Pollitics, Conversation, and Electives

Don’t you just love conversations about politics? I like the discussions where each participant shares their solutions on how to fix every crises we face by electing the right candidates. I also get to show my lack of understanding on certain topics, or ignorance from not following the race. The worldviews we carry are often comprised from what others have said, or from people we admire. I get irritated when I hear someone in the conversation say they are not going to vote because they do not know who they should vote for. There is also people who like the heat of argument that do not ever vote. If you don’t vote, don’t complain, nor run down politicians. You are no better than they.

Before finding recovery from alcoholism and drug use, I would tend bar when I had free time. There is a rule in most bars that you do not allow discussions on politics and religion. These two topics are fight inducing for drunkards. Of course, the rule was always broken, giving the nature of excessive drinkers abilities to gradually become brilliant the more we drank. Those little disagreements seem to always get out of hand. It is no different in the workplace, or coffee shop, or even in the church vestibule. People get fired up over these topics, and I’m convinced it is from arrogance that we often take a position. Being right is all that matters, winning the argument shows we are right…doesn’t it?

What about prayer when deciding who you will vote for? Voting may be personal, the smarter people, in my estimation, never say who they vote for. But even the silent should prayerfully consider the candidate they choose. The candidate may be a good politician, say all of the right things, back all of the right programs, but is the candidate right for the job? God knows. God knows what this country will face in the next four years, the running hopeful does not have a clue. We have no idea ourselves, so seeking divine direction should be priority for the follower of Christ.

I can speak from experience, and from historical events, that the president-elect inherits the legacy of the former president, both good and bad. Jimmy Carter was and is a good man, a good governor in Georgia, but was not a good president. Carter inherited some bad times from Gerald Ford, who inherited bad times from Richard Nixon. There was many obstacles Ford faced, and was the brunt on many jokes and one-liners on sitcoms. That aside, he wasn’t a good president. Ronald Reagan entered the picture and in my lifetime was the most loved…and hated president I can recall. The union workers despised him, the businesses, the evangelicals, loved him, and the foreign nations either admired him, or feared him. He was a no-nonsense leader when it came to America’s foes. The Ayatollah of Iran, graciously set free the hostages during the inauguration of Reagan. He knew that Reagan would be all over him…the moment he sat at the oval office desk. The little fellow running that country today would be silent if Reagan was in today, in fact, he would probably be sending Israel gifts, like olive branches, if Reagan was president today.

Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, are all of recent memory, so you should know most of the details, I will not bore you with the memories, though there is volumes in these leaders that many do not know about. Barack Obama, our current president, needs to be looked at, talked about, discussed, dissected, and considered once again. I have been flooded over the past four years with emails about his illegitimate birth certificate, his intention to make America Muslim in faith, and his wife’s extravagance in assistants and vacations. Enough. Everyone that sent me these emails, I have a question for you: How many times in the past four years did you pray for Obama? …or pray about him?

I have to admit my prayers for the man have been fewer than they should have been, to my dismay. I do not agree with ninety percent of what Obama stands for. I did not vote for him in the previous election, mainly because of our differences in values and morals. I do question why he thinks the way he does in spite of historical proof that socialism is a complete failure that ruins nations, and gives angry, evil people leadership without conscience, science without responsibility, and wealth without work. When awards go to those who have not worked to earn position and rank, anarchy will follow. Ask the Soviet Union, the East Germans, the Czechs, etc.

Furthermore, he had no record that could make anyone think he would make a great leader. His now historical apathy as a senator showed he stood for nothing. Or that may have been the design, never show your hand, right? He does give a nice speech. So did Adolph Hitler…not to compare. It is just that we like the flash, we love the sizzle, and bite into charisma instead of character. I can say that I actually have a hard time finding that ten percent I agree with him on. Yet, he is the president.

Romney, is an enigma. No one thinks he has a shot at winning this election, at least in Southern Ohio. The north of our state is, and always has been for democrat candidates. I do not like the way the media bias has done everything possible to skirt the issues and focus on the evangelicals insistence on Mormonism is a cult, and their refusal to accept Romney as a viable opponent. I think he is a good man, and I understand the far rights desire to have a Christian like Paul the apostle leading the nation, but so far in our history, that has not happened. Romney is wealthy, so are the Obamas. The choice should not be based on his beliefs, at least you know what he truly is. Neither should race be an issue, but for some it is. The issue for all of us should be, which of these, as well as those others running for office, will be best for this country, and lead us toward a UNITED States again. Then the bar rooms, and the lunchrooms will fight about other things again.

There are a few weeks to go before the big day. Try to read up on these candidates, as well as all who are running for the various offices, and your local issues. Be prayerful, ask God to direct your decision. Pray for the president, prayer changes things, and people too. My thinking is obvious, I am convinced someone hs to step-up to the plate that knows that we have two choices, to either restore the unity and  re-emphasize the reality of moral values importance in history, or continue to disregard those proven truths and go the way of the fallen empires, giving ourselves to humanistic belief that we, not God,  is the center of all things.

God bless and keep you all.

You, the Gardener

Everytime I see a well groomed garden I think of God’s creation of seeds, herbs, and trees on the third day.

Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so.

Everything is to produce after its kind. I also see that the garden I am admiring took alot of work to beautify it. It takes seed, water, fertilizer, weeding, and eventually, harvesting. If you have ever worked a garden you know the commitment is season long. Take just a week without tending the garden, and your efforts up to that point may be in vain. Weeds, birds, and other critters may have taken the garden over. Or a few days of hot sun and no moisture, your crop may be burned up.

Words, actions, and attitudes are seeds. These seeds produce after their kind as well. The seed of every word we speak is watered and fertilized by our actions and the harvest follows as we diligently weed the garden by repetitive words of like manner. The harvest is bountiful, we sowed, and now we reap. This is very noticable in raising children.

It can be a wonderful experience for the entire family when we plant encouragement and confidence from God’s Word in our children. When the child grows to believe that they can rise to the challenge in every endeavor, as we weed out negativity and self-doubt. We water the seeds that have developed into a thriving plant with teaching the children the importance of giving themselves in service of others. And then as the plant matures, we shoo away the birds and critters, or bad company, with understanding and wisdom about the intent of evil influence.

This does not in any way mean the the child will be perfect in their lifetime, and never err. But consider the alternative, the way most kids are raised in this society. Plant the seeds of anger and self-service by harping out profanities and threats over them from early adolescence. Cultivate it with pointing out every flaw and defect. Then put a band-aid on the deep gash by buying them the most exspensive clothes, video games, etc.  Tell the little gifts from God how they are worthless, and act ugly like their mom or dad, and you’ll reap a whirlwind harvest of a bitter, and angry child, looking to anyone but you for comfort.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Gal.6;7 (NKJV) 

That comfort may bring an unwanted pregnancy, or an addiction that ends their young life. The TV has been your babysitter and every moral the plant has, is amoral. They learned to believe anything. Unfortunately, insult is added to injury as we water the plant with words like, I knew you would end up this way!

We don’t even see our part. We led them right to crows and critters with actions and attitudes, but expected them to turn out okay. How can we change this plant and cause it to thrive again? First of all, see your part, look at how the child finds you repulsive, if that’s the case. Repent. That means, turn and go the other direction. Ask God to help you find the right words, words that heal. Then set down with them and apologize for all of the damage you have done. Don’t allow pride to stop the possibility of watering the garden back to life. Don’t retort to their angry response that you may receive. If you feel the need to raise your voice in anger, take five, go to another room, pray again, then finish the conversation.

Now live the amends to the child by remaining calm when they rock you with bad attitudes and actions. Keep in mind they developed under your teachings, or how you tended the garden of their heart. There will be days that you will want to uncork on them, don’t. If they need to be disciplined, do so with love, and stick to your measures. You may change, they may not right away. In time you will see your seed grow into that thriving garden.

This is an example of the seeds we plant with things we say. There is so much I would like to say, examples other than in child rearing, especially those areas I personally experienced both good and bad regarding sowing and reaping…perhaps later

Thanks for reading, god bless and keep you all. Keith