Being a Quitter and Winning

I have attended AA meetings for some time now. I do not have words to describe how God has used this program to help me, as well as scads of others. It isn’t just the help to stop drinking that makes the program so great. The people in AA have had a powerful influence on me. Personal growth through “spiritual fitness,” were words I heard so often by recovering attendees at  meetings. Those words seemed obscure to me at first, but I soon learned, that term was the key to sober living.

People who reject the idea of going for help and do not want to hang-out with a group of drunks and dopers surely do not understand what is behind the door in these “rooms of recovery.” Some think AA, NA, CR, and the like are “cults.” (Not really, they just use that as one of their many excuses for not attending) If one is court ordered, they may attend, but they often leave their minds and hearts in the parking lot. They have no intention of listening to what an old drunk has to say.

Short disclaimer: Many come to AA, NA, etc. through the courts and get sober. Judges should be required to send everyone to recovery meetings that are appearing before them as a result of drinking and/or drugs use. This would save the states millions if the perp gets the message.

Hopefully, they will get the message in time. Don’t reject AA because of the term, “spiritual fitness.” You do not have to be religious or a church regular to get well, and stay clean and sober. There are many professed atheists in AA. But, you must have willingness. If you are willing, your life will improve in many ways. Both you, and your loved ones will benefit. The question to you is this: Do you want a better life? I would wager your spouse and children do. I would also wager the local tavern, or dealer doesn’t.

AA Is For Quitters
Cute statement. I have only heard that a few thousand times. It is true. We are quitters. We have quit losing homes, cars, loved friends, because of drinking and doping. We have quit thinking about where we were at last night, or if we spent the entire paycheck again. We have quit wondering if we ran over someone on the way home from a good old bender. We have quit losing, having gained a spiritual fitness through willingness and admission of our broken estate.

As I stated, you do not have to be religious, or even believe in God. But come and you will believe that hope is found there. Like many of us, you can be a quitter too!

“The Lord bless and keep you. The Lord lift His countenance upon you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace!” Numbers 6:24-26 
Thanks for reading!