Politics and Poppycock

There we go again, gearing up for the next election and who we shall give the reins of leadership of our beloved nation. We pick a leader we think will guide us into peace and prosperity, giving us and our children a hope and a bright future. Not me. I want to elect a leader that is ready to go to war! I want someone who can say what they mean and mean what they say. To have a leader that leaves the world of politics by not dancing around issues, and speaking with the proverbial “forked tongue,” would be novel, wouldn’t it.

I’m not a war-monger, I do not want another Iraq or Afghanistan, nor do I want our nation to police the entire globe. I do want a fight, here, at home. This fight is one that requires a man or woman who will give their agenda out in detail, and if elected, goes directly to work on it. This leader is not going to ignore the will of the people. We have leaders now who fight alright, but they fight to keep things as they are and retain what they have…power. Servants? Not these guys. For the most part they are self-serving. There needs to be a 12 step program for politicians that teaches them how to serve the people and be genuine. I think I would like to attend one their recovery meetings. Hello, my name is …..and I am an ego-maniac.

This country seems to want to please everyone with an issue that the majority disagrees with. The majority does not mind having the ten commandments on a school lawn. An individual may find it offensive, and the monuments are removed. Their claim is they do not believe in religion. The ACLU rushes in with demands of immediate removal or funding from the government will be cut off, citing the separation of church and state. (By the way, that term is not in the Constitution.)  The end result is a law suit defending the rights of the individual, a judge that rules that they must be removed from government property because the students may read them and believe them, and they are removed.


Does anyone care about the rights of the majority? The voters do not seem to care. You’ll get no fight here. Side note: could it be the reason for the drop in rank from the top ten in education worldwide, to twenty-seventh? Or maybe the reason for troubled youths entering into addictions in adolescence? I want a fight against this insanity.

“Where there is no revelation the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the law.” Prov. 29:18
“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” Prov. 29:2

The truth is, we don’t fight anything regarding politics, out of fear of what people may say and think about us. There is not any real war on drugs as far as I can see. Youths under eighteen, even as young as seven or eight, are hooked so bad they prostitute themselves out to afford their fix. The pedophile community is growing, and becoming fearless, knowing there is judges that will not keep them out of society very long if they are caught and jailed. The drug and alcohol problem helps feed their addiction by supplying drugs to kids, they get what they want. We have no restraint. There are few voices that cry out against these evils. I want war! I want leaders that want to fight!

The media outlets have an agenda that serves both the left and the right, but not the people. They think the people too ignorant to know the truth on any topic, so they give you what they want you to believe, and do this convincingly. They say very little about the decline in education, the rampant drug addictions on nearly every street in our cities, or the evils of pornography that is consuming the minds of men and women, and kids, destroying families. Why? Because it is more important to talk about Lindsey Lohan, or to give the wacko who kills a dozen people a grandstand of publicity, and make the next shooter determined to do the same and receive the same attention. We don’t fight that. In fact, we concur with their reports on nearly every issue because they are the news, that is all they report, they are not biased because they say they are not.

Politicians that are honest walk very softly, and speak even softer, knowing that if they speak the truth they will be crucified politically. If a minister says these national evils and natural disasters we face are satanic, or judgment from God, they are vilified and publicly disgraced. Give me a leader to follow, one who wants to fight back. The government is not the answer and cannot make enough programs to “fix” this morally bankrupt society. We need less programs and big goverment and more self-government.


The current administration really believes that the government can fix the problems by taking more from the rich and distributing it to the poor. Socialism does not work, and never will. Hating the wealthy is normal for the poor, but the wealthy is who writes your paycheck, not the poor. The fight is coming, like it or not, no matter who wins.

We are a divided people. The youth today, as in my day is attracted to the speech, to the glitter of fame, and believe the one who talks the best. Adolf Hitler talked the best in his day. He talked much about goodly morals and principles he believed in, but proved himself a liar to the people, imprisoning Christian leaders, eventually murdering them, along with the Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, and anyone he deemed inferior. Satan himself appears as an angel of light. I am convinced of this, what you say you believe is reflective of how you live. Saying and doing are politicians big dilemma, being, what do I need to say to get elected?  And then doing what you planned if elected. We are divided. Multiculturalism can cause us to think differently, that is normal. But it does not change history. When we see a direction, and know historically that the direction will be bad for the people, that person should look for another career. We must fight, and win.

There will soon be another election that this divided nation must decide on whom will lead us the next four years…God be merciful! I am concerned that the wrong choice will be the death-blow to the country, already rapt in turmoil. Our children and theirs will not know much of the freedoms we have enjoyed in our lifetime, and eventually this nation will be completely absorbed into a world community. We must fight for right, but we also must know what is right. Know history, read and pray for God to help us as individuals to make right choices in electing our leaders, and in personal repentance for looking the other way for so long.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.