Disproving God?

Looking through some sites, I stumbled upon a religion page that said something like this, “Dead Sea scrolls disprove the Bible.” I would tell you in detail what the article was about, and give you the exact title name, but it was the same story: discredit God, deny the real Jesus, discuss the ignorance of Christians, and show our brilliance.

Same Old Argument
My curiosity is aroused by the time spent and the millions of dollars wasted by intelligentsia groups to prove there is no God, Jesus was a mere man, not deity, and you and I are fools for believing. They use the same arguments used by atheists and agnostics since the Renaissance.

This particular article makes a point the scrolls do not point to Jesus as the son of God. Brilliant! It went on to say how the scrolls reflected only what had already been written, like this article’s argument having been already argued…over and again.

“When a fool and a wise man argue, no one knows which one is the fool.”

Time wasted disproving God, is proving He really does exists. That is the hilarity of their war on faith. If God does not exist, why continue the argument? Use your time, money, and effort to do good for mankind, not to beat a dead horse. But because you cannot let it go and move on, this proves you are driven, doesn’t it? So what drives you?

There is something that makes you continue, a sort of spirit to win the war, it seems. Maybe the spirit of anti-christ. Maybe it is greed to sell a book, gain the attention of the media, reinforcing the unproven “proof” that the Bible is a fable. Or are you really trying to evangelize away, the hope of life beyond this life out of those poor ignorant people who believe. If you can do this, just maybe you can help the addict stay addicted, the pedophile continue to molest children, the wife beater finish the job.

You cannot remove Christ from the hearts and the minds of those who have experienced His grace, and transformed self-seeking to selfless living. You cannot make those poor crazy Christians stop rushing to help in disasters.

The life changed by the One who has been translated them from darkness into the light cannot be altered when truly converted. For all of the short-comings of the believers, the hypocrisy, and whatever else you wish to accuse them of, we believe because we have been changed from the inside out, fully convinced God is real.

To Believers
I do not want to make you feel angry or indifferent toward the unbeliever. Feel sorrow for them, pray that they come to know Christ. They have no hope of life beyond this one. The comments at the end of the article I mentioned were heart-breaking. One said, “they haven’t ever proven Jesus even existed!” 

Most of their comments were obviously handed down knowledge, not searched out by the comment maker. If they are right, it is of no consequence. But if they are wrong, it is of eternal consequence.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

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