Why We Fail

“Why don’t you just quit?” That’s a question an alcoholic has never heard before…right. The addict has never thought of that either. People that do not suffer from either of these problems make statements like this. They really think they have no bad habits or addictions. They do. Somewhere on this list, they are found.

  • Gambling
  • workaholic
  • shopaholic
  • porn-freak
  • scare-d-cat (Fearful of… you name it)
  • codependent
  • pride (gotcha)
  • critic, gossip (point out everyone’s faults, don’t see theirs)
  • liar
  • doubter
  • worry-wart/complainer/negative talk
  • smoker
  • abusive to others (verbal or physical)
  • greed
  • anger addiction (get mad for no apparent reason)
  • over-eater, under-eater, poor unhealthy eater

Somewhere YOU are on this list, maybe more than once. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the fallen human race. We all have parts that need replaced or repaired. (If you are sure you have NO addiction and completely well, professional help is advised.)

“I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” Rom. 7:18

On the above list, which of these do you think God disapproves of the most? (probably the one you don’t have) In Proverbs 6, the writer give a short list that covers the above. He hates sin. The playing field is even for us. No finger pointing, not even toward heinous sins unnamed above. Why don’t we just quit?

There are three things I feel that head the list for our inability to live in freedom. Each character defect, sin, short-coming, and vice have to be dealt with individually. For that to happen, we need to see them first. That can only happen through admission that we need to be free, finding what it takes to obtain that freedom, then “name it and claim it.” Don’t hide it any longer, make the move, get the help, take the road to freedom.

Why the Failure
The three things I see are: 1.) Denial 2.) No desire 3.) Pride
You may see three different things and that’s cool, this is just the three I seem to deal with personally, as well as those I work with in recovery.

Denial is our attempt to hide the problem from everyone, including ourselves. Sometimes it is hidden well. A chronic complainer or someone who talks negative all the time don’t know they are complaining or negative. Another aspect of denial is we know about an issue but if we address it, people won’t think we are perfect. “The family has flaws.” They already know…you think they don’t.

No desire to get well is simply the pain has not reached the unbearable point. The alcoholic/addict doesn’t dream of help without pain through loss of relationships, jobs, things, or no way to feed that addiction. Incarceration doesn’t do the trick for most of these. When the cell door swings open to freedom, they go back to the habit. The co-dependent’s pain doesn’t reach miserable until their addiction lands them in bankruptcy or divorce court.

Pride driven by fear makes sure we do not seek help. We know about the problem, but we are sure we can will-power it away. Pride tells anyone and everyone they don’t need help, they fly solo.

Two things
Followers of Christ have two ways out. Prayer and the Word. When we pray for God to expose anything that displeases Him, He does. We may not like the method He uses, but if after we pray, a brother or sister in Christ may come to us and shares something in private they think we need to address about ourselves, don’t kill the messenger. Remember, you asked God to beam a light on anything displeasing to Him.

The second thing is the Word. Ps 119:130 says, “The entrance of Your Word gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.” The light of the written word shines a light on us, exposing the sin that besets us. Making the Living Word and prayer a part of our daily life, will give direction, and keep us from failing to overcome these sins and defects. Don’t ask anyone, “why don’t you just quit,” anymore. It exposes your own failure to find freedom.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.


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