The Great Debate

The day finally arrived for the debate regarding the origins of the universe by the two best known opponents. Bill Nye the “science guy” and Ken Hamm, founder of the Creation Museum finally have had the opportunity to present their arguments of how the universe came to be. Was it by accident or by design? In the area I live in, the debate is to be aired Sunday eve on our local station WXIX.

“Evolution is a theory, and it’s a theory that you can test. We’ve tested evolution in many ways. You can’t present good evidence that says evolution is not a fact.” Bill Nye
“Only Christianity and its teaching can explain the purpose and meaning of this world-and gives the basis for right and wrong, good and evil, etc.” Ken Hamm

This is the “Super Bowl of Human Belief,” so to speak.I am sure it will not have as many viewers locally, like the viewership that the big game received. People, saints and sinners alike have little interests in such matters. Neither side will win. Neither side has physical proof to offer.

So do you want proof of God’s existence? I think every follower of Christ should watch the debate, provided they actually have some biblical understanding of what they believe, why they believe it, and why it is important. But I, along with many others, have personally witnessed the handiwork of a transcendent, loving God, through the changed lives of alcoholics and addicts. Once God has relieved them of their ruinous lifestyle, they return the help they received to the derelicts and the unloved. Science doesn’t check on this area of possibility.

It is God, through Jesus, whose reality is evident by faith alone, without proof. Anyone who dares to trust in him, and believe in Christ’s finished work, He proves Himself, changes their life, and gives purpose and meaning to them. Those who come to faith no longer look for proof of His reality, it is reality.

Not all in recovery come to faith in Christ, or belief in God…yet. That remains a mystery to me. How do you see and hear, but not see and hear? Keep coming back to meetings, you will be contacted. He will bring His reality to anyone who desires to hear and see.

I have really determined not to look down at those who do believe, or be looked down upon because I do. If you do believe however, know why. There are people you know that are looking for answers. If you and I really believe, our belief should be evident to the onlooker. We should be able to give them answers

Those who teeter-totter on the issues will eventually drop “science” that has no proof, as a mere religion itself, because that’s what it is. But their religion cannot make a person new, nor grant eternal life, Jesus can if you believe in Him. That moment of decision to follow Him is the beginning of His consistent, subtle proofs that He is real, loving you, and living in you. You will doubt no longer. Neither will those around you. Let them know by your way of living, end the debate.

Thanks for reading,  the living God bless and keep you all.