though you didn’t this time, that the next time you will succumb to temptation. It would make them draw away from you to a degree. But truly, the only way you are going to know is to ask them. We can speculate all we want, but they are the only ones with the answer. God bless you!

    • Thanks for responding! I agree I should ask. I was not bothered by their lack of support until recently, when I saw their bookcase full of books not AA approved. My duty is to walk in love toward them regardless, and serve them with all I have. God’s ways are higher and ultimately, only Jesus matters! God bless you!

  2. I agree with loopy. The best thing ot do is kindly confront them and find out from them. I am sure this will be a learning experience for you and help you in the writing of any future books. Lord bless you and guide you.

  3. Hi Keith. Think I’m on board with others here… with gentleness pursue an answer from them. There’s no telling what sorts of responses you may get, but at least you can find some resolve with direct communication. By the way, we love the book. We have found it a valuable resource regardless of whether our addictions resemble those the book was written for. Blessings good friend.

    • Thanks dear friend, when brothers and sisters in Christ agree, it comfirms what is to be done. I certainly want to retain their friendships and fellowship. Also, some of these people are not believers, a good reason to be gentle. Thank you both for those comments on the book. Be well and conformed to His image!

      • Satan is definitely challenging you! Do they promote any other member of that AA group’s books etc…If so ask them to promote, if they refuse, tell them you are hurt and confused because of the other non AA other member books and listen to their response.
        You continue to need the recovery so do not flee w/ o another recovery plan.

      • Thanks Karen! I have been in contact with two of the formal board members. There is an envy element driving a couple of board members, but they are in denial saying there may be legal issues…untrue. That does not matter to me, I must stay true to service without developing animosity. I taught them a lesson they will never forget…I forgave them! God handles the problem and helps them learn to let go of the bad behavior as they grow. I love them anyhow.

  4. Many AA and other recovery groups don’t promote books of individual members @ their home group to avoid negative impact on the member’s recovery. But as you’ve noted this rule also causes its own pain.

    However, AA does promote member work. They have conference Litature Committees. I recommend you submit your book directly to AAs General Service Conference:
    G.S.O., Box 459, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163

    You should be able to find out your Central Litature Committee Chairperson by calling (212) 870-3312.

    Also, submit your book for approval to other local committee chairs for consideration and an unbiased approval.

    Best wishes. You’ll be in my prayers for much success in your endeavors of getting your word out.

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