What the Future Holds?

Grandson Rowen
Grandson Rowen
Greeting new babies into the world remains one of the pleasures of life. To think after I leave this life, my posterity continues. Yet, my joy can be interrupted by questions as to what will become of them, what they place importance on, what they will think and believe.With our government shutting down, through their leadership of finger-pointing, name calling, and with major gaps in philosophical differences on how this nation should be ran, my concern for their future is grave. What their parents teach them now will determine their values, and dreams.

My concern is not about the parents ability to provide food, clothing, and shelter. My concern is directed by my own short-comings in how I raised my children. Hindsight is 20/20, I have a clear view how emphatic I was to see the kids raised to be popular, or athletes, maybe even famous, was in error. 

It was my entering into recovery from alcoholism, by God’s grace and the help of so many in AA, that helped me see the importance of integrity, and thinking about purpose, not having a constant party. I see the necessity to raise children with a foundation base of morals that guide them to good living, as the passages above teach.

We all can hope they find their way. We can trust that the parents will see that they must be responsible enough to see society’s slide into immoral thought and actions, and direct their children away from secular thought,“if it feels good, do it.” If it feels good, it is probably wrong. We also may hope that parents pay close attention to what their kids learn, and question the education constantly. All areas of a child’s rearing needs directed, not taught by osmosis, as previous generations have learned. Daily teaching a child is tedious, but necessity in today’s world.

Will They Know God?
This disturbs me the most. The majority of my baby-boomer generation, were raised in church. Ensuing generations have gradually become less and less interested in God, and especially in church attendance. Why? Lay the blame where you wish, but the reality is what is believed and taught in their home. I know not to expect a church, or a school to feed my children a proper diet. That is not their job. Parents are to provide food. In the same respect, the parents should provide their spiritual food, and teach them about God. Will they?

I could go on, but I won’t. I don’t even know if this post matters in the mind’s of  readers. As my generation was well “churched,” they were also riddled with drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, and the generation that stopped taking their children to church. What a legacy.

Prayer is needed. Pray daily for your children, but pray that you can have enough spiritual stamina, and understanding to teach them integrity ahead of materialism, as well as other virtues that guide them to a good “God-centered” life.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.



3 thoughts on “What the Future Holds?

  1. A very good message Keith and very needed today.

    It was good that you already had some Christian background before you needed to go to AA as it was then able to bring you to a realization that The Lord was needed for your recovery, the seeds had been planted.

    Where your Parents Christians Keith?

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Yes Anne, my parents are Christians, and very active in the kingdom in their 80’s. I had busied myself throughout my 20’s with being what I thought God wanted me to be. I worked in the music ministry, took Bible classes regularly, was involved in youth ministries, had a home group…I tried to do it all. But I also had a problem with pride, I thought I knew too much to fall from His grace. I used to point my finger at the alcoholic and wonder why he just didn’t quit. That element of pride took me down. I walked away, and became the thing I hated for nearly two decades. But God, rich in mercy and kindness heard my cry for help and came rushing in to rescue me. He restored my soul, my spiritual walk with Him. I asked Him to let me play a part in His kingdom…and wow! He answered in ways I thought I would never see again. Thanks for commenting, God grant your and Ron’s greatest desire in Him! Keith

  2. Dear Keith , my Brother in The Lord, we have indeed walked the same road , I too walked into addiction and sin and did much damage and hurt those I Loved, especially God but at the point of death Jesus rescued me like He did you and I was healed of two life treating conditions.

    My fall was not because of pride, how can I put others down and condemn them when I’m the worst of sinners but thankfully forgiven, yes I warn when others sin in the Church because I care enough to do so but I do not condemn. My fall into sin but not away, came from confusion and then lead to addiction.

    As for knowing it all….. we are learning in Christ Jesus all things, if we have asked for God’s wisdom and believed we have received it, this is not of us , it’s all of Jesus but He won’t go against our free will, we choose and He empowers, leads and teaches us.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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