Remember Not to Forget

This year Memorial Day seems more real to me than in times past. Perhaps the reason is personal research regarding twentieth century events, and watching the American Heroes Channel whenever docs on war are on the tube. In every conflict throughout the twentieth century, more lives were lost that in all known wars on record.

I honor every person who has served our country and lost their lives, and those who served at all as well. God bless their memory, may their sacrifice never be forgotten.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.
Winston Churchill

I have this foreboding sense of days to come and potential looming wars to come. Anger and hatred are newsworthy, networks or media from various sources bombard us with possibilities of conflict, their escalation daily. Within our nation there are conflicts just shy of turning deadly violent, but not portrayed as such. We really learned zero from history though warned not to do so.I believe pride has told us we are too smart to repeat historical mistakes, which I believe is laughable.

Keep the memory of the fallen alive by refusing to allow politicians and leaders at any level to stop giving away guaranteed rights our men and women gave their life for. Freedoms are in jeopardy, mainly, religious freedoms, freedom to bear arms, not to forget freedom of speech, which seems only to apply to the press anymore. The rest of us must be politically correct not offend anyone.

We seem to drop all of our differences and prejudices in times of national threats, i. e. 9/11/2001. We come together across multicultural lines as Americans, grieving lost American lives, you know, our family. I would love to see that togetherness thrive in our country, but I don’t foresee that ever happening.

Politicians, ethnic leaders, and media outlets are determined to keep unity at bay, increase their personal power, fanning the flame of discord without impunity. I believe their speech doesn’t match their actions, they want us to forget those who lost their lives for freedoms they freely give away, pointing out opposition’s faults to conceal their own.

Globally speaking, there are many conflicts alive and well. This is not a surprise however. Foretold a couple thousand years ago:
Jesus, questioned by his disciples about the times of the end said, “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation shal rise against nation, kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places”…. Matt.24:6-7

World-wide conflicts have always been. Yet from the twentieth century until now, never has so many soldiers and civilians died from such. Through in ethnic, political, and religious purging by Mao, Stalin, the killing fields of southern Asia, etc. The numbers are incredible. don’t forget to remember, not just on memorial day, but when you pray, when you vote.

Now, how do you say this…Happy memorial day? Have a nice holiday? How about REMEMBER.


A Moment of Silence

America celebrates the annual day of observing the fallen heroes of our history Monday. This day becomes more dear to me as I age. I want to honor those brave that paid the ultimate price to secure our freedoms we hold dear, and protect our borders from aggressors. There are many men and women living in harm’s way today that we need to remember in our prayers, that they remain safe from the enemies of democracy worldwide.


I concern myself with many unnecessary things these days, mostly foolish worries of no consequence. I do have a concern for how we, as Americans, take this annual observance for the purpose of pleasures without the slightest thought of what Memorial Day is all about. Some time back, the VFW memorial put this statement out:


“Changing the date merely to create three day weekends has underminded the meaning of the day. No doubt, this has contributed a lot to the general public’s nonchalant obsevation of the day.” (This was in regard to making memorial day on Monday instead of the set day)


We could observe the half-staff flag until noon, the moment of silence at three pm, and even go to a parade, but does that really reflect patriotism and true heart-felt meaning of this sacred day? Have you ever had a conversation with family members regarding the fallen? What about your children, have you talked about the lost lives that helped to secure those nice things you enjoy? Most people would have to say no, I haven’t. Or I am not much on history, besides, they learn that stuff in school. I didn’t. When my children were growing, I didn’t take the opportunity to make this holiday a special time for my young ones. I truly regret that.


You see, Memorial Day isn’t about the Indy 500. It isn’t about the cookout with the family, or the church picnic, or the big sale going on at Walmart. It isn’t about the pool opening, school letting out, or a weekend vacation. It is about a young person, lying in a foxhole, knowing their life is nearly over in the next few minutes, their ambitions and aspirations lost to the ages. It’s about those 56 that signed the Declaration of Independance, men of means, but lost nearly everything, some dying in poverty, to secure a life free of tyrrany.


These along with the multitudes throughout our history, are not to be forgotten because we haven’t taken the time to talk to family, especially our kids, to inform them of these who gave all. Why not start a tradition? Take 10 to 15 minutes in your family gathering to tell a hero of the republic’s story. Tell the story with enthusiasm, make it interesting. If you cannot think about a real event, go online, get out an encyclopedia. Use someone from anytime in history, the founders, the wars, etc. Just do it. Your children love to hear stories coming from the one they love…that’s you. Don’t let them grow and not know, and teach them to spend time in prayer for those serving today. The fourth of July will be here soon, and then do it again. Make the holidays memorable, and start new traditions your family will carry on for generations.


Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith