He Went Where?

The Pope sent a message to every leader of every Christian sect worldwide. “Meet with me in Washington. I have wonderful…and disturbing news for you all…God has given me a message for you all!” They gathered, every Christian leader in D.C., awaiting the news. The Pope rose to the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen, I have news, both good and bad…”Christ has returned to Earth!” He has not come for judgment at this time.”
A Baptist minister stood up and asked, “If Jesus is back, what could possibly be the bad news?”
The Pope responded, “He called me from an AA meeting in Ohio.”

Jesus, if He attended an AA meeting, would not be there to treat alcoholism. Don’t think I am trying to be irreverent. When He returns, He will come as it is written, and for the purpose He said He would return…and that appears to be the next major event on the prophetical date book.

The humor of the story is that Jesus has to come back to the Earth to do what the religious should be doing first and foremost…but cannot without disturbing their flock, or rocking their place of comfort, or studying to prove themselves right and all others wrong. Down the street, the widow is eating cat food, the orphan is being taught survival by the criminal element in the “hood.” In real life, most churches today have food banks, and emergency funds for the truly needy. They strive to serve the best they can, I believe.
That is good and follows Christ’s commands. But we who sit in the pews only throw a few bucks in the plate to fund these programs. That takes care of our guilt and we move on with our life, satisfied with our goodness. We may go a little further with a moment of silence for people suffering…like that does any good. Really, don’t think something nice, do something human, take action.
Jesus is here today in the person of the Holy Spirit. I sense His grief, I believe, over our division within Christian ranks, our hunger for more of everything that perishes, and drive for self-importance. “If Christ is here, where is He?”, the unbeliever, the cold or lukewarm believer asks.He is where the hurting, the broken, lonely are…AA, NA, and those places and in those hearts looking to serve the needs of all for God’s glory. He is where those who hunger and thirst for knowledge of Him and want His presence. 
Jesus is where darkness is the greatest. It is reported He has appeared in dreams of people in Islamic countries saying, “follow me!” That is from their mouths, those who followed Him at the risk of losing everything, family, possessions, or even their lives. Jesus is exactly where He was when He came to the planet two thousand years ago…among the people looking for a savior, for truth without strings to support scientific facts or educational falsehood of our origin.
He is in the churches that gather to build the spiritual house for Him to dwell. Not those who insist on exclusivity, believe our way or else go to hell. He shuns the bless me clubs that come together to agree on social status, who gets the lead in the holiday program, or individuals serving Him for self-promotion.
Today, it is of extreme importance that we who believe make every effort to test ourselves to see that we truly believe. I feel certain from the direction we are heading, away from anything godly and everything that removes Jesus, days of the end are here. We need to go where He would go, do what He would do, without concern of shame, or fear of mans disapproval.
Like my uncle Don used to say from the pulpit, “get in, get out, or get run over.” 

Days Ahead

Finishing up what I was talking about in my last post, are these the last days? I’m sure you know that I don’t know. I do know that Jesus informed His disciples what to look for, so we take those recorded words, look at the signs, and read the times. It is sort of a headline news story for future events.
Jesus, in Luke 21, is saying that when the fig tree begins to bud, you know that summer is near. This is the way we see the end times based on prophetic scripture. I do know, and I’m sure you’re aware, that there are many different sects that have various versions of the way we end, that is of no major importance itself. The signs pointing to that event are important. Wars, catastrophies, signs from outer space, pestilence, and famines, all of these happenings back-to-back with regularity.
These things, from a secular standpoint, are just recurring events throughout history, no big deal. But the other part of end time Christ’s prophetic words, are the litmus test of the winding down of days. These are some of His words:
“But take heed to yourselves, lest your heart be weighed down with carousing, drunkeness, and the cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.” Luke 21:34-35
These words do not give us the awareness of end-times within themselves, these are the warnings to the believer that is waiting for their redemption, but life’s cares, pleasures, busyness takes their minds off of what they should look for, regarding the end. Now combine all of prophetic passages, catastrophic events, and warnings of our conduct as followers of Christ, with the nature of people in 2 Tim 3, (my last post), you can see these are pointing toward the Day of days.
You will not see this at all with your physical eyes, or grasp with your carnal mind. These facts are spiritually discerned, by those alive in Christ, with the Holy Presence living within their hearts. In my last post I asked what you thought, whether or not these were the end of days, your opinion. Out of over a hundred and twenty people reading, there was one comment.
I read dozens of blogs on various subjects, and always see many comments on most posts. My posts, however, I normally do not get many comments, and few likes, because I don’t ask and I know people really like to read without the hassle of commenting, or even clicking the “like” button. I do wonder, are people really disconcerned about the times and possible end? Perhaps. My one comment, from my friend Robyn, she comments, “how can you look around and see what’s happening in the world and not wonder, how much longer Lord?”  Precisely.
Complacency, disbelief, apathy, and disinterest in the spiritual, seems to be the place we are as a community of believers and nation of people. That is not because you didn’t comment…not at all. It is the fact that in conversation, the attitude from most is, it is what it is. The people seem to really care only who is elected, how their pay and benefits are affected, and what will I get.
I believe that we should do at least two things regarding this topic. One, pray. Ask God to awaken you spiritually, and open your mind to how you can be ready, actively watching for His return. Two, read. Take a little time to review prophetic passages, mainly, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, etc, as well as Jesus’ words, Paul’s, and Peter, in the New Testament. Don’t forget, Jesus said He was coming for those watching for Him.
Thanks for reading, God bless and keep you all. Keith