Pollitics, Conversation, and Electives

Don’t you just love conversations about politics? I like the discussions where each participant shares their solutions on how to fix every crises we face by electing the right candidates. I also get to show my lack of understanding on certain topics, or ignorance from not following the race. The worldviews we carry are often comprised from what others have said, or from people we admire. I get irritated when I hear someone in the conversation say they are not going to vote because they do not know who they should vote for. There is also people who like the heat of argument that do not ever vote. If you don’t vote, don’t complain, nor run down politicians. You are no better than they.

Before finding recovery from alcoholism and drug use, I would tend bar when I had free time. There is a rule in most bars that you do not allow discussions on politics and religion. These two topics are fight inducing for drunkards. Of course, the rule was always broken, giving the nature of excessive drinkers abilities to gradually become brilliant the more we drank. Those little disagreements seem to always get out of hand. It is no different in the workplace, or coffee shop, or even in the church vestibule. People get fired up over these topics, and I’m convinced it is from arrogance that we often take a position. Being right is all that matters, winning the argument shows we are right…doesn’t it?

What about prayer when deciding who you will vote for? Voting may be personal, the smarter people, in my estimation, never say who they vote for. But even the silent should prayerfully consider the candidate they choose. The candidate may be a good politician, say all of the right things, back all of the right programs, but is the candidate right for the job? God knows. God knows what this country will face in the next four years, the running hopeful does not have a clue. We have no idea ourselves, so seeking divine direction should be priority for the follower of Christ.

I can speak from experience, and from historical events, that the president-elect inherits the legacy of the former president, both good and bad. Jimmy Carter was and is a good man, a good governor in Georgia, but was not a good president. Carter inherited some bad times from Gerald Ford, who inherited bad times from Richard Nixon. There was many obstacles Ford faced, and was the brunt on many jokes and one-liners on sitcoms. That aside, he wasn’t a good president. Ronald Reagan entered the picture and in my lifetime was the most loved…and hated president I can recall. The union workers despised him, the businesses, the evangelicals, loved him, and the foreign nations either admired him, or feared him. He was a no-nonsense leader when it came to America’s foes. The Ayatollah of Iran, graciously set free the hostages during the inauguration of Reagan. He knew that Reagan would be all over him…the moment he sat at the oval office desk. The little fellow running that country today would be silent if Reagan was in today, in fact, he would probably be sending Israel gifts, like olive branches, if Reagan was president today.

Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, are all of recent memory, so you should know most of the details, I will not bore you with the memories, though there is volumes in these leaders that many do not know about. Barack Obama, our current president, needs to be looked at, talked about, discussed, dissected, and considered once again. I have been flooded over the past four years with emails about his illegitimate birth certificate, his intention to make America Muslim in faith, and his wife’s extravagance in assistants and vacations. Enough. Everyone that sent me these emails, I have a question for you: How many times in the past four years did you pray for Obama? …or pray about him?

I have to admit my prayers for the man have been fewer than they should have been, to my dismay. I do not agree with ninety percent of what Obama stands for. I did not vote for him in the previous election, mainly because of our differences in values and morals. I do question why he thinks the way he does in spite of historical proof that socialism is a complete failure that ruins nations, and gives angry, evil people leadership without conscience, science without responsibility, and wealth without work. When awards go to those who have not worked to earn position and rank, anarchy will follow. Ask the Soviet Union, the East Germans, the Czechs, etc.

Furthermore, he had no record that could make anyone think he would make a great leader. His now historical apathy as a senator showed he stood for nothing. Or that may have been the design, never show your hand, right? He does give a nice speech. So did Adolph Hitler…not to compare. It is just that we like the flash, we love the sizzle, and bite into charisma instead of character. I can say that I actually have a hard time finding that ten percent I agree with him on. Yet, he is the president.

Romney, is an enigma. No one thinks he has a shot at winning this election, at least in Southern Ohio. The north of our state is, and always has been for democrat candidates. I do not like the way the media bias has done everything possible to skirt the issues and focus on the evangelicals insistence on Mormonism is a cult, and their refusal to accept Romney as a viable opponent. I think he is a good man, and I understand the far rights desire to have a Christian like Paul the apostle leading the nation, but so far in our history, that has not happened. Romney is wealthy, so are the Obamas. The choice should not be based on his beliefs, at least you know what he truly is. Neither should race be an issue, but for some it is. The issue for all of us should be, which of these, as well as those others running for office, will be best for this country, and lead us toward a UNITED States again. Then the bar rooms, and the lunchrooms will fight about other things again.

There are a few weeks to go before the big day. Try to read up on these candidates, as well as all who are running for the various offices, and your local issues. Be prayerful, ask God to direct your decision. Pray for the president, prayer changes things, and people too. My thinking is obvious, I am convinced someone hs to step-up to the plate that knows that we have two choices, to either restore the unity and  re-emphasize the reality of moral values importance in history, or continue to disregard those proven truths and go the way of the fallen empires, giving ourselves to humanistic belief that we, not God,  is the center of all things.

God bless and keep you all.

The Privilege of Prayer

The book of Hebrews in the New Testament has a passage that puts into perspective what Christ truly accomplished when He came and gave His life’s blood for all, and then rose from the dead. This may be considered a little extreme to the masses in other beliefs, and this is exclusive to Christianity in that the Creator God, would send a part of Himself, His only begotten to die for His creation, man, so that He could fellowship with man once again. That is how much God loved mankind. He even loves man enough to give Him the choice of serving Him, or rejecting Him.
This passage in Hebrews refers to the completed work of Christ. He came to earth, born of a virgin, so no one could say He was born in sin. He grew up like every man does, and faced every temptation like every man, so no one can say that He does not understand the temptation to sin. And in His perfect purity, without sin, without fault, He willingly paid for all of man’s sins. He took our place entirely, and when He rose, He ascended into the heavens and set down at the right hand of God where He makes intercession for all who follow Him. Here, at last the passage:
“Seeing then that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. LET US THEREFORE COME BOLDLY to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Heb.6: 14-16
Jesus restored us, who follow Him into the fellowship with God that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the garden before their fall. We can now talk to God everyday, all day, throughout our lives without Him saying, “you cannot come in here,” because we have the rights as sons daughters. We can ask Him for help, or for any need we have, or just hang around and talk to Him. Prayer is an act of faith, prayer changes things, prayer affects nations, prayer keeps people with addictions clean and sober, and we can open and close doors spiritually with prayer.
Many of us have the problem of entering into prayer. What do I say, how can I remember to pray, does God really listen, does He really answer? All of these questions are questions evryone has  in regard to prayer. The place we go find the answers to these type of questions is the Bible. I have put together a new ebook called, “How to Pray Constantly,” that may help a person that has a hard time with prayer. The book springs from my own struggle praying, even though I understand the concept of Biblical praying, there are many unseen attacks from behind enemy lines that interfere with my time with God.  Take a look at www.amazon.com/author/skeithbarnes if you’re struggling, this will help you.
 I am more and more convinced that the times we live in now may well be the last days. So many of our friends and neighbors have addictions, and with constant bad news on the economic front, the job markets being down, the nation is in spiritual denial, and now worship science as God, running off every sign of Jesus from government property telling Him that He is not welcome there. So we watch education of our youth flushed down the drain of humanistic idealism, placing man on the throne as creator. The violence, the immorality, even wars and catastrophic storm systems sound the warnings of the end of days. We must pray! When we do pray, we need to pray with purpose and have faith for answers.
Give thought to this need we have to petition God for our confused nation, and the global problems. If you have children, elderly parents, and you are weighed down financially and spiritually, you need to be a person who prays daily for all of these needs. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

Blessing For All

If you’re a sports fan, you often hear atheletes say “I’m blessed,” normally after they win. People talk about their children and use the word “blessed.” At the dinner table many call the prayer over their food the “blessing.” There are many uses of the word “bless.” The word is defined: to request of God the bestowal of divine favor on, to guard from evil, to make or pronounce as holy.
There was a time when the head of the family would pronounce blessing upon his children before his death. In Genesis 27, Isaac blesses Jacob before he passes, and his blessing over Jacob was for both he and his descendants. The same goes for Jacob as he passes. Genesis 48-49, Jacob blesses his 12 sons. If you read these blessings placed on the sons, the fathers of Israel’s 12 tribes and know of their history, you will not only see the importance of the patriarch’s blessing, but also see the fulfillment throughout scripture. Jacob, (Israel), blessed his 12 sons, and God stood behind his blessing to their fulfillment. Jacob bestowed divine favor on his children.
There are many examples throughout scriptures of blessings, and knowing this, it is very apparent that by blessing another, we bring divine favor on that person. We can and do bless, or curse our own children. We bless or curse our spouses, our employers, and friends by our words over them. Telling a child they won’t amount to anything if they don’t apply themselves may be true, but wrong in it’s presentation. Comparing one child to another is terribly wrong. Those things you’re saying to them is prophetic whether you believe it or not. Just think of the things your parents said to you, and tell me differently if you can.
We must say words of blessing and encouragement over our children, spouses, friends, co-workers, and really everyone we meet. By blessing our children, placing the favor of God on them, things will begin to change in their lives in dramatic fashion. So how do you bless them? What words do you say to bless others? Let’s look at Numbers 6:22-27
And the Lord spoke to Moses saying: “Speak to Aaron and his sons saying, this is the way you shall bless the children of Israel. Say to them: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you peace.So they shall put My Name on the children of Israel, and I WILL BLESS THEM.
You may have heard these words at church or at your synagogue quite often, and they may have lost or have no meaning to you. But think on these words in the passage. God said that when this blessing is pronounced over the people, His Name is placed upon the people. The Eternal Self-Existing Creator of everything created, stands behind these words.
His name encompasses everything needed for a person to live a life of blessing.  And the scriptures are full of examples of blessings to others, even to bless God, set Him apart as holy in our lives. My purpose in this blog is that we learn to bless others, not curse them by wishing evil to happen to them. Don’t even think those thoughts of “I hope they get what they deserve.” You may get what you deserve with those thoughts. No, let’s think good toward others, let’s place blessings on others.
Let’s go to our churches and recovery meetings to be a blessing instead of going to get a blessing. And bless each other, our homes, our families, even strangers we meet everyday. God bless and keep you. God grant you the prayers you ask of Him. May God prosper you, and keep you in health.

The Sting of Public Opinion

Most of my life I have been concerned with what people think about me. I have worked hard to appear in clothes that wasn’t too uncool, and try not to say uncool things, or have opinions that went against general consensus. Today that has changed in many ways. I still care how I may appear. After spending some time in recovery from alcoholism however, I discovered that it’s not important what you think of me, but what I think of you.
I know that my opinion of you determines my growth as a follower of Christ working to stay clean and sober. I try to look at everyone through these new glasses, look for the good in everyone, and worry less of how they see me. Concern of how we appear to others, how well our family appears to do in life, can be deceitful and deadly if a family member has an addiction, and we are afraid to seek help for them, fearing of what others may think. Fear of opinion can take people into massive debt, for the sake of appearing well off. Coming to grips with who we are, accepting our standing in life, trusting that God can and will improve our position among men, indicates our freedom from people’s approval.
“The fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trust in the Lord is kept safe.” Prov. 29:25 (NIV)
Politicians are often caught by words they say, because they say so many words. One politician was running for office and trying to impress the evangelicals as to his Bible knowledge. When asked his favorite book in the Bible he said, “the book of Noah.” It was funny at the time, but it is fear of not getting the vote that the politician lied rather than just being truthful, and admitting he didn’t know much about the Bible.  This is the case for many of us. Fearing man’s opinion causes dishonesty in everyone at one point.
Think about the times you may have been dishonest, not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings. It happens often. How do we really free ourselves from the fear of man? Of all worldly fears, I consider the fear of how we “look” to be, the worst of all fears. First of all, pray. Ask God to help you focus on areas to serve. When you get outside of yourself, you pay little attention to what others think. If your busy helping others, you’ll find how little you matter. Second, get rid of the uniqueness you think you own. You are not unique, God didn’t destroy the mold after He designed you. He didn’t think I can’t improve on this one! You are no different from anyone. You will face the same problems, probably experience the same victories, etc. You can be an alcoholic or a drug addict, in spite of your personal goodness. You can be killed in an accident, so wear your seat belt. You can fall down, so watch your step! People really feel that anything bad couldn’t happen to them. (sorry didn’t mean to get off topic)
The third thing to do is read the Word. It is the medicine that builds faith and destroys fears. Don’t let fear of public opinion run your life. Build faith in who you are in Christ! Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all,Keith.

What We say We Believe

What drives you more than anything else? With technology today, and through the use of the internet, you have access to nearly data on nearly any topic under the sun. There is little need for newspapers, magazines, bookstores, and libraries. You can make money from home and with just a few clicks, see videos and browse through photos of your favorite stars, fill hours with gaming, and the possibilities are endless of what you may discover, with this information explosion. No more need for bookshelves in your home, stacks of useless old newspapers, mags will never pile up in your home. I find this terrifying!
I may be alone in this line of thinking, and I do not feel this way because I authored a book. My concern is just that you and I will not have newspapers for the next BSA paper drive either.  But I am concerned that with all of the knowledge available, we have become dumb and dumber, and are developing new sicknesses, and sloth is not just a person to lazy to take a breath. I have noticed that I have changed dramatically since I started blogging on a regular basis. Prior to being a regular blogger, I was quite active physically, seldom missed a recovery meeting, and though I am not totally drawn to the net to find my info to blog with, and still love books, I have seen many of my good habits flushed down the toilet, so to speak. As you get older, it becomes more difficult to create good habits.
My prayer life has suffered,  too busy focusing on writing the post, then checking the stats to see how many people were viewing the post. When those numbers grew, then the element of pride became an issue. No more, I have nothing to be proud of, it is all God’s grace. I developed dis-grace. What about those things I believe? They became a victim of my drive to please the readers and develop my following. I neglected the important to build the unneccessary.
“Do you not know that whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?” Rom. 6:16
I say I believe God hears and answers, but how much do I believe that? Do I really want to become legalistic, or puritanical in my personal tenets, and exist in religious morbidity? No. I do, however, want to practice what I say I believe by observing prayer, time with God, and in reading the Word of Life, and serving others. Others include those around me. If my nose is in the computer, I may not see my wife is troubled and needs to talk. If I am rapt in research to see how my stats look in Google, I’m oblivious to the needs of others. I can become a slave to these needless things.
This dumbing-down effect is not that the info we get fom the net is bad. It is more a numb-down of priorities importance. Not going to a library because of having a universe of data right in my laptop is not a terrible thing, but the laziness can enslave me, enslave us. We can become ill from being indoors, away from sunshine and fresh air, and miss so much of life when we give ourselves to gaming and non-stop surfing web pages.
There is a new sickness effecting adolescent and early teens called “nature deficit disorder,” where these young people are becoming ill from not being outdoors, and their immune system has not developed antibodies to fight sicknesses the outdoors can cause humans. Really? I am also concerned that youth today will not be as likely to know how to interact with their peers, and will lose their ability to be creative, when the thing they may have sought to create is buried under the desire to play the newest game, or read what their idol is doing today in their tweet. We must not allow the youth to be mastered by the information super highway…there is a dead end ahead that they will not see.
What I say I believe is evident to all by the action I put into doing and not just saying. I am determined to continue growing in Christ, becoming a slave to righteous living. So I am going to end here, close the laptop, find a meeting to go to, and get busy practicing grace in deed, not just words… one of my beliefs. Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all.

You, the Gardener pt.3

Word thieves, seed stealing crows, plant killing critters, dwell with us to keep us vigilant in maintaining our garden. Our lives are designed to thrive and achieve the impossible to carnal thinking, limited only by the gray matter input and outgo. Seeds planted in us to hold us in constant check, unsure of ourselves by trusting in the word-seeds planted in our lives by the jealous and envious. We need continual re-inforcement of our goodness and abilities to press forward in nearly every endeavor. Why?
Is there a choice to make that you and I know by instinct what to do? There are logically things we know are wrong for us. We know it is wrong to rob a bank, tell lies about an innocent person, kill somebody because we don’t like their hairstyle, and anything society deems wrong that will place us in prison. But the day to day decisions, or opportunities that come, we always seem to need someone’s opinion to move forward or forget the whole idea.
Our lack of self-confidence is a direct result of the seeds sown in us by others, and seeds of past actions that resulted in failure. The crime is, that we live in fear of what may be, instead of the possibility of what we can aspire to. We reap the result of seeds of unbelief, and doubt, and in turn, plant those seeds in others because of our unbelievable unbelief.
I am guilty of this more than anyone I know. The need for unanimous approval from others, the need of acceptance, and the fear of man’s rejection, caused my life to take some nasty turns and twists, landing myself on a barstool. I sowed seeds of pride, thinking I was better than that, and reaped corrupt living wreaking  havoc in others gardens as well.
“The alcoholic is like a tornado roaring his way through the lives of others.” AA’s Big Book, pg.82 Not planting humility in pride’s place causes anyone to demand their will on others without the slightest notion of what they are doing and what they will reap as a result. It is not just a individual with substance addictions that cause the tornadic effect. Anyone attempting to control others is the tornado, and leaves behind a garden of problems seemingly unfixable. These are the seed stealing birds, and crop eating critters. How do I change? How do I get rid of what has stolen,  my ambitions and joy?
“For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” Gal.6:6 Reject thoughts of failure by filling your heart and mind with Truth. Make decisions prayerfully, asking God for advice first. He will lead you to the right sources, others who have godly wisdom and knowledge of what you are seeking. Don’t even consider asking advice from negative Word-thieves. Carnally minded people have no spiritual understanding, and will take the seed of hope and of faith out of your garden. Fill your thinking by the guidance of scriptures:
“Be anxious (nervously troubled) for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, WITH THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses UNDERSTANDING, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”  Phil.4:5-6 “I CAN DO ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” vs.13 “And my God shall supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” vs.19 (NKJV)
Reject stinking thinking, get a check up from the neck up. Live your life full of promise, hope, faith, and trust in the One who knows no limitations. Plant the Seed of Christ in others and laugh at thoughts (seeds) of carnal can’t do, and failure. You do not need man’s acceptance, or approval from jealous, envious people living in darkness only thinking of themselves. Realize that “greater is He living in you, than he that’s in this world.”
I hope and pray that if you have struggled in life from living unconfidently, from poor parental guidance, or any negative environment, or perhaps you struggle with a sickness or a handicap, even you who may be bullied by a boss or a schoolmate, till up the garden in you. Re-plant seeds of life and of God-confidence. You are the gardener, grow strong and live courageously in Christ.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

You, the Gardener, pt.2

Attending AA or NA meetings, if you listen with open ears and an open heart your eyes will open to reality of what you have become. The best way to explain it  you grow into what have become. Words, actions, and attitudes are seeds, and our life is a garden plot. As in the physical realm, we go through springtime and/or planting season, summer cultivating and working the garden, fall for harvesting our crop, and winter…the place of life where nothing grows, and those crops we worked so hard to grow, dies, and we plan the next season.

I have had the privilege of teaming up and growing a garden from time to time. Tilling the soil, planting the seeds, watering and fertilizing, weeding, and keeping critters away, all must be done to grow a beautiful, producing crop to reap. To pull ripe tomato, pepper, or even a green onion from the garden, and taste it…mmm, tasty fresh and different from store-bought.

Springtime we experience in life is where by those seeds of words we speak, actions we perform, and attitudes we maintain, are planted in the prepared soil. We have no idea of our growing this garden, but that is what we are doing. To plant in others seeds of hope, faith, confidence, and trust; I must talk to them as equals, ensured of their abilities and building them up. The seed is planted. Summertime, I continue to express my confidence in weeding out doubt, watering with continued trust, and keeping predators away by encouragement.

The fall brings harvest, I can see that my hard work with the one God has entrusted to my stewardship, has grown into a solid, marvelous fruit bearing individual. Then comes winter. I have harvested the person-plant and now they are on their own with their wintertime and dying to self-will and receiving the annual sleeping and dreaming, resting and planning the garden they will build, as they plant seeds in their garden of others. I have grown a garden, reproducing after my kind. It was hard work, and was costly of time and effort, but its beauty was worth the effort.

God in His wisdom, established the seasons in our lives for a purpose. We have no idea how that our words, actions, and attitudes have created our lifestyle and laid future plans for a bountiful harvest. I must take care to plant the right seeds.

Each day has four seasons in it. Each day I plant seeds in myself and others. I water, weed, and harvest daily.  If I plant doubt in me or in another, I will not reap a confident other, and certainly not a confident self. If I plant slothful or procrastination actions in myself, I will not reap success in life. You get the picture. Think about what you say, each and every conversation is important, and has recompense. It is important to speak life, to speak faith, to speak in rebuke to fear, and trouble.

“My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.” Prov. 4:20-22 …”let your heart retain my words; keep my commands and live. Get wisdom, get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth.” vs. 4,5 “Hear, my son, and receive my sayings, and the years of your life will be many.” vs. 10

What are you planting in yourself? in others? Give thought to the above passages, especially to the children. You, the gardener, will grow a garden of good, or a garden of evil in others…and in you, by words, actions, and attitudes. Tomorrow, I plan to talk more on this, and with the thoughts that I have now, it may not be pleasant, but could be wonderful.

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith

You, the Gardener

Everytime I see a well groomed garden I think of God’s creation of seeds, herbs, and trees on the third day.

Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so.

Everything is to produce after its kind. I also see that the garden I am admiring took alot of work to beautify it. It takes seed, water, fertilizer, weeding, and eventually, harvesting. If you have ever worked a garden you know the commitment is season long. Take just a week without tending the garden, and your efforts up to that point may be in vain. Weeds, birds, and other critters may have taken the garden over. Or a few days of hot sun and no moisture, your crop may be burned up.

Words, actions, and attitudes are seeds. These seeds produce after their kind as well. The seed of every word we speak is watered and fertilized by our actions and the harvest follows as we diligently weed the garden by repetitive words of like manner. The harvest is bountiful, we sowed, and now we reap. This is very noticable in raising children.

It can be a wonderful experience for the entire family when we plant encouragement and confidence from God’s Word in our children. When the child grows to believe that they can rise to the challenge in every endeavor, as we weed out negativity and self-doubt. We water the seeds that have developed into a thriving plant with teaching the children the importance of giving themselves in service of others. And then as the plant matures, we shoo away the birds and critters, or bad company, with understanding and wisdom about the intent of evil influence.

This does not in any way mean the the child will be perfect in their lifetime, and never err. But consider the alternative, the way most kids are raised in this society. Plant the seeds of anger and self-service by harping out profanities and threats over them from early adolescence. Cultivate it with pointing out every flaw and defect. Then put a band-aid on the deep gash by buying them the most exspensive clothes, video games, etc.  Tell the little gifts from God how they are worthless, and act ugly like their mom or dad, and you’ll reap a whirlwind harvest of a bitter, and angry child, looking to anyone but you for comfort.

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” Gal.6;7 (NKJV) 

That comfort may bring an unwanted pregnancy, or an addiction that ends their young life. The TV has been your babysitter and every moral the plant has, is amoral. They learned to believe anything. Unfortunately, insult is added to injury as we water the plant with words like, I knew you would end up this way!

We don’t even see our part. We led them right to crows and critters with actions and attitudes, but expected them to turn out okay. How can we change this plant and cause it to thrive again? First of all, see your part, look at how the child finds you repulsive, if that’s the case. Repent. That means, turn and go the other direction. Ask God to help you find the right words, words that heal. Then set down with them and apologize for all of the damage you have done. Don’t allow pride to stop the possibility of watering the garden back to life. Don’t retort to their angry response that you may receive. If you feel the need to raise your voice in anger, take five, go to another room, pray again, then finish the conversation.

Now live the amends to the child by remaining calm when they rock you with bad attitudes and actions. Keep in mind they developed under your teachings, or how you tended the garden of their heart. There will be days that you will want to uncork on them, don’t. If they need to be disciplined, do so with love, and stick to your measures. You may change, they may not right away. In time you will see your seed grow into that thriving garden.

This is an example of the seeds we plant with things we say. There is so much I would like to say, examples other than in child rearing, especially those areas I personally experienced both good and bad regarding sowing and reaping…perhaps later

Thanks for reading, god bless and keep you all. Keith