All Three of Me (my introduction)

We have introductions in recovery meetings. I woke up this morning with a idea to have a different intro for different meeting types, i.e. Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA, etc. Then I thought; body, soul, spirit…hmmm, made in God’s image…Father, Son, Spirit. Why don’t I have an introduction for the three of me? This may be a little rough, but here goes….

Body (this is the intro I can use in AA, NA, where so many secular folk attend)
“Hello, I am Keith, a real alcoholic by God’s grace.” I can do that even with agnostics and alcoholics in attendance. Not offensive since God is mentioned in recovery literature frequently. This is politically correct, yet “higher power” is preferred.

Soul (I can use this intro in meeting people on the outside, thinking, don’t overdo it.)
“Hi, I’m Keith.” If the conversation works it’s way to having a drink I can say; “I am in recovery from drinking so I choose not to drink. I have this allergy to alcohol. If I drink, I break out…in handcuffs normally, but it affects my ability to be human too.”

Spirit (This is the real me, my identity in Christ. A great intro at Celebrate Recovery.)
Hello, my name is Keith, a follower of Jesus, a new creation conforming to His image, adopted into His family, part of a royal priesthood, being chased by the blessings and goodness of God. I have been made the head, not the tail, above only and not beneath, and reconciled to God through Christ’s blood, walking in the light, free indeed. Oh yeah, I struggle with….

I like the third one best, but have to make it a short list, I could go on a few pages.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

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