Birthing and Breakthroughs

God is about reading to give you that breakthrough.” the media ministers exclaim. Not one, but many on Christian TV and radio ministries use this expression. I received an email some time back of a skeleton sitting at the computer with the caption, “still waiting for the miracle” below the picture. I thought that was hilarious after hundreds of emails promising a miracle would happen if I would send that email to 20 friends. The miracle was real if I would forward the email. Those 20 people would miraculously end up on a mailing list they didn’t want. I learned no matter how cool the email was not to forward it if the mail had a message at the bottom like that. I especially hated the email that said, “if you are not ashamed of Jesus, you WILL forward this.” Really? I group those emails with the evangelist’s breakthrough promises.

Business as Usual

I am concerned that we, followers of Christ have heard so much rhetoric from religious programming over the years, that we take for granted that what is preached by someone famous on the boob-tube is truth. First of all, God is not a procrastinator. He is not “getting ready” to do anything for you or me. Jer. 29:11 doesn’t say “I’m getting ready to have thoughts about you”…it says this:

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” nkjv

He already has a plan for you and I. Before we arrived on this planet, He already had the plan laid out, the perfect plan. It is our coming into conformity with the Word of Truth that brings us in line with His perfect will in our lives. Not the promise of sending in a faith offering to Brother so and so, and keep his faithless ministry going. “Folks, if you don’t send in the money we need, we are getting ready to go off the air!” Adios! Tata! See ya! Go off the air then! If God called you into that ministry, it’s a shame to think He isn’t strong enough to keep you afloat. Quit playing on the emotions of people and misleading them so you get to take the first-class ocean cruise instead of the coach-cruise. Please stop embarrassing the body of Christ in the media, and bringing reproach on Jesus. It is okay to ask for financial help for your ministry, but please stop begging, stop promising a “breakthrough.” I do believe 1 Tim. 3:1-9 and 2 Pet.2, is speaking of some of these “waterless wells.”

Intentions and Truth
Many of those, perhaps the majority of media ministries are good, wonderful people who love God and have all of the integrity you would expect. But even they can choose wrong ways of expressing their needs for financial help, and people are mislead in a pay-to-play gospel, contorted in their minds by the enemy.The second thing I feel leaves an ugly scar on the body is that, I’m not getting any “breakthroughs” from God. I received THE breakthrough when I accepted Christ as Savior and Lord. According to scripture, I have been adopted into God’s household with full privileges because of what Jesus has done through His death, burial, and resurrection, the only breakthrough needed.

Birthing (real breakthrough)
I love to listen to many of the radio and TV broadcasts we are blessed to have today. They are there for edification of the body of Christ, and for God’s glory. But the breakthroughs, or answers to prayer, and the conforming to the image of Christ comes from birthing such in prayer in travail, and intercession, in tears and trial, in dying to self and servicing the body. ( I am speaking to me, more than you here) Fasting from ourselves, and from certain foods, or totally fasting with water only, going into the prisons, visiting the sick, and all of the things Jesus spoke of in Matt.25:34-40, is where we birth spiritual fruit into the physical world, not purchased with money.

Final Word
I am not trying to speak in a condescending manner, or be a spiritual know-it-all. God, in my thinking, does not give us breakthroughs, we birth them in spiritual practices, or through the workings of the Spirit of God in us. We experience breakthroughs through brokenness. I thought of a man watching a TV minister tell the audience God is getting ready to give them their breakthrough if they are obedient and send a “love gift” to his ministry. It really doesn’t matter that the man is a critic, a gossip, and verbally abuses his family. He wants that breakthrough so he can be blessed by God. Give it some thought, what do you think?

Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all!