Stormy Weather

With all of the beauty visible on this blue marble we live on, weather conditions can quickly turn beauty into ugliness. Tsunamis, cyclones, hurricanes, all have horrendous power, and can turn our lives upside down in seconds.

 In the realm we can’t see, a massive storm is gathering to change the face of our lives. I, and others that are in the thick of this storm have watched this force consume lives without regard. Addictions run across classes, destroying families, bankrupting wealthy, robbing good minds from rational thought, while most people sit quietly comfortable, until they are paid a visit or affected personally in some way.

Maybe, like all other evils that come and go, this storm may pass too.  Tell that to the families of the 350 people who will die of heroin overdose today. Give that info to the families of those killed on the highway by a drunk driver this holiday season.The attitude, “it’s their decision to take drugs,” is the wrong way to think if you say you care. Our approach and attitude like this has helped us arrive where we are today…in the thick of this silent storm.

What should be done?
Change. Whether we are directly or indirectly involved with someone using drugs or are alcoholic, we may feel it is wrong to interfere. Interfere anyhow. If we think it is wrong to speak out, speak out. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray. Storms don’t care who they destroy. We should rage against the storm when everyone says, “you can’t, it won’t work!”

Jesus was sound asleep as he and the disciples crossed over the Sea of Galilee. A major storm hit as they sailed. These men were seasoned fishermen, and knew this storm could destroy them. They woke Jesus up and said, “don’t you care we’re about to die?” He said,“where’s your faith?” He Rebuked the wind and sea, and there was calm sailing the rest of the way. (Luke 8:22-25) He could sleep through the storm because He is the Master of the storms…all of them, even ours.

Where is our faith? The situation is dire. We need God’s help to show us what to do. One thing for certain, something must be done. Pray, be aware that the storm here.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

One thought on “Stormy Weather

  1. A truly awesome message you have presented for all to think deeply upon. Thanks again for sharing. May the Lord’s peace be with you now and forever, in Jesus name Amen!

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