End of Days…What does it look like?

People seem to be interested in the end of world. Many of us remember the “Jupiter Effect,” which was supposed to have a major impact in bringing prophetic events into reality. Some think of the writings of Nostradamus, or look to dates like the Y2K threat, the Mayan calendar ending, as well as biblical prophecies. This isn’t true for everyone. Some people think nothing of the end of life as we know it, and live as though it will never come to be. “That has been the fear of mankind for centuries, nothing will happen,” some people think.

For Christians, many have wanted to project when Christ would return, using the prophetic writings. It is true that since Jesus ascended and promised He would come back, each generation has expectantly looked for Him to return. If you take a few minutes and read Matthew 24, you can read what those closest to Jesus recorded from Christ’s words, what to look for regarding His coming again. 2 Timothy 3, has Paul the apostle’s prophetic statement of what people of the end times will be like. That can make you shutter. It is on the money of how people are living in our times…even Christians.

How do you see the end? Maybe you don’t. I for one, already have my ticket stamped and paid for, so I keep an eye on the sky, but try to stay busy, occupying myself with the “King’s business.” I have this hope that before He returns, that we who claim to belong to Him would really live like we are His. I pray that we live what we say we believe, not worrying ourselves with being accepted, or popular. I want to see believer’s stop disagreeing on silly doctrinal differences, and trying to be politically right. I want to see us find the common ground of caring for the lost, the broken, the elderly, the orphan, the foreigner, the hungry, the homeless.

I want to see the followers of Jesus know what they believe, and teach their children to know God’s will by knowing God…by example. I want Christ to be the center of our lives, that meeting together with other believers be more important than the ball tournament every weekend. I hope to see believers live in a way that doesn’t bring reproach on Christ, living others-minded, not self-centered, slothful, apathetic.

Though I have that passage ticket paid for, I still have many things that I have to rely on God’s grace to help me improve, I can’t fix these on my own. Those things I can improve on, I really work to do so. If I merely look at the direction the world is heading, via the media, the days that remain are few. In fact, today may be the day. There is nothing scripturally that must occur before Christ comes to rescue those belonging to Him. His grace has given us one more day. How will you use today? A suggestion: request your ticket, compel your family, friends, those around you to do the same.

I have often thought that He would return for a group of people that were stronger than the people he made the promise to. If you look in Acts, the recording of how the church began, you’ll see followers of Jesus that had no regard for their lives, only for promoting the kingdom of God in the Earth. Will we become that hungry to do the same? God knows.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

4 thoughts on “End of Days…What does it look like?

  1. Me too! Amen and amen.
    One of THE best posts I’ve read ever!
    These sentiments are why I wrote “Open Letter to Christians”.
    We’ve got to live for His Kingdom. Not our own. Everything we do matters.
    Thank you for speaking this out.

    • Thanks Heather. You are so right, everything we do really matters. If Christians live as they say they believe, the lost would come running wanting what we have. God bless your good work! Keith

  2. Some very excellent thoughts you bring us Keith. For me personally, I like to believe there is a part of me that cries with John, “Even so, come Lord Jesus,” while another part is distinctly Great Commission focused.

    Oswald J Smith once said, “We speak of a second coming; half the world has never heard of the first.”

    Many blessings good friend.

    • I’m with you Michael…and Oswald. I would love to experience the beauty of heaven, and be with Christ forever. We have that assurance, but many still do not have that hope. Thanks dear friend, Keith

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