The Famine, the Fire, the Answer

How long do we live by two opinions? Who do we really believe has the answers? I believe sincerely and entirely, that we have arrived at the crucial place in time as a nation, that Israel faced three thousand years ago. Elijah, a man of God and known also as the “prophet of fire,” had spoken the word from God that famine was coming to the land. Famine came for seven years, no rain. When the time for the famine to end, the prophet stood before Ahab the king and the people of Israel, and asked an important question we must ask ourselves. Our refusal to ask this important question is to say “we are happy with the denial we dwell in, nothing bad will happen, don’t take the Bible literally, Bill Maher said only a fool would do so.” Taking the Bible literally, or thinking it is not really God’s Word, but merely a old document with interesting stories, as our president believes.

Don’t think for a minute that you are in good company by disbelief. If you find out in the end that it is not only truth, but the way you were designed to live and the path to walk on, the consequences will have an eternal impact. The question Elijah asked was:
“How long will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God,follow Him, but if Baal is god, then follow him.”
Their response: “But the people were completely silent.” 1 Kings 18:21 NLT

To tell you what happened in case you do not read the whole story. He made the people a deal. We will build two altars, and place a sacrifice on both. Then we will pray, you to baal, me to God. The God that answers with sending fire down to consume their sacrifice, that is the God we will serve. The people agreed.There were 450 false prophets of baal, one man, Elijah, stood for God. He let them go first. From morning until evening they cried to their god to no avail, cutting themselves with knives to show their dedication so baal and the crowd could see. Then Elijah’s turn came, he had four pots of water poured on his sacrifice two times, until the water flowed into the trench below the altar. He said a simple prayer, the fire from God fell, ans consumed the sacrifice, the altar, even the water in the trench! Then the people fell on their faces, and said “The Lord, He is God!” Then Elijah had the false prophets seized, and he killed everyone of them.

“That’s cruel, he killed the prophets!” That is what the false prophets of our day say. They only see what scriptures say that reflectt the Lord, merciful, gracious, and kind, as an evil ogre that wreaks vengeance on mankind. They do not know the cruelty and evil done to the people by these false prophets. The evils are similar to the evils in our society removing God from the minds of the people, moving Him to the back of the bus.The men and women of our day, that have the courage to stand and say that we are judged as a nation for transgressions and social evils condoned by, even paid for by our government, are made out to be foolish, backwoodsy types. Their accusers pass themselves off as the intelligent, educated in truth, humanitarians. that refuse to pass judgment on evil, but condemn good. Laws are passed to protect the guilty, and punish the victims.

This is not a call to do what Elijah did to the prophets to be done to the humanists and secularist of the day. That is not my purpose. We should lay the challenge on the table, the questions asked back then, asked now; “how long will you, America, waver, hobbling between two opinions? Tell intelligencia, prove to us their gods exist, or remove them from our land, destroy the false teaching.

Give us absolute proof that your dating methods, namely carbon dating are 100% acurate, or declare it to be a religion that takes faith to believe. Give us absolute proof that man evolved from ape, that life began from a single cell, or call it a religion, get it out of our schools where you have said religion does not belong. Take a thousand year-old skull, and date it along side of those “neanderthal” skulls you find, and give the people proof of your truth, or admit theory, an “educated guess” is all you have. You can’t do that. But you, O intelligent ones, poison the minds of our youth decade after decade, from your bitter hatred of God. You have helped produce a spiritual famine in this land, in this world.

You and I that claim to be followers of Christ need to look around us, see the fruit of these false teachings. Immoral living, our people are consumed with self-service, loving pleasure, blind to addictions and the hopelessness of our generation. We like what we see on the modern prophets of baal’s TV talk shows, how we find their doctrines of acceptance and tolerance of evil behavior as good. They are blind guides that have lead us into a ditch. We have been set-up. You and I must make a decision to choose between the two opinions. Either God is God, or He is as they say, not the Creator and we do not have to follow biblical teachings as truth. If God is truly God, and we turn to Him in repentance for our self-seeking, sorrowful for accepting their teachings as truth, and questioning His moral law.  spiritual famine will end, the latter rain will fall and refresh us again. We can be the answer to the masses, by challenging them to prove their god’s existence.

Archaeologist continue to prove the validity of scripture, mostly those that the secular historians guaranteed didn’t happen. According to them, David’s kingdom, nor Solomon’s ever existed, now proven. Since they cannot deny Jesus was an actual person, they work very hard to disprove his resurrection by finding his true tomb, with bones and all. Save your time brilliant minds. Take it from this uneducated man, He is risen. The proof is in my heart, with the joy, peace, I did not know before I by faith, accepted Him as Savior and Lord for real. I hope every scientist and professor that have no hope but this life comes to the same reality, coming to Christ for the real answers.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

4 thoughts on “The Famine, the Fire, the Answer

  1. Yes, good friend, and the origin of humanism extends much farther back into history than often considered (Isaiah 14:14). The faith required to believe that nothing bumped into nothing one day and all of this around us came into being is an absurd faith. The problem we have is that humanists speak as though there is evidence for their claims… when there is none. At the root of the issue is if there is a Supreme Being Who is the Creator and Owner of all, then we are all accountable to Him. It’s easier to just make ourselves gods than face the fact that we are sinful and in desperate need of a Redeemer. Blessings Keith!

    • Well put Michael, It hurts to see followers of Jesus completely unaware and not questioning false claims. If we do not talk about it, question it, then we keep getting what we’re getting.

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