Politics and Poppycock

There we go again, gearing up for the next election and who we shall give the reins of leadership of our beloved nation. We pick a leader we think will guide us into peace and prosperity, giving us and our children a hope and a bright future. Not me. I want to elect a leader that is ready to go to war! I want someone who can say what they mean and mean what they say. To have a leader that leaves the world of politics by not dancing around issues, and speaking with the proverbial “forked tongue,” would be novel, wouldn’t it.

I’m not a war-monger, I do not want another Iraq or Afghanistan, nor do I want our nation to police the entire globe. I do want a fight, here, at home. This fight is one that requires a man or woman who will give their agenda out in detail, and if elected, goes directly to work on it. This leader is not going to ignore the will of the people. We have leaders now who fight alright, but they fight to keep things as they are and retain what they have…power. Servants? Not these guys. For the most part they are self-serving. There needs to be a 12 step program for politicians that teaches them how to serve the people and be genuine. I think I would like to attend one their recovery meetings. Hello, my name is …..and I am an ego-maniac.

This country seems to want to please everyone with an issue that the majority disagrees with. The majority does not mind having the ten commandments on a school lawn. An individual may find it offensive, and the monuments are removed. Their claim is they do not believe in religion. The ACLU rushes in with demands of immediate removal or funding from the government will be cut off, citing the separation of church and state. (By the way, that term is not in the Constitution.)  The end result is a law suit defending the rights of the individual, a judge that rules that they must be removed from government property because the students may read them and believe them, and they are removed.


Does anyone care about the rights of the majority? The voters do not seem to care. You’ll get no fight here. Side note: could it be the reason for the drop in rank from the top ten in education worldwide, to twenty-seventh? Or maybe the reason for troubled youths entering into addictions in adolescence? I want a fight against this insanity.

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Prov. 29:18
“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Prov. 29:2

The truth is, we don’t fight anything regarding politics, out of fear of what people may say and think about us. There is not any real war on drugs as far as I can see. Youths under eighteen, even as young as seven or eight, are hooked so bad they prostitute themselves out to afford their fix. The pedophile community is growing, and becoming fearless, knowing there is judges that will not keep them out of society very long if they are caught and jailed. The drug and alcohol problem helps feed their addiction by supplying drugs to kids, they get what they want. We have no restraint. There are few voices that cry out against these evils. I want war! I want leaders that want to fight!

The media outlets have an agenda that serves both the left and the right, but not the people. They think the people too ignorant to know the truth on any topic, so they give you what they want you to believe, and do this convincingly. They say very little about the decline in education, the rampant drug addictions on nearly every street in our cities, or the evils of pornography that is consuming the minds of men and women, and kids, destroying families. Why? Because it is more important to talk about Lindsey Lohan, or to give the wacko who kills a dozen people a grandstand of publicity, and make the next shooter determined to do the same and receive the same attention. We don’t fight that. In fact, we concur with their reports on nearly every issue because they are the news, that is all they report, they are not biased because they say they are not.

Politicians that are honest walk very softly, and speak even softer, knowing that if they speak the truth they will be crucified politically. If a minister says these national evils and natural disasters we face are satanic, or judgment from God, they are vilified and publicly disgraced. Give me a leader to follow, one who wants to fight back. The government is not the answer and cannot make enough programs to “fix” this morally bankrupt society. We need less programs and big goverment and more self-government.


The current administration really believes that the government can fix the problems by taking more from the rich and distributing it to the poor. Socialism does not work, and never will. Hating the wealthy is normal for the poor, but the wealthy is who writes your paycheck, not the poor. The fight is coming, like it or not, no matter who wins.

We are a divided people. The youth today, as in my day is attracted to the speech, to the glitter of fame, and believe the one who talks the best. Adolf Hitler talked the best in his day. He talked much about goodly morals and principles he believed in, but proved himself a liar to the people, imprisoning Christian leaders, eventually murdering them, along with the Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, and anyone he deemed inferior. Satan himself appears as an angel of light. I am convinced of this, what you say you believe is reflective of how you live. Saying and doing are politicians big dilemma, being, what do I need to say to get elected?  And then doing what you planned if elected. We are divided. Multiculturalism can cause us to think differently, that is normal. But it does not change history. When we see a direction, and know historically that the direction will be bad for the people, that person should look for another career. We must fight, and win.

There will soon be another election that this divided nation must decide on whom will lead us the next four years…God be merciful! I am concerned that the wrong choice will be the death-blow to the country, already rapt in turmoil. Our children and theirs will not know much of the freedoms we have enjoyed in our lifetime, and eventually this nation will be completely absorbed into a world community. We must fight for right, but we also must know what is right. Know history, read and pray for God to help us as individuals to make right choices in electing our leaders, and in personal repentance for looking the other way for so long.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

The Sting of Public Opinion

Most of my life I have been concerned with what people think about me. I have worked hard to appear in clothes that wasn’t too uncool, and try not to say uncool things, or have opinions that went against general consensus. Today that has changed in many ways. I still care how I may appear. After spending some time in recovery from alcoholism however, I discovered that it’s not important what you think of me, but what I think of you.
I know that my opinion of you determines my growth as a follower of Christ working to stay clean and sober. I try to look at everyone through these new glasses, look for the good in everyone, and worry less of how they see me. Concern of how we appear to others, how well our family appears to do in life, can be deceitful and deadly if a family member has an addiction, and we are afraid to seek help for them, fearing of what others may think. Fear of opinion can take people into massive debt, for the sake of appearing well off. Coming to grips with who we are, accepting our standing in life, trusting that God can and will improve our position among men, indicates our freedom from people’s approval.
“The fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trust in the Lord is kept safe.” Prov. 29:25 (NIV)
Politicians are often caught by words they say, because they say so many words. One politician was running for office and trying to impress the evangelicals as to his Bible knowledge. When asked his favorite book in the Bible he said, “the book of Noah.” It was funny at the time, but it is fear of not getting the vote that the politician lied rather than just being truthful, and admitting he didn’t know much about the Bible.  This is the case for many of us. Fearing man’s opinion causes dishonesty in everyone at one point.
Think about the times you may have been dishonest, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. It happens often. How do we really free ourselves from the fear of man? Of all worldly fears, I consider the fear of how we “look” to be, the worst of all fears. First of all, pray. Ask God to help you focus on areas to serve. When you get outside of yourself, you pay little attention to what others think. If your busy helping others, you’ll find how little you matter. Second, get rid of the uniqueness you think you own. You are not unique, God didn’t destroy the mold after He designed you. He didn’t think I can’t improve on this one! You are no different from anyone. You will face the same problems, probably experience the same victories, etc. You can be an alcoholic or a drug addict, in spite of your personal goodness. You can be killed in an accident, so wear your seat belt. You can fall down, so watch your step! People really feel that anything bad couldn’t happen to them. (sorry didn’t mean to get off topic)
The third thing to do is read the Word. It is the medicine that builds faith and destroys fears. Don’t let fear of public opinion run your life. Build faith in who you are in Christ! Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all,Keith.

Laws, Freedoms, and Change

I was very frustrated, actually enraged by a recent event, where an Ohio law placed me in a very difficult place. I made a statement on Facebook, which I truly believe is factual, and I emailed the governor’s website, looking for someone to hear my plea. And when I finished my rage…I remembered the Lord my God, and strengthened myself in Him. The advice I give to others, run to God when you get into trouble, don’t run from Him, was the last place I visited.

I took my own advice and looked to Him for help. I will not give you the details of what happened just yet. I can tell you that ever since I finished my upcoming book, there has been such spiritual opposition,such heavy evil opposition, that I could not have continued if God had not given me the grace to do so. I thank Him for bringing me to this point, for all He has done, and for what I see Him doing now.

I haven’t changed my thoughts regarding lost freedoms in this country. Nor do I feel that our voices should be silenced, and we become pacifists in relation to the evils of political actions that cause “we the people” to lose sight of what so many have given their lives for. No, we should, or I should, be more intent on seeing this country restored to our inherent belief, that in God we trust. I’m looking for restoration, not change. Those desiring change may not realize we are a divided people, they want all to change to their way of thinking, sorry, and please return to earth immediately, we need you here. I want to see us restored to having the ability to pursue life, liberty, and happiness…you know, like the Constitution says.

This recent event taught me that as a follower of Christ, I am to be in subjection to the law of the land. I am to be a man with integrity, loyalty, and honesty. I feel I hold to these doctrines of liberty, to a point. I do feel that laws that cause a believer to compromise truth, are to be questioned and challenged. In the book of Acts, the religious leaders had ordered the followers of Jesus, to stop preaching this gospel. Peter responded, We must obey God rather than men! Acts 5:29 (NIV) It is only of recent years that our government has stretched and twisted the law to where our tax dollars go to programs that are unjust, and unholy, and destructive to this nation. This was true in Peter’s time as well and they could not adhere to them all, like worshipping Caesar. Paul wrote these words:

Remind the people to be subject to the leaders and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, an to show  true humility toward all men. Titus 3:1 (NIV) 

This is how we are to present Christ to everybody, not shoot abortion drs, not to spew hatred at gays, not to condemn hookers, drug addicts/alcoholics, not to seek the demise of misled people-even politicians, but rather to give the grace shown to us through Christ, to them. God is the judge, He will reward us all by our works in this life. If you are a follower of Christ, take the time to read Paul, John, Peter, James, writings, on how we should conduct our lives. Then do it. Getting results to bring real change for me is in my surrendering my will to God’s will. If I am surrendered, I don’t need to fight, God does that for me. I can re-focus, re-center, and re-fuel on what He has promised as I conform to His will. The results He gets for me are far greater that my results from anger, complaining, and trying to convince others of my correct line of thought. In this recent experience, when I surrendered, strengthened myself in what He is able to do, peace followed. I placed Him in charge.


This morning, I surrendered again to Him, and went to face the giant. I went knowing He is Lord, He is with me, and I mentally blessed everyone I would meet before I met them. I have His favor. The results were completely wonderful, for everyone. I believe that their contact with me this morning changed their entire day for the good. Not because of who I am…because of whose I am. I am not saying that the lesson will never be repeated and I will have no more problems. I did learn to get results to manifest in my life, I have to go through the proper channels. First to God in the spiritual realm, and present the situation to Him, then as I do what’s necessary in the physical realm, He has prepared my way.


Thanks for reading everyone,God bless and keep you all. Keith

Fatherless Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I am thankful to be able to celebrate another year with my dear father, and count it a real blessing to have him with us at 82…he looks younger than me. Many friends have lost their parents over the past few years, and I really hope they take the time to remember their dad by saying happy Father’s Day to dads they know.
Many people in America, and the number steadily grows, have no dad to share the holiday with. It isn’t because their dad is in heaven, its because they have no clue who their dad is, or he bolted on them when they were born or very young.
In an article dated 12/1/2006, the Washington Times reported that 36.8% of children born in the US were illegitimate. In 1960, that number was 5.3%…and the people thought that was outrageous. A more recent article on the website, discoverthenetworks.org,  site subtitled, “a guide to the political left, entitled the article, “Breakdown of the Black Family,” stated that the black community had an illegitimacy rate of 70-80%…!!! This is tragic! White and hispanic communities do not fare much better!
When a young man becomes fully aware that he has fathered a child, and walks away from that child, determining to have nothing more to do with their young, for whatever reason, he may be sentencing that child to live in utter poverty, to face imprisonment, have psycological problems, and send his posterity on a downhill slide that it may never recover from.
Both of the above articles mentioned noted that the young children from the loins of these fleeing fathers” face more possibilities of living in poverty, placed in prison, with all sorts of other pathologies and problems. Babies having babies is the best way to describe this problem.
There is another entirely different problem in fatherhood this country faces, well actually more than one, but this is a blog, not a book. There are children who have their father at home their entire life, but he is merely a household decoration more than a father. His best advice to his children, “do as I say not as I do.” Are you kidding me? That is how you teach your young? They fully expect their wife, or the church, or their public schools to instruct the children the way to live.
The children want their father’s attention and love, but he’s busy…the game is on right now. The first 7 chapters of Proverbs give you all the instruction you need, on how to raise your children by emphatic, practically pleading to them, about what to watch for in life. In chapter 1vs. 8 My son, hear the instruction of your father… and each of the next six chapters start that way. But in chapter 4, read it all, make your children wise.
“Hear my children, the instruction of a father, and give attention to know understanding, vs.1, Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth!” vs.5
This father is teaching, and imploring his child the way of living. If you take the time to read these chapters, it may change your child’s future, and your future Father’s Day will be viewed as a day they truly honor their father. Of course, you don’t have to stay around, be a man, and raise your sons and daughters. You can let them be a statistic of illegitimacy. You don’t have to instruct your children, you can go dig them out of the barrooms later on when they are spending the money to feed their children a few years from now. Or you may have the pleasure of seeing them through the glass in a nice federal pen…at least they have food.
Think these things through. Pray for those who are fatherless. Think about how often you sat down with your little ones, and talked about life, and the importance of family, about integrity, and justice, and their importance to you. You can teach them how to play sports anytime, but today, teach them about God, about Jesus, love, etc. and if you bailed on your child, make it right, find a way, ask God to help you do so.
Happy Father’s Day, thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

Easily Hurt

People can be cold and uncaring when they hear about the misfortunes of others. Things may be said in jest that reflect their indifference. I feel that when they say things like, “sorry about your luck,” it is mainly for attention or to get a rise, or just because they are not wary that their words return to them. It is the person who knows their words, their attempt at control, and their desire to willingly do damage and hit their target, and they do it with glee, these people are hard for me to tolerate.

How someone, say divorced,  but having visitational rights, can have their child kept from them is especially cruel. Or, if they constantly belittle their ex-mate casting shadows over the child toward the other parent, that is no less than evil. If the “cruel one” claims to follow Christ and behave in this manner, I have no problem confronting them, and doing so in love. If it is a family member however, I try to distance myself from the problem and pray. That goes much further than using principles to beat a family member over the head, because the closer someone is to you, the less they hear.

As I grow older, and as I grow in my walk with Christ, I really am not affected by cruelty directed toward me. I really could care less what is said about me, unless it is a result of someone I have harmed by my hypocracy. That, for Christ’s sake I must rectify, so not to bring reproach on His name. When I have trouble with others words and actions is when it affects someone I love, or hold dear. I seem to lose my “religion” when my loved one is the brunt of another’s cruelty. I want to do serious damage to that person…not physically, but with my pen and tongue.

I have a sure-fire way of getting rid of this cruel individual’s effects. In the book of 2Chronicles 32, Judah was under seige by Assyria’s king Sennacherib. Hezekiah was king of Judah. He was a godly king and had turned Judah away from idolatry, back  to The God of Israel, and following His law. Sennacherib sent Judah a letter, belittling God and Hezekiah. Judah, and king Hezekiah were terrified. Hezekiah and Isaiah the prophet cried out to God. In Is.37, the story actually has more detail and states that the king took Sennacherib’s letter to the temple and spread it out before God in prayer. The king was saying, and I paraphrase, look at what this foreign king is saying about you, he thinks you are just like the foreign gods he aleady defeated…and then he ended his prayer like this..

“Now therefore, O Lord our God, save us from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the Lord, You alone.” Is.37:20 (NKJV)

The story ends with Sennacherib and his army  called to return to their land asap, and Sennacherib is murdered by his own sons, as prophesied. Like me, God does’t take too kindly of those who try to mess with those He loves. Now from Hezekiah’s story, I have a way for you to exercise your hurt feelings away…completely! What would you expect to pay for this? $99., $89., $79? No…today you can have this wonderful advice absolutely free! Three steps, that’s it.

Step one: Write a letter to this cruel person detailing every incident, every hurt, and completely how you feel, without reservation. Make sure you are completely honest, thorough…leave nothing out!

Step two: You need to proofread your letter to them. You have to do it this way if you want success. Take the letter to a quiet place, spread the letter out and read it aloud to God in prayer. Every word, every detail. Make sure God understands how you really feel. Then remind Him that you are His kid, He is God, and He now owns the care of this problem. Then express gratitude to Him.

Step three: When you finish your prayer, burn the letter, or rip it to shreds and say, my bad feelings for this person are like this letter, burned up and gone. I forgive, (insert their name), and pray that God gives them their every desire and need. Now you are free. Now you can welcome this person in love without the concern of how they feel about you. Doesn’t that feel great?

We cannot expect the individual to change. That poor person will have to go through much sorrow if they continue. And also remember that they are in your life for a reason, so pray for them, forgive them, and bless them instead of cursing them. If this helps you, HIT THE LIKE BUTTON. If it is no help, comment NO HELP.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

Gallup and Religion

I like to read polls on trends and public opinions. Even though I don’t completely understand the science of polling, who they poll, where they poll, etc., I find people’s opinion fascinating. I am curious as to how they come to think the way they do, but since the polls do not deliver that info, I speculate the reasons of who, where, and why. When the latest poll is delivered regarding religion, my ears perk up. I have worked in various fields in my years of employment, and I notice that religion has increasingly diminished, (oxymoron), in day to day conversation, and in ways I am glad.

Too often, people talk about religion, or their beliefs, from traditional knowledge instead of personal study and experience. And because of that line of reasoning, you hear some off-the-wall ideas that, somewhere down the generations of family lore, these ideas were twisted and/or misinterpreted. Normally, and argument ensues, and the final statement normally goes as follows: That’s how I was taught, that’s how I believe. So if the topic was where in Bible teachings was the Easter bunny referred to, and if the individual said his parents told him it was in Genesis, by golly, it’s in there. Polls, however, just ask a question without a long explanation, and get a social temperature in general.

The Gallup poll’s index of wellbeing for 2011 reveals that very religious Americans do better across numerous dimensions of wellbeing than those who are less religious, or not at all religious. The finding, from Gallup and Healthways polled at least 1000 people daily, and their findings were the very religious experienced more positive emotions,(smiling, laughing, enjoyment, happiness, learning or doing something interesting), than non or less religious, that experienced more negative emotions,(worry, sadness, stress, and anger), on the day prior to the poll.

In May of 2010, Gallup surveys confirm a downward drift in religious indentity among Americans, as well as a slight increase in the number of Americans who view religion as old fashioned and out-of-date. Trending is a slight uptick in the percentage of Americans who say religion is not very important in their daily lives, ranging from 11-14% in the 70’s-the 90’s, to 19%, over the last two years.

You may find this interesting or boring, I find it disturbing and foreboding. In Charles Murray’s book, “Coming Apart,” he states that church attendance among the upper class has remained steady, while the working class church attendance has plummeted. The reason, he claims, are government policies toward the poor in the 1960’s, (the Great Society), which have given the lower class a “entitlement mentality,” destroying their self-respect, motivation, and sense of civic duty. Also, the lack of manufacturing jobs plays a role in the overall attitude of the working class toward God and religion. You can read an article at Breakpoint.com, by Chuck Colson. the article date was 2/23/12.

Combining these two polls, along with Murray’s book, make me want to scratch my head and say a big hmmm. I don’t disagree with either the polls or the book, and definitely with Colson’s breakpoint commentaries. Without a doubt, and from personal experience, I am much happier and peaceful as a follower of Christ, than when I was drinking daily, and living a self-seeking existence. Laughing, joy, and learning something new daily, fill the better part of each day. Trouble is tagging along too. Sorrow doesn’t hide from me because I’m too happy. Life happens.

I do not wonder why church attendance has plummeted among the working class. Pleasure it seems. It’s simply just that “we the people,” are much too busy with the “pursuit of happiness,” to stop and express our gratitude for all we have. When God is ignored daily, in time, the recompense comes along. (Here’s where the non-religious get to say,”what kind of a god would do that!) The pay day is evident, morally, economically, and politically. Of course, the unreligious do not accept that to be true at all. Historically, this has been the collapse of every empire, but not us, we are intelligent. I understand, and I disagree. We are no more intelligent with all of our technology and scientific advantange. If we were, we would not be where we are, where those societies were before their fall. Does this quote remind you of

“The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled,the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.” Cicero, 55BC

In polls, books, and by observing the talk and spiritual temperature of the day, I’m baffled that the secular worldview sees progress, as corruption thrives, they say, all is well. Those things of God, and spirituality, are truly foolishness to those who are perishing in darkness. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith