Come and Get You Some


Americans have this insatiable desire for more. We want a home large enough for plenty of guests to visit, but no one does. We need an extra car in case the other car breaks, that seems sensible. The car we have may have a full warranty and rental car availability if a breakdown occur, yet, we keep the spare. We have boats, travel-all campers, and motorcycles, filling our driveway, trashing up the neighborhood. And our closets are full of clothing that we may never wear.

To want and to have things isn’t bad. We can have things or we can have nothing. In either case, we are never permanently happy because of things. However, we are still convinced that things bring happiness. So off we go to the stores, keeping the economy strong.

A New Store with More!
I would like to find a store that sold wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Or how about…an answer store! Awesome! What an idea! Each aisle would have categories like: Aisle 1: Family
Teenagers, Family Finances, Elderly Parents, Inheritance Tricks.
Aisle 2: Life Decisions
Jobs, Banks, Marriage, Divorce, Buying and selling
Aisle 3: Virtues and Reason
Hope, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Happiness, Intelligence (very popular)

Of course, since we make thousands of decisions, there would have to be an aisle in this store that covers everything in a snap, maybe called “Pat Answers.” That would be a great store name. All you have to do is walk into this store, grab the decision and…presto! It’s done, hours saved, worry free-living!

Real Value
Things are fun. Things bring temporary happiness. I have to admit, I enjoy things until the bills flow me-ward. I slowly develop understanding that I really didn’t need, I just wanted it. Hindsight brings an invaluable understanding. That makes future decisions much easier. We actually do have something similar to this store. But it isn’t named Pat Answers. It’s name is Life: Trial and Error.

The truth is that we have an answer book for every decision. The problem is that all of its treasure requires diligence and hunger to find. Not only that, it also lets all know that things are worthless, debt is enslaving, giving trumps getting. Inside this guide reveals wisdom, understanding, and the knowledge of the Holy is real treasure.
People won’t see it on you and admire it, you cannot drive it…it will drive you. Where it takes you in this life is far above material goods in value…and free.
Come and get you some.

“So my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” 1Cor.15:58

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you

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