How we learn best is through our diligence in study and desire to know. I harp often on my sites about the importance of doing whatever it takes to stay clean and sober, and about the importance of teaching our children to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. Schools, churches, or activities will not prevent their falling prey to this worldwide epidemic. They do not learn by osmosis, you and I must teach them….diligently.

Samuel is a well-known character in the Bible. He was a judge of Israel who anointed the first king, Saul, and then David when Saul constantly disobeyed. One would think;
“Samuel heard from God directly, his life and family must have been near perfect.”
Not so, this is in the records:
“It came to pass that when Samuel was old, he made his sons judges over Israel….But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.” 1 Sam. 8:1,3  
Just because his children’s father heard directly from God, you would think the flow of wisdom and judgment would continue with his children. Samuel obviously thought so. He felt they had learned by osmosis and gave them position to rule over the people. His predecessor Eli thought the same way. His sons, were plain old evil priests that committed adultery with young women coming to the place of worship. In both cases, the sons did not follow example, or in Samuel’s case, godliness, and learn from just being there with dad.
How do you teach your child in a way they will stay true to right living and reject wrong living? Believe it or not, people today do not think things are wrong that were wrong a generation ago. Children are taught “subjective” truth, with no absolutes. “Maybe it is true for you, but not necessarily for everyone,” is taught in schools, and believed by many of their idols.
Okay the Bible is true for me, but not for you? Then it is okay for you to covet your neighbor’s wife and have an adulterous affair with her, because it is right for you?  Then it is okay for her husband to find out, and shoot you dead right in front of your family, since it is right for him. Then it is okay for your children to avenge you, kill him since it is right for them. No absolute truth? No, this is wrong for everyone
We must tell the story to our children. We must be honest without graphic details about our lives. Telling your children your past, how you fell, why you fell, is extremely important to keep them from doing the same. Taking them to church is important, but useless without your reinforcement of what is learned there. Watching CSI on TV, expecting they see how the drug dealer loses out, doesn’t keep them from trying drugs. That’s expecting them to learn from osmosis.
“You shall teach them (the laws) diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.” Deut. 6:7
They never forget when you teach them to ride a bike. They always remember the birthday parties you throw for them. They remember the time you spend talking to them, reading them a book, and special things you do for them. They probably forget sitting in a room watching TV with no conversation. They will not forget you telling them what to stay away from in life if you do it diligently. They may hear, you may save them and yourself many sorrows.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Thanks to You, Its Working

Do secularist really want to see Christianity removed from society entirely? Many people think so. (Secularism is to assert the right to be free from religious rule and teachings.) Perhaps they merely want Christianity changed to something more palatable to their taste. That seems more realistic. Even most atheist and agnostics, (secularists), know that if Christianity was suddenly gone, the effect would be profound. How so?

An example, when catastrophes occur, Christian groups like, Matthew 25 ministries, Operation Blessing of CBN, the Samaritan’s Purse, and scores of church groups rally to help victims long before government help arrives. Even people opposed to Christ will gladly receive the help, the prayers and well-wishes too.

Catholic and Protestants alike are responsible for inner-city help, feeding hungry and sheltering homeless. The volunteers needed, and the donations to keep them afloat, come from their members, for the most part. That is fine with secularists. It saves the government money, and non-religious donations can flow to other “charities” like the United Way, that handles “population control” with the greater portion of their donations. (you may chuckle here)

I don’t believe they really want Christianity removed to the history books. Some do, it is obvious. Richard Dawkins, author of the “God Delusion,” has been leading a campaign in Great Britain, Europe, and now the US, to de-baptize those who no longer believe as Christians.

These who want Christianity wiped out aren’t history buffs at all. Christianity, when its followers have been under persecution, has always grown exponentially. It is when all is well in the world, and no one opposes believers, watch out! They become complacent, and tend to blend in with society and non-religious lifestyles.

I say, keep up the good work. Keep attacking religious freedom and proving how intolerant “intelligent” can truly be. Insisting that religious pictures, or ten commandments be removed from public places, claiming it is offensive, will back-fire eventually. Those ten commandments are frightening. “Children may see them, and adhere to them, then what?”, one lawyer seeking their removal said.

I know that Christians today are hardly identifiable. Fewer stand for their beliefs. Mainly because they do not understand their own belief and its implications. This is not something you can blame on the secularists, the post-modernists, or amoral people. But if they persecute some more, in fact, if they heat up the opposition to Christ. We will all begin to see a revival of true discipleship grace this land.

We who follow Jesus, should not display our disdain for those opposing Him. Leave that to the radio talk-shows. If Christians do their part, and learn what Jesus is about, you can bet secularists will do theirs. Then we can truly say to all, “Thanks to You, It’s Working.”

Do you think they will succeed in changing Christianity to their liking?

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

What We Choose to Believe

I happened on to the Science Channel as I surfed for something to watch while I read my email. Not to poke fun at the channel, but I can say, that is the stuff of comedy. Having grown up with “Mad Magazine” and parodies of that era, It has helped me see humor in many things others take serious. Please tell me that people don’t seriously believe this stuff…I mean, brilliant minds in 2013, cannot take this serious! Sponge Bob Squarepants is more believable. Before we spend another cent giving grants for research for biological evolution, please lay some real physical proof that it is even possible. If you cannot, then let’s send a team of marine biologists to search for Bikini Bottom and Atlantis with the grant money, it’s waste either way.

How did this “science” go from theory to fact? If science was so desperate to find a reason for our existence, other than a Creator, come up with physical proof and then teach that science as fact. Start with a moon rock or some kryptonite, something that exists. You have nothing because there is nothing. I can say that you learned well from Vladimir Lenin who said, “if you tell a lie often enough and long enough people will believe it.” (Hitler stole that saying from Lenin) Nearly every literate nation that allows this doctrine of man to be taught in schools have whole populations believing it. Often enough, long enough. Since we are like cattle, we basically say, “I’ll take your word for it,” too lazy or apathetic to research these ideas for ourselves.

What are the facts of man’s origin? What do you have for physical evidence to prove it? When I think of great minds refused tenure because they disagreed with this “science,” I am sure that you have such evidence. Otherwise, refusing good people with great minds would be a travesty, wouldn’t it?

To the followers of this “science,” think this, “religion.” That is what this particular science is. You take it by faith without proof which makes biological evolution a “faith.” I understand that so many brilliant minds have devoted their entire lives to this study only to end their life empty, without answers, but many more questions. Only pride keeps them from admission, as individuals. Fear, and loss of credibility keeps the false teaching alive…”what will we tell the people?…they will have our heads for this!” Not really, people will move on and forget the billions spent on the research that could have been used for useful things like food and clothing for the poor.

As ridiculous as this “science” is to me, to intelligencia, religion is just as ridiculous. “There is nothing on earth that points them to a physical proof of a Creator,” they think. Long before Darwin’s writings, documents were written, handed down from generation to generation, and carefully copied for preservation. These point to the explanation of man’s origin. Secularists have done everything they can do to discredit the possibility that these documents can be valid evidence of a Creator. They have long denied the Bible saying things like, “it’s like the children’s game telephone, by the time these stories go from generation to generation, the original meanings are scrambled without a possibility of accuracy.” Have those making such claims researched their own accusations? Highly doubtful. There is the fear that the may find out it is real, then what?

According to those opposed to the Bible’s accuracy, they claim there was no king David, or Solomon. The prophets were not the actual writers of the books named for them, etc. Yet another science, archaeology, has proven most of what they deny. David and Solomon were not folk-stories. They are not hung up as much on the creation as the miracles of the exodus from Egypt, and those of Elijah and Elisha. The resurrection of Jesus, closes the book for them, “these things could not have happened,” they say.
I understand, I empathize. It is okay, they are hard to accept.

We definitely have differences, nothing to cause this continuous mud-slinging to continue for another generation. It is a face-off. I cannot convince you, nor you me. I can, however, point to additional evidence you may never accept…changed lives. Biological evolution, nor any wisdom of man can change the heart of an alcoholic like me, to turn me from my addiction and its misery, and begin to really experience life with joy and purpose. It cannot give me meaning or peace when I grieve over loss. It definitely does not present me hope for my eternal existence, and the adventures beyond this life. Only Jesus can, my faith in Him, His creation of this universe, and the constant metamorphosis, conforming me into His image. That particular science does not give me a desire to help the broken like myself, helping them find their way out of trouble. These reasons, plus ten-thousand others, gives me proof of Him, and a reason to follow Him. He never changes, science always does. I’ll stick with what works.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Being Dad

Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. I wanted to write a little about being a father. Since I am a father, I would like to share my experiences and observances of something I have done poorly at times, and okay at others, but never have done with perfection.

Fatherhood is viewed by people from various sources, many getting their views of “dear old dad” from sitcoms and TV dramas these days. When I was younger, TV made dad somewhat human, respected by the entire family. Father Knows Best, Andy Griffith, The Donna Reed Show, and later Cosby, all viewed father as a leader, wise, understanding, and a real household leader. In recent TV shows, dad is the household idiot, kids treat him with disrespect, mom leads the home and has the wisdom and understanding. Family Guy, The Simpsons, and many others, pervert and discount the role of the father in the home, as though the father doesn’t matter. Dads really matter.

“America used to live by the motto, “Father Knows Best.” Now we’re lucky if father knows he has children. We have become a nation of sperm donors and “baby daddies.” Stephen Colbert

“Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating…too often fathers neglect it because they get so caught up in making a living, they forget to make a life.” John Wooden

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Clarence Budington Kelland

Fathers lead. They lead by example, by instruction, and by attitude. That responsibility is the greatest of responsibilities for any man who has sired offspring since the dawn of time. The first and most important lesson a father teaches his children is commitment. By being committed to the children’s mother brings a sense of great security to a child, knowing mom and dad is there. Being committed to faith in God gives a child a sense of direction in life. Being committed to providing for the household gives the child a sense of obligation to do the same as they reach adulthood, and start their family.

Unfortunately, commitment defined this way seems more like a “pipe dream” of an overly-religious person, but that is not the case at all. Some have actually experienced having a father in their home, that is committed and communicating after this manner. How they reached this understanding was from the instruction in their own home, being taught the importance of teaching their little ones with diligence. From the time a young boy reaches an ability to understand, he should be taught about being a father. Many, if not most of the societal woes we experience in our world come from fathers that know nothing about being a father, and completely unconcerned about learning about this monumental responsibility. Sons become just like their dad, whether dad actually raises their child, or just provides the seed, and disappears. Some never know their father and still turn out like him.

Over the next couple of days, I want to write about my experience as a father, and my observances of fathers that have, or are developing good and bad behaviors, affecting the future of their home, and enhancing or destroying their marriage and children’s lives. Over ninety percent of inmates in prison today had no father in their lives. Their sense of right and wrong came from the streets, from media outlets like movies, TV, and gaming. They have little or no sense of spirituality, and every small good they perform, mothers tend to over-praise them to compensate for dad’s neglect. With over-inflated egos, and no understanding of a God they have to answer to for evil they do to others, without values about right or wrong living, prison and or substance abuse tends to be the normal way of life. Tragic.

There is a better way. More to come. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

NDP, Some Considerations

I  do not want to make this a long post of the history of the” NDP”, nor of it’s recent neglect and finger pointing with all of the recent, “can you believe that” accusations. I would like for you and me to give the “NDP” some thought as to its purpose, and how we should approach God in petition for this annual event. Oh, by the way, “NDP” is the “National Day of Prayer.” Don’t stop reading since you now know what that means. I will try to be brief.

Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, outside of Chicago, wrote a book called, “Too Busy NOT to Pray,” some twenty years ago. It is a very good book on the topic of prayer that I recommend for everyone I work with in recovery to read. The reason is for it’s simplicity and direction on how to pray, and what to pray. Bill uses a memorable formula in bringing our requests to God. A.C.T.S.

A- adoration. This is approaching God in praise of His, Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence, as Lord God Almighty
C- confession. Asking for forgiveness for our personal sins and neglect, for selfish living, etc.
T- thanksgiving. Thanking God for all of His manifold blessings, and for answering us when we pray.
S- supplication. We then ask Him for our needs and requests.

Using this little formula does not make wishes come true. God is not a celestial Santa, a genie popping out of a bottle, or Bill Gates spreading out his wealth. No, He is our loving Father, desiring to grant us our requests as we ask in faith, and according to His will, which is His Word. I will not ask you to take my word on that, nor do I have the time to go through passages, giving Word-based prayer. (I am not being arrogant, I want to keep this readably short.)

The National Day of Prayer
Some things we should pray about as a body of believers and for our nation are:
1) Unity. We are a divided nation. Left and right, multicultural, evangelical and secularists, devout and post-modern in worship. In all of these separating titles, we have lost our way as a people. Our origins were intended to end tyranny, we have a government today that has become tyrannical, and think they know what is best for the people, which omits God and removes rights guaranteed by our constitution. Pray that God will draw our hearts as a people back to Him, loving each other regardless of our differences in belief, or in culture. We cannot expect the unbeliever to pray at all. If the believers pray for God to unite us as the body of Christ, and help us lay aside petty differences that have nothing to do with redemption, there will be unprecedented unity, and a harvest of those desiring to be in the light.

2) Repentance.
We have national sins. Not only our neglecting God, but continuance of humanistic thought in the family from not teaching our children biblical truth because we’re too busy, allowing their minds to be defiled by man’s wisdom. I know we have the constant fight to end abortion, to define the family, along with many laws we consider ungodly. However, if we do not teach our young foundational truths, giving them a platform to denounce these sins, the ungodly laws will stand. We need to repent for not teaching the young, and learning about what we say we believe ourselves.

3) Being Jesus.
We want to conform to the image of Christ, but hang on to personal prejudices. Pray that God helps us as followers of Jesus, to live lives of integrity and eliminate our dislikes and looking down our noses at those in darkness. Quit saying “hate the sin, love the sinner,” and start doing so. The drug addict, the prostitute, the greedy, gluttonous, atheist, the homosexual need Jesus…and so do you. We must stop looking down, look across at those  we think we are superior to.

I really tried to make this short, oops, didn’t work. There are many things we need to ask God to save us from. We are fallen. We want godly leaders, nice neighborhoods, beautiful cities. We want prosperity, good health, and plenty to eat. But we also want these things on our terms, excluding others. God forgive us. We want good jobs, but we want the foreigners removed, “they don’t belong here,” we say. We want marriage to be a man and a woman, yet we have a 50% divorce rate. We don’t know how to commit to anything, but we know what we hate, God forgive us, forgive our arrogance. Please consider these thoughts, pray today for the nation. Pray first for those you despise.

“In those days, Israel had no king, all of the people did WHAT SEEMED RIGHT IN THEIR OWN EYES.” Judges 21:25 NLT

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

The Famine, the Fire, the Answer

How long do we live by two opinions? Who do we really believe has the answers? I believe sincerely and entirely, that we have arrived at the crucial place in time as a nation, that Israel faced three thousand years ago. Elijah, a man of God and known also as the “prophet of fire,” had spoken the word from God that famine was coming to the land. Famine came for seven years, no rain. When the time for the famine to end, the prophet stood before Ahab the king and the people of Israel, and asked an important question we must ask ourselves. Our refusal to ask this important question is to say “we are happy with the denial we dwell in, nothing bad will happen, don’t take the Bible literally, Bill Maher said only a fool would do so.” Taking the Bible literally, or thinking it is not really God’s Word, but merely a old document with interesting stories, as our president believes.

Don’t think for a minute that you are in good company by disbelief. If you find out in the end that it is not only truth, but the way you were designed to live and the path to walk on, the consequences will have an eternal impact. The question Elijah asked was:
“How long will you waver, hobbling between two opinions? If the Lord is God,follow Him, but if Baal is god, then follow him.”
Their response: “But the people were completely silent.” 1 Kings 18:21 NLT

To tell you what happened in case you do not read the whole story. He made the people a deal. We will build two altars, and place a sacrifice on both. Then we will pray, you to baal, me to God. The God that answers with sending fire down to consume their sacrifice, that is the God we will serve. The people agreed.There were 450 false prophets of baal, one man, Elijah, stood for God. He let them go first. From morning until evening they cried to their god to no avail, cutting themselves with knives to show their dedication so baal and the crowd could see. Then Elijah’s turn came, he had four pots of water poured on his sacrifice two times, until the water flowed into the trench below the altar. He said a simple prayer, the fire from God fell, ans consumed the sacrifice, the altar, even the water in the trench! Then the people fell on their faces, and said “The Lord, He is God!” Then Elijah had the false prophets seized, and he killed everyone of them.

“That’s cruel, he killed the prophets!” That is what the false prophets of our day say. They only see what scriptures say that reflectt the Lord, merciful, gracious, and kind, as an evil ogre that wreaks vengeance on mankind. They do not know the cruelty and evil done to the people by these false prophets. The evils are similar to the evils in our society removing God from the minds of the people, moving Him to the back of the bus.The men and women of our day, that have the courage to stand and say that we are judged as a nation for transgressions and social evils condoned by, even paid for by our government, are made out to be foolish, backwoodsy types. Their accusers pass themselves off as the intelligent, educated in truth, humanitarians. that refuse to pass judgment on evil, but condemn good. Laws are passed to protect the guilty, and punish the victims.

This is not a call to do what Elijah did to the prophets to be done to the humanists and secularist of the day. That is not my purpose. We should lay the challenge on the table, the questions asked back then, asked now; “how long will you, America, waver, hobbling between two opinions? Tell intelligencia, prove to us their gods exist, or remove them from our land, destroy the false teaching.

Give us absolute proof that your dating methods, namely carbon dating are 100% acurate, or declare it to be a religion that takes faith to believe. Give us absolute proof that man evolved from ape, that life began from a single cell, or call it a religion, get it out of our schools where you have said religion does not belong. Take a thousand year-old skull, and date it along side of those “neanderthal” skulls you find, and give the people proof of your truth, or admit theory, an “educated guess” is all you have. You can’t do that. But you, O intelligent ones, poison the minds of our youth decade after decade, from your bitter hatred of God. You have helped produce a spiritual famine in this land, in this world.

You and I that claim to be followers of Christ need to look around us, see the fruit of these false teachings. Immoral living, our people are consumed with self-service, loving pleasure, blind to addictions and the hopelessness of our generation. We like what we see on the modern prophets of baal’s TV talk shows, how we find their doctrines of acceptance and tolerance of evil behavior as good. They are blind guides that have lead us into a ditch. We have been set-up. You and I must make a decision to choose between the two opinions. Either God is God, or He is as they say, not the Creator and we do not have to follow biblical teachings as truth. If God is truly God, and we turn to Him in repentance for our self-seeking, sorrowful for accepting their teachings as truth, and questioning His moral law.  spiritual famine will end, the latter rain will fall and refresh us again. We can be the answer to the masses, by challenging them to prove their god’s existence.

Archaeologist continue to prove the validity of scripture, mostly those that the secular historians guaranteed didn’t happen. According to them, David’s kingdom, nor Solomon’s ever existed, now proven. Since they cannot deny Jesus was an actual person, they work very hard to disprove his resurrection by finding his true tomb, with bones and all. Save your time brilliant minds. Take it from this uneducated man, He is risen. The proof is in my heart, with the joy, peace, I did not know before I by faith, accepted Him as Savior and Lord for real. I hope every scientist and professor that have no hope but this life comes to the same reality, coming to Christ for the real answers.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Does the Church Hurt Families?

Since my time in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse, I have heard many in meetings say, “church isn’t the place to recover, that will get you back where you were.” It is not a vendetta against the church, it is having watched people go to church for their cure, and wind up back on the bar stool. People in church do not have an idea how to help, AA, NA, do know what must be done. Celebrate Recovery was a breath of fresh air to those wanting Christ-centered recovery, there is more to this story for a later time.
What is God like?
In recovery meetings, the attendees often gain a different view of God. Not the evil ogre they always thought, or aloof and unhearing, they discover a God of love, mercy, and kindness. I do not try to correct the misguided any longer unless opportunity arises. I understand they are beaten enough by self-inflicting and guilt. I do hear their stories of church abuse, or from misguided teachings, and thus understand their disdain for the local church.
Outside of recovery, the church has witnessed a dramatic loss of members from the upper-middle to the lower-income classes, nearly cut in half since the 1980’s. From sexual abuse to cult-type leadership desiring control, to ingraining separation of church and state in peoples minds and removal of prayer from schools and government buildings, many of these people have developed bitter contempt for anything related to church. Relativism, pleasure seeking, science without conscience, greed for more, and sloth can all be attributors to lack of church attendance for many, I’m sure there is more.
“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.” Heb.10:25 NLT
People that take their children to church are to be commended. We should know that the child is learning the truth and sound doctrine. The problem may be that the parents do not know anything close to sound doctrine, and for years have taken the teaching they receive at church as truth. We all really need to considered what we believe, why we believe it, and why it is important. If the church is teaching error, and you know doctrine based on scripture, a flag goes up anytime a message is delivered that does not agree with the Word. And when the child comes out of Sunday School or youth groups, the parent should ask them, “What was your lesson about today?”
Does the church hurt families?
Consider this; if you attend one service per week, the church gets an hour of teaching time to it’s members. That’s 52 hours in a year out of 8,760 hours. The school system gets 1170 hours to teach kids the three r’s, and indoctrinate them in their views that disregard religious belief. I have no idea how much time the children watch TV, play video games, participate in sports and other activities. How could the church on such a schedule hurt your children, your family?
I am convinced that church does not hurt families, especially those living in a Christ-centered home. FAMILIES HURT FAMILIES where religion is concerned. Teaching the young traditional religious beliefs that have been handed down for generations, based on family lore regarding what you have to do in order to make heaven, without biblical basis, is destructive. Placing activities ahead of God throughout a child’s entire growing years, is harmful. It is as though we teach them that sports and fun is all that matters, God will always be around when needed. Never having one on one’s with your little ones to show through scripture the awesome nature of God, His many characteristics and attributes, is allowing others to teach them He is nothing more than a myth.
There is so much to say due to the lack of interest in our society, and how we no longer seem to hunger for goodness, and view church as a stop in and visit poor old God, putting on the façade of good living for the neighbors and minister. I feel that the church is still Christ’s body, we need each other, the world needs us in Him.
What do you think? Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Wishes, Wants, and Choice

I regret not continuing blogging about advent, but after the recent tragic event I felt it important to add my personal thoughts on the matter, for what they are worth. We must continuing in prayer for these victimized families, and for all of the people involved, that they may be able to heal in every way.

I Wish

I wish we lived in a time like the one my parents grew up in. People were polite, children were mannerly. Families, for the most part, stayed together. If you were in need of a job, you went to the company and applied for a position, not the internet. You could call to check on your application and talk to a person without listening to the entire menu because options have changed…I think they must change daily. Times were different then, no cell phones, wiis, Gameboys, no wide-screen, microwaves, and all of the modern items that make life so convenient we actually forget how to live. They experienced nature much more than we do today, every time they had to go…you had to visit the little building outdoors. Well, that may not be a good old days feature I wish to return to.

I Want
I want to see my children to have opportunities that I have had in life. They may, or at least have been able to up to this point. A job, a home, cars, and all of the things I have enjoyed in life may get out of reach in their lifetime, certainly their children will not experience those things without a complete change in political thought and fiscal responsibility. The outlook is extremely dark for generations ahead, depending from where you are looking. I have heard that if you do not like what you see from where you stand…move.

This past week has been very trying for us as a nation. The tragedy in which 28 people, including 20 little children were murdered, has left us stunned once again. Our people are looking for answers and the government is trying to respond for they feel they must do something so we, the people, know they are in charge and really care. the debate on removing fire arms, and amending the 2nd amendment to the constitution is what they feel will do the trick. And the people, on the left agree. On the right however, anger is setting in again. The government takes, they are saying. They took away prayer from our schools and began this ripple effect of societal woes springing from our schools as God takes vengeance on us for removing Him, and the 10 Commandments, and anything related to the biblical God from our schools.

I do agree somewhat with how the people think. But the reality is this, He was dismissed from education long before prayer was removed from public schools. He was given His walking papers when we added the view of biological evolution to the textbooks. It was impossible to think that in 6 days everything made was created by a Deity by speaking it to be that way, so we traded one impossible for an even more impossible way to believe we exist. God, You can go, we can handle this. What disturbs me more is not that secularist and humanistic thought has invaded every aspect of society, but what has me really perturbed is that Christians do not see their part in this mess. Prayer was removed from the home long before it was removed from our schools. If petition to God does not return home first, forget it ever from returning to public anything. If your children know how to pray, they can pray in the school and the law cannot legally stop that.

We, the body of Christ, have been asleep at the wheel with every step toward the eventual downhill slide we remain on. We elect men and women who do everything to remove God, offending Him, and do it quietly as possible. Christians do a better job than they do to offend Him. Nowadays, 74% of Christians do NOT take the Bible literally, and do NOT believe it is the inspired Word from God. Many Christians believe that 6 days to create everything IS impossible, even for God, until they are in desperate need for His help…then we tell Him, God all things are possible with you! The reason for their doubt is that the mind hears much more about man’s evolving than man’s creation. Even atheistic scientist have been jumping off of the evolution bandwagon with so much being discovered about the human cell.

Our Choice

We must be concerned that God has taken a back-seat to government. The many tragedies we have already experienced with school shootings, postal rages, and all of the insane behavior to get attention, will continue, likely worsen. Laws are passed by lawmakers that submit bills that are for their personal promotion through mainstream media, or their foundational beliefs, or because lobbyist play to their personal greed, not laws that improve us and guard our core values. If the church, (the entire body, protestant and catholic, and anyone who claims Christ as the head and Lord), does not repent and unify, teaching prayer in the home, and foundational truths to their children, rejecting secular science and fully accepting the Word as Truth, we can only look to see more of what we are getting, and history proves it.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!

Advent…Ritualistic Traditions and Unity

Raised in a church that wasn’t nominal, I thought ritualistic worship strange, and even pagan. I had this, I’m right and you’re wrong belief. It took a large amount of pain and disappointments in life to show me that I did not contain the whole counsel of God. Those were not great ideas in my head, as I think back. I believed that Ash Wednesday, lent fasts, and even advent were people’s way of showing God their loyalty to Him, to earn His favor. I was right, I was wrong. Many people do try to earn favor with God by ritual and their faith tends to be hidden and shallow. However, there are many that practice these rituals and traditions out of their love for Christ and desire to draw closer to Him.

Growing up into the full stature of Christ is difficult for all of us. We tend to take out our religious differences on each other in front of unbelievers, into heated arguments where nobody wins and reproach on Jesus is accomplished in the eyes of the unbeliever. Jesus prayed that we would be one. We’re one alright. One bunch of messed up me-gotist, that insists on our own rights and ways. Yet, He loves us all and came to fix our brokeness. I can say I’m much better, nowhere near perfect, but very cognizant that I need fixed…and so do you.

Traditions are important. Rituals are important, and even more so in this time we are living in. We are faced with secular groups that try to eliminate Jesus entirely from our society. Public and higher education have to extremes to wipe God out of education with science they cannot possibly prove. They believe in tangible proof for fact, yet believe and teach a fairy tale. The media have gone overboard to remove religious thought from scripture to opinion of the talk-show host, and “new faith that is inclusive.” Every TV sitcom or drama portray the follower of Jesus as a back-woods Bible thumper that is judgmental or just plain stupid. It has become urgent for the protestant to defend the Catholic, and vise versa. That doesn’t mean you practice faith the same. That means you do not oppose each others right to believe, how they believe. I am convinced that we are to pray for each other, love one another, and disregard any minister, especially those with a TV audience, that tear down the body of Christ without telling their audience to pray for the ones practicing false doctrine. Expose it, fine, pray for them, we must. Unity is vital to our belief systems even if we disagree, let’s be Jesus to unbelievers and let God fix them, and us.

“These thing I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain it you, and that your joy may be full.” John 15:11

Advent can be just a tradition or it can be holy, fresh, and experience year-long. I am big on forming personal family traditions that leave wonderful memories for us. Our family had a tradition that lasted a few years. My late grandmother was in her 80’s and we gathered as always with my immediate family, my uncle, and his family. You will think of us as a bunch of weirdo’s, but after everyone had opened their gifts, wrapping paper laid everywhere on the floor. As we went to pick it up, someone threw a wad of the paper at my brother, and he returned the favor. In moments, it was pandemonium! Paper was flying all over the room, even my mamaw was in the fight! We laughed until we cried. As are children grew, that short tradition ended, but the memories remain. Our family loves to cut-up and laugh, and we often find reason to do so, even when it isn’t funny to others. We also sang the “Hallelujah Chorus,” singing the words, but experiencing a stirring on the inside, very memorable.

I am awed by what Christ has done. That first advent is precious and dear to so many of us. The ones that follow cannot compare to it, but can be dear to us if we maintain the hunger for a daily visit with the most notable person in history, Jesus Christ.
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Advent…If It Never Happened 2

Have you ever thought what our world today would be like had Christ never came? It is worth giving thought. I’m setting here today in a room full of inventions that were developed from freedoms we enjoy because of His birth. That’s true. The thought of equality of all humans, universities, hospitals, and education for children, all top the list, resulting from the birth of Jesus. It was the early Christians that gave thought to the idea of equality of women, children, and slaves. The first advent brought the True Light. From the manger, to the death on the tree, (the cross, made from wood. Christ became accursed for us and took our punishment so we could experience the illumination of grace), to coming out of the grave and ascending to the right hand of God where He constantly makes intercession for us, His completed work brought the Comforter, who leads us into all truth and reality. He shows us the things of God, and invention, discovery, and progress are a result of en theos, God within us, bringing the light. Advent brought understanding and knowledge back to man.
“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” John 1:4-5
You may rant and rave all you want about how unequal things are in America, and in the free world, but the very fact that you can rant and rave at all is personal freedom, here because of the first advent. Education for children came from the Puritans wanting to teach their young to read the Bible. The monks in Ireland developed universities, which led to the Renaissance, giving freedom for liberal thought, leading to discovery and invention.
I know many will argue that religion has suppressed man’s progress. Some believe that invention and discovery were inevitable as man evolved. When? When would these take place? Had the strong nations continued to occupy the weak nations, how far back would mankind be? Those opposed to Christ would say we would be where we are now. No way. When Rome converted, the world changed. Rome converted to Christ, but not to wisdom and understanding. The transition took a very long time, a millennium. Where the gospel has been preached and received, the people have benefitted by education, discovery, and invention…and there is liberty.
“Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” 2Cor.3:16-17 (NKJV)                              
“The entrance of Your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.” Ps.119:130 (NKJV)
Beyond all of the discoveries and invention, the entrance of Christ into our world brought the truth of God’s desire to bring reconciliation of man to Himself. God is concerned about all people, He is love. In recovery meetings, I often hear how addicts and alcoholics discovered that the God they have found in recovery is not the God they knew of growing up. They thought God to be vengeful and always angry, waiting for them to mess up so He could pounce. Not so. He sent Jesus, His only Son to give His life’s blood to wash away our sin, and make us worthy to be in His presence. All we have to do is believe in Him (Jn.3:16-17) for salvation. Our desire to share that with all people caused the world to receive light and liberty. All of the prosperity and pleasures we enjoy today are from receiving the light and sharing…another concept of Christianity.
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