Level Up!

Everyone seems to want their life to get better. Maybe some are satisfied with status quo, they are happy right where they are and don’t want things to change. Moving up a level is the story for those determined to stay clean and sober, and should be for the followers of Christ. Change requires courage and sometimes getting out of the comfort zone, doing what we would rather not do. Surrender is what hurls us into the next level, but I see many have trouble understanding what surrender is. I surely have struggled with it. Recovery meetings are what God used for me to “get it,” and “give up.” Acceptance of what I had become, my inability to change myself, and realizing God would have to be the center of my universe, not me.

“We admitted we were powerless over alcohol- that our lives had become unmanageable.” Big Book of AA, pg.59

it’s hard to believe that someone God has relieved of addictions would complain about anything, and would do everything within their power to never return to that way of life, but they do forget, they often fall. It begins with the thoughts of how hum-drum or boring their life has become, and they lose their gratitude, failing to see the awe in life, the beauty of creation. This is the self-examining time that gets overlooked. Those who do look in the mirror when things are going south quickly, can take necessary steps to alter their direction. Staying in the rut of complacency is a relapse in motion. If they don’t see their lack of meetings, prayer, serving others, and gratitude, a feathers worth of trouble will knock them out of recovery and back on the barstool, or back to the dope-house, the racetrack, or whatever it is they are recovering from.

What Happened?
These bad behaviors and actions were decisions made without notice, the victim completely unaware they were in relapse long before they return to their vomit like a dog. These down-turns in attitude happen to everyone throughout our lifetimes. We need to be aware of even the slightest yielding to thoughts of boredom. This is going into enemy territory alone and unarmed, our own mind will think how nothing seems to go our way, nobody likes us, we don’t get to do anything, we don’t have what others have…a level down, then another. When these thoughts are formed into words and pour from the lips; then we are so far from recovery, moved away from God’s grace, and wondering where is He?


Make the decision to level up! Shake yourself, pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get to the needed help before it’s too late. Don’t run from God, run to Him. Find yourself a place of solace and break open the Psalms, read them aloud. Worship through praise and thanksgiving for what you do have! If you live in an apartment and want to live in a house, thank God for that apartment, be willing to stay there if He wants you to. This is real surrender, understandable and workable. Ask God to put someone in your path that you can help, and get to church, or a meeting. The next level awaits you and I. Let’s go up.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!

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