What God’s Will Is

One question commonly asked is: “What is God’s will?” 

That is not a dumb question. It is a legitimate question I have heard on occasion in recovery meetings. The recovering alcoholic and drug addict hardly understand how they became addicted to substance abuse. How could they understand how to do God’s will even if they knew what His will is?
I try to give explanation when dealing with individuals and they want to know. It is easier for some to know what His will isn’t. Example: If you are an alcoholic and the choice to go to a recovery meeting or to the liquor store to buy your dope, His will is the meeting. Easy choice, right? Not for the alcoholic that thinks God don’t care for them because of their drinking. The same goes for the gambler, the over-eater, the smoker. I have to go a step further to explain.
Proverbs 6 has a passage I find helpful. It talks about what God hates. Knowing what he hates is key into understanding His will…to a point. I’ll explain in a sec. Verses 16-19 states:
The big seven things that are not God’s will:
  • haughty eyes (a proud look)
  • a lying tongue (God hates dishonesty and that is a must in recovery)
  • hands that kill the innocent
  • a heart that plots evil
  • feet that race to do wrong
  • a false witness that pours out lies
  • a person that sows discord in a family (know anyone like that in your clan?)
Now you know His will, right? Knowing what He detests helps, but how is this His will for me? Easy, don’t do these. But I get it, the question still isn’t answered. What does God love? Maybe that will help.
God is love. I know that He loves those that live holy, as He is holy. Holiness is loving what He loves and hating what He hates, to put it simply. He also loves those that live in humility, and show mercy to others. He loves a cheerful giver….He loves the whole world, so much He gave…. Still no help?
Okay, For me, I have struggled with this question too. I have discovered that I will continue to discover more about God’s will, what He wants for me. I know today is what matters. Today, His will for me is to ask Him to orchestrate today, surrender my life and will to His care, and to put myself aside and seek the good of others. For you, it is the same. This pleases God more than a thousand sermons. This decision each day is our “song of praise” to Him everyday. He lives in the praise of His people.
The questions we look for answers to; why am I here? What is my purpose? Where do I go from here? These all are answered by merely looking to Him each morning in surrender of self, insisting on doing what He wants. Ultimately, we really want peace in knowing we’re okay to move ahead with decisions in peace. We want no more mistakes, but they come anyhow. Doing things His way brings joy and rest. When you try the hostile takeover after you surrender to His will, don’t fret, surrender again. He is very forgiving.
One last thought. Though there is much more to say about God’s will for you, the best way to know Him is to know His Word. If you don’t believe the Word is from Him, why not ask Him? Inside the Bible’s covers is a treasure chest full of everything you are looking for. Take all you want. That’s His will.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!