Announcing: A New Book

Under the InfluenceThis is the cover from my book soon to be released, mid summer I hope. I hope it really helps many. It took a year to write and a year to go through the publishing process. It took 18 years of addiction to drink and drug use for the experience, totalling 20 years in the making.

God lets nothing waste. He uses everything, even our waywardness and sin when we become willing, when we accept our condition, when we are broken enough to say, “not my will…only Yours will do.”

Alcoholics and drug addicts are the focus of this daily guide, but anyone with any addiction can apply this principles of this book. Everyone has an addiction, no one is exempt. The addiction may not be physical. You may be hooked on worry, lying, anger, controlling, etc. Or your addiction could be shopping, gambling, porn, or anything you focus on…even your children. God wants you free of any and all idols because they enslave you. Selah.

The one important event in everyone’s day that is the focal point of the day is awakening from sleep. Those first moments are the moments that direct our actions and attitudes for the rest of our waking hours. For those desiring to stay clean and sober, they have to ask God’s help to stay sober, and then fill their mind with good, remembering where God has brought them out of. This is key in living free. Each day’s devotional takes a few moments. Anything that may take longer would not be for most in recovery, given our short attention span. I hope you get the opportunity to check it out, it should be available soon. God bless you all!