Words Can Kill, and Heal

“From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied”…..
“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”
Proverbs 20:20-21

Meditate on these two passages. That means to roll it over in your mind, again and again. After you have done so for a few moments; think about how you speak. Take this literally. Every syllable rolling off of your tongue has a real effect on your day, your week, month…your life!

These passages are from scripture, so many of you reading this may not agree or believe that the words we speak have any power, merely words. Yet, even scientific studies have proven your words determine outcomes. Our mouth speaks what our hearts believe about ourselves and life in general.

To Die For
In recovery meetings or in casual conversation with people striving for freedom from their addictions, you often hear phrases like...”AA, or Celebrate Recovery doesn’t work for me”…or I can’t get a grip on sober living, I have been using and drinking most of my life”…and this; if only I had been raised differently.”

Don’t buy in to these thoughts or speak them with your lips. When I say crap like this, or hear it coming from others, I want to puke, literally. When it is my mouth blabbering garbage like that, I can hardly believe my mouth has the audacity to speak death. I don’t say those words above. I say things much worse at times.

The problem is that when we are being negative in the mind and heart, our tongue thinks it’s duty is to verbalize the gloom. The best way to get over the junk talk is to remember passages like those above, and take a step back any time we feel blue, mull them over, and then realize we are free from living to drink, drug, or from any addiction.

Life-maker Words
Using words like; I can, or better, with God’s help I can! I am grateful, I am changing for the better daily, and you can think of more, can produce an atmosphere conducive to personal and spiritual growth. When down times hit you and me like a ton of bricks, we can step back, remind ourselves how God has brought us into clean and sober living. As a follower of Christ, those times are opportunities to remind myself of who I am in Him, where I am headed in this life and the life to come without end.

God bless and keep you all! Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Words Can Kill, and Heal

  1. Greetings my friend, I pray the Lord peace over your life and the lives of your family. Stop by to share a spiritual meal and see how the thoughts in your mind were impacting your writing. The Lord has a blessing for you and I know you have a blessing for your brothers and sisters in the palm of your hands. When Moses was standing at the Red Sea puzzled because where God had brought him to and he could not see any way out for himself and the children of Israel. He looked up at God in wonder, so the Lord asked him, why Moses are you standing there gazing up at me? What is that in your hands? Sometimes the Lord places things in our hands and we know not what to do with them. He places our future in our hands, he places the keys to our future and simply say, use them! It is then up to us to take the next step. Sometimes we have to learn to step out on faith. The Lord always has a blessing for us. In order to receive it, we have to step out, step up and ask. He says we have not, because we ask not. May His grace and mercy keep you ever so close to Him now and always. Be Blessed my friend.

    • Thanks dear friend. I am so grateful God has crossed our paths. I am sorry for the slow response. My mother has been in dire condition, but he Lord has given her more time with us. I also have been working many hours on my job, so forgive my tardiness. I thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of the Word to encourage me. With all going on, I questioned the Lord regarding writing. I am confident His will is I continue and not strive for attention, but rely on the Holy Spirit to bring those who need what I write to the post. Giving up is not what I want either, but as you point out, use what God has placed in my hands to His glory. And you, my brother, may the Lord increase you more and more, and I thank you for your consistency in Christ! Bless you!

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