What If?

I think about this question every year, so I thought it good to ask you, the reader to think about and answer if you wish. Give it thought, serious thought. See if you know how much our world has been affected by Advent.

 What if Christ never came into the world; what would the holiday season be like?

My thoughts:
There would be no holiday season for one. That means no Santa, Christmas carols, family gatherings, school “winter celebrations,” no shopping or gift giving. There would be no paid days off, no football Christmas Day, no big meal other than the normal daily dinner.

If Jesus had not come to redeem mankind, wipe the slate of our sins clean with the shedding of his blood, there would also be no Easter either. There would be no ACLU fighting to remove religious artifacts from stores, or secular judges ruling that the displaying of the manger scene is unconstitutional, citing the separation of church and state, (which, by the way, does not appear in the constitution).

The words, “do unto others”…would have never been heard, as well as, “For God so loved the world”…and “judge not, lest you be judged.”

What else? How about anytime since the church of Jesus began, the flood of giving aid to victims of disasters? How would education be affected? Slavery? The arts? Literature? Science? Invention? Even Christians have no idea how Christ’s birth affected these.

Think about that as we all enjoy the blessings and benefits of His atoning grace this season. And just so you know…there is more, much, much more.


Every year I feel differently about the holiday season ahead. Those feelings are amplified even more as I continue recovering from alcoholism, and learn how to live as an earthling, preparing for the next life…that never ends.

In AA, NA, or Celebrate Recovery, we continue to call ourselves by the “ism” or addiction that controlled our lives. That does not mean when I say I am a recovering alcoholic that am actively drinking, nor do I disregard the freedom from daily drinking that God unchained me from. To say “I am an alcoholic,” is to say my make-up, without godly direction, is that of a drunk. If I stop doing what it takes to live sober and follow Christ, it’s possible that I’ll be at the local watering-hole, living low again.
Thanks for Being an Alcoholic
“God, why did You make me an alcoholic? Don’t you love me?” That may have been my thoughts at one time, I’m not sure. I am sure of this statement, I am grateful to be an alcoholic…that is, a recovering alcoholic. I have a real sense of gratitude for what God has done for me since that fateful day I first walked into AA. What I have learned is what Augustine said in this transcendent truth:
God uses everything to His glory, even my sin.”
Every moment of life, every thought and action, can be a life-enhancing directive to you and I, if we have surrendered to Him. The gratitude I have today could be a book entitled “Why Me?” That book would be as thick as a brick.
There are things that you see with brilliant light that were clothed in darkness, when we finally say “I give,” and admit powerlessness, giving the reins of our life to God. The “why me” question remains obscure, yet I accept this gift with a thankful heart.
Alcoholic Royalty
I have great thankfulness I have today for AA, and the many people who God used to say the right things at the right times. I have even greater gratitude for who I am in Christ. I am part of a chosen generation of royal priests, adopted into God’s family through Christ. I have been taken from the dung-heaps and set among princes and princesses, in the Eternal Kingdom. None of this to boast, I certainly do not deserve that honor, but I am thankful…eternally.
I hope and pray that you all, your families have a wonderful holiday season from Thanksgiving through the new year. I also pray that you see these days ahead for what they are meant to be, not a time for parties. The parties only happen as a result of God himself, through Christ, coming to earth and pay for our heavy debt, a price we could never pay.
“In that wonderful day you will sing; ‘thank the Lord! Praise His name!’ Tell the nations what He has done. Let them know how mighty He is! Is.12:4
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!