Wishes, Wants, and Choice

I regret not continuing blogging about advent, but after the recent tragic event I felt it important to add my personal thoughts on the matter, for what they are worth. We must continuing in prayer for these victimized families, and for all of the people involved, that they may be able to heal in every way.

I Wish

I wish we lived in a time like the one my parents grew up in. People were polite, children were mannerly. Families, for the most part, stayed together. If you were in need of a job, you went to the company and applied for a position, not the internet. You could call to check on your application and talk to a person without listening to the entire menu because options have changed…I think they must change daily. Times were different then, no cell phones, wiis, Gameboys, no wide-screen, microwaves, and all of the modern items that make life so convenient we actually forget how to live. They experienced nature much more than we do today, every time they had to go…you had to visit the little building outdoors. Well, that may not be a good old days feature I wish to return to.

I Want
I want to see my children to have opportunities that I have had in life. They may, or at least have been able to up to this point. A job, a home, cars, and all of the things I have enjoyed in life may get out of reach in their lifetime, certainly their children will not experience those things without a complete change in political thought and fiscal responsibility. The outlook is extremely dark for generations ahead, depending from where you are looking. I have heard that if you do not like what you see from where you stand…move.

This past week has been very trying for us as a nation. The tragedy in which 28 people, including 20 little children were murdered, has left us stunned once again. Our people are looking for answers and the government is trying to respond for they feel they must do something so we, the people, know they are in charge and really care. the debate on removing fire arms, and amending the 2nd amendment to the constitution is what they feel will do the trick. And the people, on the left agree. On the right however, anger is setting in again. The government takes, they are saying. They took away prayer from our schools and began this ripple effect of societal woes springing from our schools as God takes vengeance on us for removing Him, and the 10 Commandments, and anything related to the biblical God from our schools.

I do agree somewhat with how the people think. But the reality is this, He was dismissed from education long before prayer was removed from public schools. He was given His walking papers when we added the view of biological evolution to the textbooks. It was impossible to think that in 6 days everything made was created by a Deity by speaking it to be that way, so we traded one impossible for an even more impossible way to believe we exist. God, You can go, we can handle this. What disturbs me more is not that secularist and humanistic thought has invaded every aspect of society, but what has me really perturbed is that Christians do not see their part in this mess. Prayer was removed from the home long before it was removed from our schools. If petition to God does not return home first, forget it ever from returning to public anything. If your children know how to pray, they can pray in the school and the law cannot legally stop that.

We, the body of Christ, have been asleep at the wheel with every step toward the eventual downhill slide we remain on. We elect men and women who do everything to remove God, offending Him, and do it quietly as possible. Christians do a better job than they do to offend Him. Nowadays, 74% of Christians do NOT take the Bible literally, and do NOT believe it is the inspired Word from God. Many Christians believe that 6 days to create everything IS impossible, even for God, until they are in desperate need for His help…then we tell Him, God all things are possible with you! The reason for their doubt is that the mind hears much more about man’s evolving than man’s creation. Even atheistic scientist have been jumping off of the evolution bandwagon with so much being discovered about the human cell.

Our Choice

We must be concerned that God has taken a back-seat to government. The many tragedies we have already experienced with school shootings, postal rages, and all of the insane behavior to get attention, will continue, likely worsen. Laws are passed by lawmakers that submit bills that are for their personal promotion through mainstream media, or their foundational beliefs, or because lobbyist play to their personal greed, not laws that improve us and guard our core values. If the church, (the entire body, protestant and catholic, and anyone who claims Christ as the head and Lord), does not repent and unify, teaching prayer in the home, and foundational truths to their children, rejecting secular science and fully accepting the Word as Truth, we can only look to see more of what we are getting, and history proves it.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!

Radical Gratitude

You all may have heard the story of Job from the Bible. Job lost everything in one day. Family, property, everything gone, just like that. I have read it, but missed Job’s reaction to his personal loss, and grief that he experienced in a day’s time. Losing all of your property is a terrible thought. Losing all of your children in one day, is grief beyond my imaginings. The thought of losing a child is enough to bring you to tears, and if you’ve experienced this, you know the hurt and the brokeness. Shortly after this, during his time of grief, he was afflicted head to toe with oozing boils, incredible pain! As I read this in the past, I thought how terrible! Why did You allow this God?
Upon receiving the news, here’s what Job did:  Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head: and he fell to the ground…and WORSHIPPED! And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD.” In all of this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong. Job 1:20-22 (NKJV) Seriously? I don’t know that I could have done that. I can say, I want to aspire to having that attitude, reacting to trouble full of confidence in God. And to worship, to give God glory in affliction…how powerful!
His wife’s reaction was to tell Job to curse God and die. Her reaction is the reaction of our world today. Give up on your foolish religion, God, if he exists, certainly don’t care for us. Get rid of every thought of God, is the plan of God’s enemy, and all of those who hate Him in our world today. Job said to his wife….even if God kills me, I will trust Him!
I have witnessed many people enter into recovery meetings, beaten down by their life of personal abuse, living as alcoholics and drug addicts. None of these, including myself, came with adoration of God, or praise on our lips. Most all came kicking and screaming, pointing blame at everyone except ourselves. It took us time to be thankful. I can honestly say, I am grateful to be an alcoholic. God took my sinful past and replaced it with purpose, giving myself and countless others a reason to live.
Are you thankful, really thankful? Half of the world’s population don’t have electricity, and live off of less than $2.00 per day. If their children are born with sickness or deformities, that’s how they live and die. Be thankful, live in gratitude, show it by your life of giving, and in service. Take time on your knees, in surrender and in deep appreciation for all you have. Another thing you can be grateful for is; you have Someone to be grateful to. Many think we’re to be grateful to the spirits of the natives, grateful to our ancestry long dead and buried, and to some, the universe, that believe how Carl Sagan put it, “seem to know we were coming,” giving the universe motherly properties, conscious, and living.
In 1871, Horatio Spafford lost a fortune from the great fire in Chicago. His only son had died from scarlet fever. Later on he was in New York waiting on the arrival of his wife and 4 daughters. He received a telegram from his wife that read, “saved alone.” His 4 daughters, along with 222 others had perished while en route to New York, drowned when their ferry-boat sank. Imagine, all gone. Yet, he was steadfast in his love for God. He later wrote these words.
When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrow like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well! It is well! With my soul.
This is one of the great hymns of all time. I don’t know about you, for me, it is well! God bless and keep you all, God make His face to shine on you. God lift his countenance upon you, and give you peace. Keith