The Danger of Forgetting

Remember 9/11/2001?

People changed overnight in 2001. When we saw the many lives snuffed out on live TV, our blood boiled with anger and the majority wanted vengeance. For the months that followed, people had flags on their antennas, in their front yards, and hanging from their balconies. We were nearly one as a nation, ready to fight. Twelve years later, though the day has not been forgotten, the pain for most Americans has subsided and the actual feelings lost.

Coming into recovery, the addict, alcoholic, gambler, sex addict, etc., are normally weighed down with deep pain from self-abuse and guilt of how badly they treated loved ones that recovery seems only a dream, not possible. As days and weeks turn into years and life improves dramatically, they tend to forget their desperation and hopelessness. Complacency is lurking with their addiction in it’s back pocket, ready to pounce. Relapse is on long before the first wager, or drink, or drug is used.

This being Resurrection weekend, we pause to remember something that changed history, and present, as well as it ultimately changes the future of us all. This memory is vivid to God, the moment in time that He gave His final and only necessary offer to His crowned jewel of creation, mankind. He offered His only begotten to be brutally sacrificed, atoning for man’s rebellion and separation from Himself. When He sees you, the follower of Christ, bowing in prayer, in worship at home or church, when you are good, and bad, He remembers that moment in time as though it happened right now. The reason…when He looks at us, He sees Christ’s blood applied!

He also forgets. Because of that precious blood, He forgets every transgression, past, present, and future you and I have committed. That is not a license to steal, it is a reason to repent. His goodness leads to repentance, not fear of hell, nor of His retribution.

We forget those terrible things invading our lives; at least most things. We should keep the events of 9/11/2001 fresh in our minds. Not just the attack, but the reason for unity as a nation. For the recovering from any addiction; the pain it brought into your life and home should be vivid, and intense. Not only to help you stay free, but also to be willing to help those new to recovery.

For the follower of Christ, every time you kneel in supplication, in fact, every morning you awaken from sleep, what Christ did for you should be remembered in gratitude. He never forgets, neither should you and I.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.


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