Silence Can Still the Offering

I haven’t given much thought of my lack of posting lately. I have had quite a go of bad events that have stifled my desire to do the next right thing.
Even though I feel like so many other bloggers and essayists do, that is, discouraged thinking, “maybe it’s time to give writing up.” If I am not getting enough readers, likes, and followers after 4 years of posting, do something else. My mind is trying to convince me that I really not that good at this. Those thoughts, if I let them may cause another to not read something they need to read to help them in their struggle to get well.

Furthermore, I don’t offer back what I have been given. That is my lifeline in staying clean and sober. Giving is thought to be financial offerings by most people. Giving is using every resource available to me to serve any need for other’s benefit. I say not care who reads these posts, how may likes I get, or followers telling us I’m a swell writer. Giving what I have is what matters most, to God’s glory, to help another alcoholic or addict, or someone needing spiritual help.

I see how easy self-service can resurface when focus is placed on personal trials and not the solution. Poor me could easily end up pour me another. That is a dark place I never want to return to. I want to spend the rest of my days on this planet, doing whatever I can to please God, and help others. I have no laurels to rest on, no achievement to congratulate myself about. What I do have is Grace  beyond anything I deserve.

The short of it is this, give yourself away. Give all you can, as often as you can, as long as you can, and watch life change for the better, and joy remains constant. If you are unsure what you can give, ask God to give you an idea, a spark, anything to get out of yourself, especially if you are struggling with sobriety blues. He will answer. Don’t allow silence to stifle what you can give.

4 thoughts on “Silence Can Still the Offering

  1. Keith, I like your attitude of choosing to continue offering what you have to encourage others to seek sobriety. It’s so true we never arrive. But it’s this fact that drives us to God—a God who loves and never gives up on us. I can live with that. It sure beats the old life I had without Him. Your writing blesses me in its humble honesty. It’s my favorite kind to read. I’m sick of sermons. And you just never know who is reading your words. Keep writing. God’s at work on the internet and through your blog and other believers’ blogs.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thank you Wendy. That’s very encouraging. As I read your post I could identify with your feelings. When my book was published, I felt I had arrived, maybe I was good at this. But nothing went as planned, the publisher didn’t do anything the contract promised, every friend I had avoided me.
      Then my wife relapsed several times, and that was just the start of four years of God’s stripping away pride and self-centered ways to bring His fullness… Which I asked for ahead of a best selling book or writing ability.
      Serving Him, helping others is my aim, but I like the encouraging words still yet.
      Sorry to respond with so many words. But I love your spirit, and pray God to bring you peace as you continue your ministry. Shalom of Jesus to you and your family.

      • Keith, as you know, relapses are normal. I hope she has rebounded back into the arms of the Lord. Eventually a person in recovery will usually grow strong enough to avoid significant relapses in the future. Life is hard. I wouldn’t want to do it without God–daily I need His guidance and love.
        I downloaded a sample of your book ages ago and liked it. But I have so many books on the go all the time that I forgot about it. Last night I reread the sample on my Kindle and then purchased the whole book. I love devotionals. In the last 6 months the topic of recovery keeps coming up in my life. So much so that I’ve realized it’s a big part of my calling. I alway get excited when I hear someone is in recovery or seeking to be. I know my own recovery journey was/is the most rewarding part of my life. Getting closer to God is the best thing anyone can do. And it’s the most important thing. I plan to continue reading your book and then writing a review for Goodreads and I’ll let you know when I do, dear brother. Keep writing. Your down to earth and from the heart voice ministers to me, and I believe God has plans to bless others through your testimony.

      • Thank you Wendy!
        I appreciate your kind thoughts toward her. I ask the Lord to not let her die that way, and hope she remembers Him, wherever she ends up. But I knew, though I sought counsel, to let go. God is faithful even when we are totally trying to make our own way and avoid Him.
        I appreciate your purchase of the book and hope it is a blessing to you. Even more, I appreciate your ministry of encouragement, your lovely posts and their truth in pointing people to Abba Father. Blessings

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