Moving Forward

Made Easy
Prayer, faithful attendance to meetings, daily readings, working steps, serving others, are all vital to recovery from addictions. Not doing them are the steps to relapse. You are either moving toward recovery, or you are moving away from it.

Wrong/Right Motives
No amount of biblical knowledge is of value unless it is personally used as a guide through life, and shared with others. A desire to have God’s wisdom and understanding is noble, but only obtained by awesome respect for God’s ways, only retained by giving it away. God knows the heart of the seeker.

These treasures are never for hoarding. If you struggle with having the ability to remember the Word you may want to check your motivation. How does recovery and following Christ connect?

Both following Jesus as a Christian and living in sobriety are programs of action. Carrying these messages to the lost or to a suffering alcoholic are battles that can be extremely intense at times, and never-ending. Looking to know God better the reason to study the timeless truth of scripture. This is where your motivation should lie.. Working the steps to sober living should be the motivation to change everything that creates the impulse to drink.

The Way
Our motives are always seeking change, improvement, and purpose. That is discovered through serving others. Not serving others with self in mind. No “look what I’ve done for you.” Always the motive is, “thank you God, for all you’ve done for me.” This moves you and I toward maturity in Christ, and recovery from self.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.


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