Working Through Problems

We all have problems. No one is exempt. When individuals enter recovery from addictions, problems from past actions can be overwhelming. Often, the recovering try to tackle big problems first, which can be a costly mistake. When the attempt proves unfruitful, some give up entirely thinking their situation is hopeless. I advise everyone I can to start with the small problems and work their way to the big ones.

The reason for this approach is with each small issue resolved, the individual sees success, or progress, actually making headway. Each problem is a personal victory removing the impossible bit by bit. Their confidence grows, hope becomes faith, and through diligence, all of their past will be just that…the past. Many times, those attacking from this method experience self confidence for the first time in their life.

I go a step further by reminding them, (and myself), to ask for help from God. I have listened, over time, to scores of people in recovery meetings, that have given personal testimonies, how their prayers were answered. The trick here was asking. Humbly asking God for help eliminates personal pride and control, proving to self our inability to manage our life.

There are many others that never attempt to amend past problems.
“It’s no use, I’ll never get through this garbage, there are too many things and people blocking me.”

True as that may be, this failure to launch will lead them downward. They do not try, nor ask God’s help from looking at the giant as too great. God’s specialty is the impossible. David, in the Bible had so much confidence in God that when he went out to battle the nine and a half foot Goliath, he ran out after Goliath, trash talked him and took him down, then took his head off.
Israel’s entire army feared this monsterous man. When young David struck the giant down, the confidence poured out of David onto the soldiers…and they soundly beat the opposing force.

Not attempting to amend the past is fear based. Unwillingness to recover from not wanting recovery at all. There is nothing that can be done for the unwilling, but for the  individual, daring to go to any length and try, asking God’s help,  will get through problems. And like David’s story, their story will invoke hope in others. Others will hear, receive necessary faith to fight their problems away too.

If this is you, or you have a loved one willing but having no confidence, take this approach. List out your problems or consequences. Don’t leave anything off if possible. What is the least important? Then go to the next least, the next, etc., all the way to the major issues. Once that is complete. Go to a place you can be alone, humbly ask God…

Please God, help me remove these problems from my past. I cannot do this alone, even though I caused them alone. Nothing is too hard for you. Please help me. Amen.

One more thing. As each problem is resolved, thank Him, don’t take all the credit. Share your successes with others as each victory is achieved.

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