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I am very grateful for the everyone who has received help and blessings from the book “Under The Influence.” This trailer is designed to play when the book is distributed around the country. If you are working on a book, or have one in print, be prepared to spend as much…actually much more time promoting your work than writing it. Write anyway and don’t get discouraged. The publishing process is very slow with publishers dealing with thousands of books each week. Many people are turning to ebooks for simplicity. I have two short books myself there…with cheesy covers.

Keep this in mind: Write for God’s glory and to help others, put it’s success in His sure hands, and He will see that those who need what you have get it. Many of you are wonderful writers but have been discouraged having not been published by a non-pay-to-play publisher, like Random House or Zondervan, etc. Try on Amazon’s site, submit your content and presto! you’re published. Give what God has given you to help others. Who knows, maybe you will be the next…big-shot. (that’s a little shot that kept shooting) Blessings!

A Merry Heart

This post is a page from my book “Under The Influence.” I wish to thank all of you that have obtained your copy, and thank you for all of the kind remarks. Most importantly, it is helping those struggling to stay clean and sober as they grow in Christ, and oddly enough, those without addictions to substances are using it, and benefitting daily as well. It is a very simple daily guide written by a very simple person, proving God uses simple things and people to achieve His purpose and confound man’s wisdom. I feel this work will enhance any recovery program, especially Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA, and the like. Here we go:

Today’s verse: “A twinkle in the eye means joy in the heart, and good news makes you fit as a fiddle.!” Prov.15:13 MSG
“A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.” Mignon McLaughlin

I love to laugh. Who doesn’t? I love the company of those who love to be jovial all of the time. When I’m around an elderly person that is spry in spirit and has a twinkle in their eyes, I could listen to them talk for hours. What a blessing they are! Whenever we get a chance to, we need to be around laughter and merriment because it edifies us and builds us up.
Remember those times before Christ entered into our hearts. Never forget how addiction to drugs and alcohol stole the joy from our lives. By our keeping those memories alive, we avoid the thoughts of living in that misery ever again. Laugh everyday. Laugh for no reason, just laugh! Life today is glorious, even in trials, because we know where we are going, and the joy that awaits us there.

Prayer: God, You are so awesome! You have given me joy for sorrow and given me a reason to laugh. Thank You, amen.

Today I am grateful for these things:

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all! If you would like to get a copy of “Under The Influence,” go to or you can get it from your local bookstore, order from or Amazon, Nook, Kindle. Get it and make it your daily devotion!

Devotional- Start the New Year Right!

securedownload backmatter If you do a daily read as a personal devotion, this book can be an excellent tool in helping you grow in Christ daily. It is written with those suffering with addictions they want to stay free of with God’s help. It is helpful with any hurt, habit, and hang-up you or a loved one may struggling with. Some who have purchased the book that don’t have a problem personally have said it is what they use as their daily read as well, and it has helped them, and given them a better understanding of how to help those with addictions and hang-ups.

Many people make resolutions at year’s end they plan to do in the upcoming year for self-improvement, and one of the top goals is to start a daily read and time with God. This is a great book to use along with your Bible and I suggest a personal journal too. I like to read a chapter from Proverbs, a Psalm, along with a daily page, and that is perfect to use for my morning program, as we call it in recovery.

You can find the ebook version at Kindle and Nook, and the paper-back at or you can go to Barnes and Noble (no relation), and nearly any bookstore can get it if they do not have it on the shelf. If you want a signed copy, you can go to and I will sign it and mail it to you as fast as possible. The site has paypal, and accepts all major credit cards. If you go to my site, be sure to add $3.00 for shipping, anywhere in the US, and $5.00 outside of the country. The cost is $21.50, plus tax, or $23.00 total, $26.oo to ship. I would like to suggest that if you have a loved one with an addiction, get this book for them, something that points them to real living in Christ, instead of a shirt they may never wear.

Thanks for reading, thanks in advance to those who buy the book, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas, with Jesus the center of attention!

Blogging, Writing, and Interest

I have had some real ups and downs in my short writing career. I tried to look at my book as a stepping stone to writing even more, and I hope that may be the case. I am very grateful to all of you who faithfully read my post. The first week I began blogging, I was shocked by the statistics from the web host weebly, but fueled mainly from social networks. Facebook has been the “biggie” attention getter to my site. Though I am grateful to God for allowing me to write “Under The Influence,” I realize that many of you started following my blog because of it. I mean, if somebody wrote a book, they should have interesting blog posts, shouldn’t they?
Not so. I read through some of my old posts for the purpose of compiling a ebook for Kindle, and I began to wonder why people read such broken articles…lol. Some of these, er, many of these posts start with a topic and end without getting to the point. That’s no big deal, and I am apoligizing somewhat, so thanks again for being faithful to read. There is a site that I would like to bring to your attention. If you notice that I post some of my blogs from Think in Today, a wordpress blog site. WordPress is a blogsite  you may find blog posts on ant topic under the sun. Warning: IF YOU READ ONLY RELIGIOUS ARTICLES BEWARE! I would suggest that if you follow Jesus, make sure you know; what you believe, why you believe it, and why is is important.
There are so many people in search of faith that if you don’t have a strong foundation in your belief, you can easily be swayed by the various philosophies regurgetated on WordPress. But if you are looking to strengthen your faith, there are many great, unknown bloggers to read after. There are catagories to browse through on their reader. Topics like the Bible, Christianity, and church, are all good for your growth, and both protestant and catholic alike can find well written articles. Watch out for catagories like religion, philosophy, and even faith. At any rate, some of these are great, some are a hoot, and some are irreverently blasphemous in nature. But if you like to read short posts, and what to change up from reading yours truly all the time…check it out. I have developed a really small readership, but it is global in scope, and I read many of the posts from other countries as well. There is also other sites you can read blogs like Pinterest, Google plus, Wallbuilders, etc. All of these are good to expand your understanding of where the worldviews of various people lie, or in my day we would say, where their “head is.” Lately I have been doing less blogging, because I have written a couple of ebooks, as I stated in and earlier post. I am prayerfully working on a few more as well. They are on Kindle, at through their lending library. “How to Pray Constantly,” is the first that I put on there. It is a 22 page book on acquiring an attitude of prayer over the smallest of details in our lives. “The Best of Recovery Blogs,” is the second, these were the most popular blogs I wrote regarding recovery from addictions. Don’t worry, each blog was revised, and actually make a point, lol, again.
All of these sites, ebooks, etc., are all good, and fun if you like to read. The book I highly recommend is: The Bible. This book is life changing. It is called by many names, but I like to think of it as the “Manufacturers Handbook.” the “Lifemap,” or Love Letters to me from God. That is perfectly within the reality of what the Word is. In closing this post, here are a few morsels, that are my exact feelings toward the Book of Books:
“My Words are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh”…Prov. 4:20 “This is my comfort in my afflictions, for Your Word has given me life.” Ps.119:50 “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Ps.119:103 “The entrance of Your Word gives light, it gives understanding to the simple.” Ps.119:130
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!