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Two things a person could blog about that are not popular, because both represent pain are: Recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, and spiritual growth. In American society, addictions have no boundaries. No longer is the addict found in the slums or ghettos of our fair cities. This pestilence reaches from the dark downtown alleys of the highly populated metropolis to the small and distant communities of the Amish. There are few people within our coasts that drugs have not affected in one way or another. There are mothers and fathers that have stood at the gravesite of many a youth, whose lives were snuffed out by this epidemic. Alcoholism has even a longer history of wreaking havoc, and robbing humanity of people, many innocently dying on our highways, as the party animal thought, I only have two miles to drive, I can do that blindfolded.

Being a recovering alcoholic myself, it is only by God’s grace that I’m sitting here, typing away about these evils of our society. I’m certain that my purpose in blogging is not to condescend to the addict or alcoholic still in the throes of their living death, and act as a judge pronouncing a verdict of eternal doom, for those who drink and drug. Not at all. Some people tend to see the direction their lives are heading and make necessary changes to avoid consequences of addictions. People actually do quit without ever suffering trouble, or having to spend the rest of their life in recovery groups like NA or AA. Good for them. The rest of us, however, get to humble ourselves and admit we are beaten. For some of us, abuse caused us to break out…in handcuffs. Others had the privilege of losing everything, more than once. Still many saw the danger ahead, and though they could not quit on their own, they found help in those life-altering programs of AA and NA.

Of all of the millions of American homes plagued by drink and dope…legal or illegal, my post being about healing and real living, these both represent death and pain, and my readership is extremely limited. There is humor, and there is drama, along with some adventure, when you blog on living clean and sober, but the topic itself, causes many to stop reading after a couple of sentences. Another perk of addictions, and enablement is denial, which those who read no further may suffer from.

Now as an added bonus, my other purpose in blogging is for growing up spiritually. For those leaving at that statement, I’ll leave a light on for you, keep your seat warm, etc. For those who want to know a little more, here goes. My personal experience with God, prior to years of alcoholism, was one of disbelief. I believed in God alright, but from a distance. I was one of those who honored God with my lips, but my heart was miles away, spiritually speaking. I was one who looked down from my perch at druggies and drunks wondering, how do they live like that? Well, I found out. I soon was out-doing the best of drinkers, what a hypocrite. (yes, I’m still one)

After nearly two decades of debauchery, I came to myself. After much petitioning God for help, help arrived when I made an appearance at an AA meeting, and saw all of those poor people waiting for me to come and help them. Right. What an ego! Actually, I did find hope, and help for my low estate. And by the way, for all of you wondering why God made me continue to ask Him for help, it wasn’t that He was busy and finally got around to helping me. No, He was ready the moment I asked, I wasn’t. I had my spiritual calculator out, counting the cost…who will be my friend if I quit boozin’, what will I do on the holidays, or counting up how bad I would miss the buzz. The actual cost turned out to be pennies, compared to the riches of grace shown to me in sobriety. I won that pool, but not without effort.

Okay, there it is, the reason or purpose of my posts. Some will read and be helped, others won’t give this page a second thought for now, still paying the high cost of low living. Others jump off the page at the mention of God, and whatever you write, DO NOT SAY JESUS! Otherwise, the few showing interest will skeedaddle. Farewell. I must tell, who I can tell, the Reason I write. Spiritual matters are not accepted by unspiritual people. Don’t misunderstand me, everyone, even Richard Dawkins has a spiritual side. People digging for spiritual buried treasure are never disappointed, in time. Be well. Keith



27 thoughts on “About my Blog

  1. Awesome, say it the way it is, I like this. I was once an alcoholic as well. No longer, by God’s grace that is gone!
    Great honesty in here…keep it up, keep it real…people will come to respect you for it.

  2. May you continue to have courage and strength in sharing your honesty about yourself and what God is doing in your life. Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and deciding to tag along.
    Keep the Faith!

  3. What a wonderful blog!! God bless you on your journey. My son has recently become free of drugs (4 months sober) and I praise God!! He goes to Celebrate Recovery, our new 12-step, Christ-centered recovery program at LifePoint Church in Reisterstown, MD. Where do you live? Do you go to CR? My son also attends regular AA/NA programs. I am involved in CR for codependency issues. Only Christ can set us truly free!!!

    • So glad to hear of your son’s recovery, yours too. We live in so Ohio, and are involved in leadership at our church’s CR. I am involved in AA too. I recently wrote a book called “Under The Influence,” a daily guide for followers of Christ that suffer withaddictions. It is a beautiful compliment to CR and we are trying to contact, John Baker and Rick Warren so they can view it. Christ indeed is the answer. Be well and God bless you and your son!

  4. Keith please let me know if you get any traction for your book, or can pass along someone to contact…I have almost completed a book (
    womens fiction) about love and relationship addiction. I am thinking there should be a niche somewhere for recovery fiction!

  5. I really appreciate your blog! I led a Celebrate Recovery at my church for ten months, and the honesty, and heartfelt desire for change, and incredible life change – certainly impacted my life forever. Awesome, keep going!

  6. Hi Keith…. many parallels in our stories. I too am recovering from drugs and alcohol. More alcohol than drugs. I believe the Bible and that Jesus was who he said he was. And I too feel strongly about relationships.

    My frequent quest in my journey of recovery, and message in sharing in my AA community is how ultimately, in my experience, recovery expresses itself most vividly, importantly, and meaningfully in relationships.

    Early in my practice of and involvement in AA, it occurred to me that much of the recovery I was in the midst of fell short of applying to relationships. I wanted something more. I did not want ok relationships…. I wanted great ones. Especially in marriage, parenting, and family.

    AA as it is practiced in my community does not lend itself very strongly toward practicing the principles in relationships (probably the most critical of the affairs referenced as “all of our affairs” in step 12).

    Yet, when a true application of the principles of our quest for sobriety and recovery are applied to our conduct in relationships, they too can recover and grow beyond what we may ever have imagined. I believe that for me anyway. I don’t mean to preach.

    So I look forward to reading more of your blog.



    • You’re right on Chaz, many in AA have concluded the only change needed is not to drink and/or drug. Regretfully, I have seen people with 20, 25, even 35 years of sobriety, act like little kids when they don’t get their way. They can’t let go of trying to control everyone and everything. We often say you only have to change one thing…everything. I agree. In my time in recovery, I have seen many personal and wonderful changes in me and others. I am grateful for AA. It is my conviction that AA’s principles go far beyond living sober, also growing through life, knowing God better. I try just to overlook others insistence on their being number one, and move on to help any and all I can.
      Hang tough, keep blogging, and giving all you can! Thanks for reading!

  7. Thank you Keith for your courage in sharing your fall into addiction, mine was much the same accept it was gambling. I was also bulimic for 10 years in my younger years and did much damage to my body which already had birth defects.

    I have read a few of your Posts and comments Keith and was very encouraged by your focus. Ron and I started a Ministry called Gambling and Addiction Free at our Church, Ron shared with the families and friends of those addicted and I shared with those who were addicted but unlike AA and GA etc we shared that Jesus is the only way for complete deliverance, which I’m sure you will agree with , without Him the rest is a bandage only.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Thank you for your encouraging comments. That is wonderful that you both are working together in this ministry. I agree completely that Jesus is the only sure recovery, when He is enthroned on our heart. He takes us places we never dreamed as we conform to His image. We become Him to them. Blessings to you and Ron, may the Lord make you light bright in the kingdom. Keith

  8. Hi again Keith, thank you for joining up with us it’s very much appreciated , as Jesus body we are to share our ups and downs together in Unity and so uplift and encourage each other and also correct with the confirmation of Scripture if needed, why because we care, we have Jesus’ Love.

    Thank you Keith for your encouragement but we are no longer involved together in Gambling and Addiction free , Ron’s role in the Church now takes most of his time but I continue to help those with addictions, one to one when needed and I feel blessed doing so but Ron always supports and encourages me in whatever I do in Ministry for The Lord .

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  9. Whatever your endeavor, I pray the Lord uses you both in many ways for His glory. When we blog, we really have no idea who we minister to. Most of the time I receive few likes and fewer comments. Yet when you take a peek at the statistics, you see all of the people reading your posts. Christ is magnified, and people receive help. Thanks again Anne, keep up your ministry of writing. Be well, and blessed! Keith

  10. Thank you Keith for your well wishes but it does seem strange for you to say, my Ministry in writing as I am Dyslectic and can mostly only write general greetings but often I feel lead by The Lord to write much more and with Scripture.

    So thinking about it with His focus perhaps this is what He has called me to do at this time but yes I also love to share what is in my heart and it does give me great Joy when I can and when Love is the response and when it is I than know that I’m sharing with a Brother or Sister in The Lord but if not, others can only hurt us if we allow their actions do so by not forgiving them, this is not saying we accept the evil they say and do.Love corrects in Love and for Love.

    Thank you for listening Keith – Christian Love – Anne

  11. Keith, I admire your outreach to others who were or still are walking the destructive road you once were on. Jesus reached out to me when I hit the bottom over 31 years ago. My vice was eating disorders… but addictions are pretty much all the same and the recovery journey is similar.

    I will never lose my gratitude for healing.

    Blessings as you bless others with the truth of freedom in Christ ~ Wendy ❀

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