The Right Path

When things go awry in life we tend to believe we took the wrong road, why our problems are mounting. Be assured, you and I do make bad choices. The “trick” is how to avoid making every choice the wrong choice. Watching the many people entering recovery these days is an indicator that many are on the wrong path in life. How does this happen to so many?

Fragile: Breakable product inside
Knowing the right way isn’t automatic. Needing acceptance by the “crowd” is saying “don’t leave me out, I’m here, I exist!” No one wants to be sidelined or left out. Being one of the gang means everything. Don’t doubt that. Body art has become a major necessity among the crowds of young and old alike. That is tragic and coupled with apparel that is dark and rugged, often an attempt to intimidate. When those don’t get the desired result, substance abuse, if it hasn’t already, begins.
The tats, dress, and dope, still house the broken person underneath. The self loves facade, the flash, having a sizzle for attention. Does it work? Sure, for a moment, at least, in their perception. Unfortunately, the addiction process is the new and necessary path, needing the next “fix” or drink, or bet sheet, or argument, etc. The path to being noticed took the innocent to the pit of despair.
Clarity: Coming to
The way that leads to what everyone truly want in life requires something we do not want to give. We must be able to keep our authority, and rule our own lives, make our decisions right or wrong. We then reject direction, warnings, and good advice. Left to our own devices, the decisions most of us make end up causing our feet to be on the wrong path. We need help, and eventually come to, out of the ether of self-will. Recovery is necessary for all of our hurts, hang-ups, and habits.
“The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter unto the full day.” Prov.4:18
“Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” Ps. 119:105
The advice I could give, is the advice I received…don’t run with the herd.  We lose our sense of direction thinking that if we do as the herd does, we will find love, success, happiness. This leads us to allow their ideas, wrong ideas, to enter out hearts and minds as perceived truth. Marching to a different drummer and doing right is viewed as abnormal, freaky. We agree, follow along off the provided path God prepared for us personally.
That way of good is maligned by the perishing. 
Think about your direction in life. The values you had from youth, the goodness of living without the stress of everyone’s approval, are now an enigma of truth. The right path has standards of integrity, and purpose, no need for approval. To get on that path again is possible. Ask God to help you. Break self-will down, stop the denial, get to recovery.
The path is prepared for you. A way of peace, joy, and laughter.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

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