Keeping What’s Mine

Great people know a secret that hides from mediocrity. Great people are confident in their God-given talents and abilities, and seem to have no fear of the success of those around them. Great people DELEGATE their authority and prominence to others. They do not care who gets the credit as long as the job gets done or the hurting receives help. This is a secret hidden, not because in itself it hides, rather because the mediocre doesn’t seek its worth.
The mediocre insists on center stage, insisting that their control of every situation is necessary to maintain order or in their thinking, if I don’t do it, it will not get done!  As a result, less is achieved, God is not credited, a few may receive help…and the mediocre is praised, the real goal of the mediocre.
Let me try to make sense here. I have often been placed in charge of a project and it may be huge in scope of who the project may affect. There are many involved to help, but if I involve them, they may end up with all of the credit for my project. Well I won’t let that happen. I will do it all, suffer sleeplessness, do a halfway job, and ignore great ideas because it is mine, all mine!  I forgot one thing, God promotes.
Look at the exact opposite approach. I am placed in charge of this project, fully aware of the talent around me. I wonder why, in humility, why I’m in charge with others with more qualified or talented. But I immediately seek advice, and delegate duties to the talent around me. The result will ALWAYS be, a successful event, especially if I have given the credit where it is due. If I intentionally place myself in second position, God will be pleased, He can promote me…rightly.
Why is this important? In the family, the husband or wife want to have the credit for the union’s success. The manager wants credit for the underling’s hard work, the pastor want to be acknowledged for the church’s growth, and you could name other similar situations you know of personally, I’m sure. I have noticed this in churches over the years, and it is truly sad. Many talented people come and go through the church doors, unable to use the abilities God gave them because it may infringe on the pastor’s glory. Or they may be self-promoting, seeking accolades and praise…neither will do.
“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted”…Luke 14:11
Become great. Determine to surrender your talents and abilities to promote others. Do not intimidate or proclaim your worth, that’s noisy and clamorous. If you are a leader, tell those above you how good your crew is, or talk about your spouse’s strength in keeping the marriage strong. Teach your children to hold in high esteem their siblings good qualities. If you are a pastor, or a leader in your church, lean heavily on the people in your charge…listen to their ideas. Bury, put to death the small seed of your self-awareness and self-promotion, and God will cause it to grow into a mighty tree for all types of life to feed from. Delegate and appreciate, plant, water…the increase will come.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith