Technical Difficulties

I think I’m done with texting. No doubt, and I admit that sending a message via text may be necessary. There are times that you just can’t take a phone call and the message is dire….”don’t forget to bring home milk, dear.” 

Seriously, though it can be useful, as a sponsor, I find it dreadful. I need to hear the voice of those I am helping in their recovery. The text says, “I’m doing good.” The phone call says, I’m doing good but the inflection in their voice says “I’m ready to jump off of a bridge any minute.” Their tone reflects their demeanor. I know then if they are upbeat or face-down.

I also have discovered that I may have a word of advice that God suddenly drops on me just for their situation, when on the phone. The text, however, I spend more time typing the correction from the many misspelled words. If the Lord gives me a word for that situation, I would be there all night typing.

I admit it. I am the one who told the sponcee…just text me, I cannot take phone calls at times…but don’t text me all of the time. Whew! I think they heard.. “never call me, always text me, and only once in a blue moon.” 

What a mistake I made there. The newer people coming into recovery, at least the ones I’m seeing, really should be hearing more about the basics of staying sober. Maybe the discussions are about those basics, but they are too busy texting during the meeting. Join me in this rebellion before we are dumbed down completely from technological development and forget how to read or write. OMG! can happen 2 u2.

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”  attributed to Albert Einstein

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

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