Short book trailer



I am very grateful for the everyone who has received help and blessings from the book “Under The Influence.” This trailer is designed to play when the book is distributed around the country. If you are working on a book, or have one in print, be prepared to spend as much…actually much more time promoting your work than writing it. Write anyway and don’t get discouraged. The publishing process is very slow with publishers dealing with thousands of books each week. Many people are turning to ebooks for simplicity. I have two short books myself there…with cheesy covers.

Keep this in mind: Write for God’s glory and to help others, put it’s success in His sure hands, and He will see that those who need what you have get it. Many of you are wonderful writers but have been discouraged having not been published by a non-pay-to-play publisher, like Random House or Zondervan, etc. Try on Amazon’s site, submit your content and presto! you’re published. Give what God has given you to help others. Who knows, maybe you will be the next…big-shot. (that’s a little shot that kept shooting) Blessings!