How to be Comfortably Numb

To rest on our laurels is to position ourselves for utter and complete disaster. Complacency is a place of seeming peace, but in truth a place of darkness. That is where I see myself way too often. I have a good job, a place to live, food, clothing, a vehicle to beat around in…all is well. I am grateful to God for all of His provision and remember times I had those things but not the gratitude. When I feel comfortable, I need to make myself uncomfortable, or I’ll become numb to others around me, and my spiritual fitness.
It is too easy to lay back for several days in a row, not even having the slightest hint of returning to old thoughts and ways of living, and wind up smack-dab in the middle of the old ways. Too tired to pray, to busy blogging to read the Word, and I had a tough day, I think I’ll skip the recovery meeting, or church service, I convince myself. I suddenly become interested in things I could care less about like primetime TV, and reality shows that waste my time.
I used to walk 2-4 miles several days each week. When I began writing my book I walked a couple of times weekly. In time I was so busy with my book, recovery meetings, and mentoring, I quit completely. It shows and I feel it. Getting back to that form, and losing the 10 lbs, (all abs), I gained with complacent living is really tough. It is the same way spiritually for me. I am not legalistic regarding how much time in prayer or Bible reading I do daily. Truth is, I know when I skip a day of devotion to the very One I care the most shows, and I feel it.
I may live long without walking those miles daily, or doing 100 pushups each day, but the quality of my life is affected greatly. I remain a follower of Jesus whether I spend X amount of time in His presence daily or not, but the quality of my spiritual life and conduct is affected…ask those around me at work, and at home. If I do not notice that, they do. I have become comfortably numb.
“These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from Me.” Matt.15:8
I can play the part of spiritual goodness and understanding, but in the quietness of my home, alone in thought, I’m thinking, why have I allowed myself to become complacent…again? I enjoy relaxing, that must be it. So I try to justify my actions, and the next thought enters, well, I’m always or normally at meetings or doing stuff for others, I need some me time. I know then that I have fallen into resting on my laurels and need to shake off the numbness, and attend to others, beginning with God.
Do you have these times of sitting back in comfort because of all those things you do and have done for others? I hope you don’t. I hope that this is something unique to me, but i’m sure that’s not so…you have them too. Or maybe you do nothing for nobody except your family or friends. This is the danger zone. This is the place where new addictions can easily formulate in your thoughts, and turn into action. Porn, gambling, adulterous affairs, are easily accessed via the internet, and can take you down a road of complete dispair and misery. Run for your life.
Run to God if you’re in this predicament. Find others to help. Read a good book, the Good Book. Spend time with loved ones and family members. Be wary of becoming comfortably numb…its like a drug, ready to destroy you and me.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith