Play, FF, RWD, Pause, Stop

Prevention may make intervention unnecessary.  I am not convinced that had my parents sat me down from time to time and explained the dangers of drinking, taking me to the scriptures and pointing out the importance of following God with all of my heart would have kept me from living as a derelict for nearly two decades. Sadly, we didn’t get it back then. Just get them to church, they will learn by osmosis  and besides, when they are old, they will come back to God, the Bible says that, the minister said so.
Play the Tape.
You hear this in recovery meetings quite often. It is a warning to all that if they are thinking about relapsing, play out the scenario, and what will happen if they do go back to drinking or drugging. As bad as their life was upon entering recovery, things will be even worse by returning to that way of life. Nonetheless, that insanity will set in if you ignore the warning and stop doing the right things, start thinking about the “good” feeling and the fun of doing things you want to do. Your control of self is deadly.
Definition of insanity: Doing the same things that have not worked, using the same methods, expecting different results. “Keep doing what your doing and you’ll keep getting what your are getting.”
Look where your way of doing things put you. Sitting in  jail cell, or at a recovery meeting may give you a sense of remorse, of gut felt sorrow for your past. Do not forget. Remember the pain you felt arriving into recovery. Having a good vivid memory of how you lived while in the depths of misery you chose, may save your future. Yet you cannot allow remorse to weigh you down and stunt your spiritual growth. By realizing Christ has freed you, and as you work the steps, those past failures will merely be warnings that keep you moving forward.
How do you feel right now? Remember because you will feel that way again.” AA saying
Hit Pause.
Think about recent actions. Are they good or bad? Are you moving toward sober living, or away from it? How are you viewing your past? I hope you aren’t playing the blame game by accusing your family from not teaching you to stay away from dope and booze. I hope you aren’t placing yourself in a dark place over past mistakes either.
All the days of the afflicted are evil, but he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast.” Prov.15:15
While you have the tape on pause, look where you are today, clean and sober. You should be overjoyed. Take a moment and thank God that you aren’t at the bar trying to get over last night’s drunk, or looking for that fix, not to get high, just to feel normal. Take the opportunity to think, when was my last meeting? Did I pray today?
Don’t project into tomorrow, stay in today. That is the advice you hear in recovery groups. Good advice. You must plan anyhow. If you have to return to school, taking a new job, or getting ready to face a judge, you need to prepare. That means projecting ahead. More advice. Do this with your sponsor, or accountability partner. Don’t worry about these if you can help it, but do not take important matters with a grain of salt. The past proves we only lived for today and had no ambition, no goals, and the life we lived led to self gratification. So planning is important, looking into the future, but not to just look at tomorrow, and wondering how you can make through without using or boozing.
Don’t hit this button if you are moving forward. Hit it hard if you are complacent or thinking relapse. If you are practicing the principles of sober living and serving where God leads you, you can only see the beauty of life in serving and having the relationship to Jesus. Life can be lived well. In time, you may even smile at the past, no matter how terrible, because you know Who holds your future and beyond this life. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

2 thoughts on “Play, FF, RWD, Pause, Stop

  1. I really liked how you set this up, with play, FF, RWD, Pause, Stop. Thank you for encouraging and speaking Christ and truth into our lives. God bless you!

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