Political Delusion…an old addiction

I cannot ever forget how in my teen years, drugs became an issue that brought terror to the hearts of parents and curiosity to the youth, especially the college age young adults. We were drawn to test any drug we were told was deadly. Everyday we viewed TV ads warning us about LSD, pot smoking, and barbie dolls, (barbiturates), and where using these deadly drugs would lead us. The more I watched these commercials, the more I wanted to be the test monkey…and I was. It took a really bad trip one morning before school before I came out of the ether, so to speak. I could have been worse had my brother not prayed for God to help his poor, ignorant, little brother.

To me, it was the idea that by experimenting with LSD, I would be placed in the select cool crowd at school. Of course that was a delusion. The idea came from watching too much TV, and believing how popular being cool made a person. Yet, the more I heard the message of being cool from TV shows, and ignored the warnings of TV ads, the choice became clear to me…drugs made you really cool. I was self-deceived, and a TV addict that believed every bit of the media’s offerings through shows, and rejected the commercial warnings from anti-drug advocates.

Looking back on my diluted past, I now see the power of the lies from those tender years, and see how the power of the “one-eyed monster”, we call TV, has on our lives today. We are inundated with political ads that we really hate, but are completely addicted to. Our knowledge of political candidates come from what the media shoves down our throats, and we seem to like its flavor. We have no intention of reading up on the candidates, that takes time from,watching our favorite shows. We are compelled to take Oprah’s word, Ellen’s advice, the View’s view, so we don’t have to stop being lazy, and research for reality. So we get more of what we ask for…a drug, a hallucination of reality. The democrat is for the poor, the republican is for the rich, we need more government intervention in our lives, we think. Like heroin, meth, and cocaine, we are addicted to ease and deception, the easy way is the best way, true or not.

“If you tell a lie long enough, and often enough, the people will believe it.” – Adolph Hitler/Vladimir Lenin
“A wise man is strong, yes, a man of knowledge increases strength.” Prov. 24:5

Sir Winston Churchill warned the Briton’s of the evil intent that Hitler planned prior to WWII coming to the world, long before bombs were dropped in Europe. The then prime minister of Great Brittain, Neville Chamberlain returned from meetings with Hitler, and with the evil Adolph’s promises of no aggression. “Peace in our time,” was the words of Chamberlain, with the signed agreement in hand, as he returned to England a hero for his efforts. Churchill continued to warn, and within less than a year, Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia, eventually Great Brittain. Warnings were ignored, and I believe the people were deceived by believing the words of two politicians. Hitler was telling his people all along his intent was noble, that Germania was the pure people, that they would become the only people of the world. The people didn’t see that for that to be so, war and ethnic cleansing would have to happen.

The two quotes above are both true statements. One is for the complacent, the other for the diligent. Like when I was a youth, full of mischief and a hunger for attention, and rejecting reality, we can become the same and not regard warnings. We can buy what the candidates are saying and believe they will deliver us an easier, softer way. Or we can do the wise thing and read up on their careers, and their historical past decisions. We cannot afford to believe the words of the political machine any longer. Their record must do the talking. We cannot accept ANYTHING from the media regarding politics, they have an agenda, and they are dishonest about being unbiased already, so believe it, they are dishonest about their agenda. Be diligent, read up. Don’t be lazy. To be lazy is no excuse when your future, and your children’s future at stake.

Thanks for reading. God bless and keep you all