Top 10 Reasons for Living Sober

I would be dishonest if I said everyday of clean and sober living was a perfect day. Life has ups and downs as we all know. When actively drinking, I didn’t know how to face life on life’s terms. I had to drink, I thought, for any and every reason, good or bad. 

What I have found out through a life of sobriety are 10 good reasons to remain that way. One benefit not in this list is laughter. Freedom from addiction’s enslaving power is a reason to laugh. I hope the following list gives you a smile.

The Big Ten
1) When a police cruiser is behind you in traffic, you don’t make God promises you won’t keep; “O God if you get m out of this and I don’t get pulled over, I’ll never drink again!” And you bowels don’t yield either.

2) When you get up in the morning, you don’t look to see if your car came home with you from the bar the previous evening, or to check to make sure it isn’t damaged, or any blood on the finish.

3) People eventually stop walking up to you in public places demanding you pay them back the ten-bucks you borrowed from them at the bar a year ago.

4) The family gatherings become more memorable. Literally, you remember the event.

5) Your kids don’t mind your coming to their sports events. Now that you are clean and sober, you no longer threaten to shoot the ref, or hug and kiss their coach for helping you become a better player.

6) You quit calling radio talk shows, cursing the guest and host, giving them your address on the air, and inviting them to stop over so you can introduce them to your left- right combination.

7) Your paycheck last much longer…oh yeah, you actually have a job!

8) You fall asleep at church during the sermon  from being sleepy, not from the slight hangover.

9) Your neighbors talk to you again since you returned the stuff you borrowed from them, that you never used anyhow. 

10) You actually pray on your knees by your bed…not the commode where you prayed for help between heaves.

These are a few of many benefits of living life clean and sober. I hope you enjoyed this humorous view of a serious, joyous, and peaceful way of life.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!