I never dreamed of being a rat when I lived the party life. That was death to friendships. It wasn’t only that people would isolate you permanently, it was that I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror again. No one wants anything to do with a tattle-tale. We alcoholics and addicts were a family, we had principles and standards.

Getting clean and sober caused me to change many things for me. Being a snitch wasn’t one of those changes. I was told early in recovery, “you only have to change one thing in recovery…everything!” Yet, that thought I struggled to keep, I could not sing to the law, no matter what, I won’t snitch!
Something I said to God each day in prayer was; “God I want to please you more than anything, show me what pleases you.” I also had this desire to devour the Word, the more I read it, the more I understood what pleased Him, and I became consumed by the Word.
This passage came to me as a moment of clarity, an epiphany, that changed my thoughts of keeping secrets for evil people bent on making money at the expense of the addicted and tormented. Also, watching those I knew personally die, and their families grieving, gave me the needed wake up call:
Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “surely we did not know this.” Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds? Prov.24:11-12
The son, the daughter, friend, or spouse that lost their life to overdose, drunk driving, as well as those incarcerated for driving drunk and killing others, would have loved the person who “blew the whistle” on them, if they knew what would be. But they didn’t. They died, or are in jail. Their families are in ruin, little children lost a mommy, or a daddy. At least their close friends, like me, didn’t rat them out. 
We let them kill themselves or others, and give little, or no thought of what became of their children. Maybe it would not have stopped them. Maybe they would still be around and the grief their families experience today would never have happened. And they may hate the one who snitched on them forever.
That’s okay. In recovery, we know the importance of doing the next right thing. Rescuing those set on dying, or trying to do so, is right. That old “honor among thieves” attitude is one of many deceptions of wickedness, ending in sorrow.
My desire to please God takes top place in my personal values. I will “drop a dime” on a drug dealer in a second, providing I know the facts. I am also full of righteous indignation toward what heroin, crack, meth, and booze is doing to our society. I have had enough funeral’s to attend that may have been avoided.
So don’t tell me if you deal dope, if you actively use it, or if you know of someone who does either. I don’t want you to die, or your family destroyed. I am determined not to look away, and face God knowing I did.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

4 thoughts on “Snitch

  1. Hi Keith
    Love your posts they help me alot. Thank you alot. But how I was raised you do not rat. You can help be there for anyone . But you DO NOT RAT!!!! You help the person but you do not turn them in! America is now PC similiar to Nazi Germany That does not make it right! dO NOT BUY INTO THE BULLSHIT! lOVE YOUR POSTS BUT STAY FREE!!!

    • Thanks Peter! That’s how I’ve believed my entire life too. After watching men I’m working with die from OD, I got sick watching their dealer acting as nothing had happened…their wife and children broken and grieving. The sad thing is, they are selling heroin from Afghanistan where the proceeds fund the Taliban that kills our men and women.
      You can’t stop anyone from doing as they want, ratting doesn’t help most of the time. Would you rat if your child was copping heroin next door? You bro or sis? your best friend? or just watch them die knowing you may have stopped them? Be blessed my friend, thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Keith…

    Very well said. Our decision making, when made from a heart of love, must always be based upon doing what holds the greatest long term spiritual benefit for those around us. This is true love on display. Lord bless you. Thanks for another wonderful lesson for us all.

    • Thanks so much…the entrance of the Word gives light, understanding to the simple. Ps 119 I would have rejected the idea of rescuing the perishing without God’s Word revealing to do so. Be well Rob!

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